Sisters who survived 2 nights in Humboldt Co. wilderness share story

we go on camping a lot each summer they knew how to start a fire well first my arm to find a little brown stick that we’ve rubbed against a plank of wood and we haven’t make sure is dry and we wanna get a pile of sticks to keep the fire Watson we found shelter a tree branch just close to the ground and we had my sister’s ring Jack have to keep us warm we turned it sideways so each of us had arm hole that we stuck our arms into but our had Joe standing and what because there’s this big gap tightness it’s so strange of dark so we pulled it over a hinge here sparked the day I was nearby yeah and if there’s a real will there’s a big giant gap but it rang damas had yes I used my hood to cover my face because I had a jack with hood my sister cried the whole night so I told her to think happy thoughts of our family and I kept watch for us the night I’m so strong I’m better um I five going to the park with mommy and daddy and about going to the ocean I thought everything that I remembered but it don’t work when I got asleep I thought happy thoughts of are going on vacation Monterey well we woke up we stay in the same place so dad could find us and there was a creek nearby and we sign nursery rhymes at the top of our lungs on the second morning we heard helicopters and would yell at them but they couldn’t hear us because they’re loud motorist I felt nervous and a little afraid but I need a furnace eventually [Music]

22 thoughts on “Sisters who survived 2 nights in Humboldt Co. wilderness share story

  1. Listen to amazing interviews & news on KMUD News online or Redheaded Blackbelt local badass news blog for the details & play by play local updates! It was crazy.

  2. she made fire by rubbing the stick on a plank of wood? that takes a lot of effort, that even ed stafford sometimes cannot do it successfully. too good to be true.

  3. Two adorable children who are grateful for being rescued. The little girl was lucky to have her big sister looking out for her, who has some wilderness know-how too.

  4. Wow…esta niña me impresiono muy inteligente…q tremenda experiencia…y cuanta fortaleza…q bueno q no Paso a mayores

  5. God bless wish even half the world was as smart as the girls especially the oldest one. I betcha 9 to 10 out of 10 people adults alone would of panicked and depending on the situation probably die simply cuz they dunno basic survival in life. These girls 2 and 8, betcha you're mamas couldn't even do what they did. Although I wouldn't let some jackass lady on TV be asking my kids questions n making them relive the horror look at that younger girl still scared shitless. Shame on mom n dad, stupid ass interviewer , "how did you guys do this n that" shut the fuck up lady fuck your TV show

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