Silicon Valley: Season 5 Recap | HBO

You wish to acquire
a company called Sliceline? I will be taking on
a total engineering team of about 50. I just have to go back
into my office. (RETCHES, COUGHS) Well we thought the best way
to introduce the PiperNet would be through
the eight developers. COLIN: I have been cooking up
a killer new game. The Gates of Galloo. We put this thing
on PiperNet… Bam, 80,000 instant users. Partnering with a company
of that size, this early, would put us
months ahead. Knock ’em dead, Richard. Whatever you are doing,
stop it now. Um, yeah, we’re just
high-fiving. Bye. You need to make a deal
with my companies. Taking existing companies
and just calling them new isn’t sophisticated,
that’s theft. JARED DUNN:
So they’re manufacturing phones and signing them
onto our network. Why would they wanna help us? They’re not helping us,
they’re attacking us. -It’s the 51 percent attack.
-I’m sorry, what? -A 51 percent–
-(ICE RATTLES) We’ve been exploring
the viability of an acquisition
with Amazon. You expect me to work
for Jeff Bezos? No way. I happen to know that
they fucked you over. How would you like
to fuck them back? I need you to attack me. -A second attack.
-RICHARD HENDRICKS: Yes. COLIN: Boom, you just got
80,000 new users. Colin, you did it,
you saved us. Gilfoyle, the patch. Bombs away. (CHEERING) Oh, my God.
These are our new offices? We’re actually
right through here. What do you guys think? Do you want to see
the second floor? HENDRICKS:
There’s another floor? Okay. (HEAVING) Whoa. DUNN:
I know, it’s exciting, right? ♪ (MUSIC PLAYS, CONCLUDES) ♪

96 thoughts on “Silicon Valley: Season 5 Recap | HBO

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  2. So looking forward to it. Wonder if there'll be a sci fi element during this last season. (You know, like when Jared was kidnapped by the self driving car and taken an automated robotic facility built on an oil rig in the middle of nowhere? Or when the android Sophia escaped and managed to have itself delivered to Pied Piper.) I always love those twists. 😀

  3. I wonder what will be the best sitcom in the 20's. There is usually one a decade. Thought big bang would be one but that ended up a train wreck after they all got girlfriends.Probably talking arrested development and Curb before this. There was a real fallow patch of ten years.

  4. I can't get on board with Middleditch's swinging schit. You are famous and you need to bang. I get it. Just, why say you aren't happy when your fan base is losers. You ain't no Franco

  5. Seems like I'm gonna need a much longer recap than just 2 mins.
    A barely remember the names of supporting characters.

  6. Unfortunately only jianyang’s performance never disappointed me. There’s been some boring repetition about this show. It once was the funniest ever.

  7. The preview of season six looked great. I think they made a perfect decision not dragging it out over more seasons and be able to give it all in this last season. Gonna be great.

  8. My entire college education is in sync with their seasons, i still remeber the day when i accidentally saw one of the episodes, before i even knew what it is.
    And i fell in love with it.

  9. As a tech startup founder and a software developer, I just love this series! It's a bummer that this is the last season though

  10. I'm tired of this show's season structure repeating itself.
    Pied piper starts off great, catastrophe hits, they end up broke and back in the Bachman house.
    I'd love to see some more permanent progress at last.

  11. Not happy but glad they're choosing to end it the right way and not pull another Walking Dead. I'm going to miss these guys, but it's truly bitter-sweet. Thanks for all the laughs, Mike! You truly made one hell of a series.

  12. I'm very sad that this series ends
    This series taught me a lot and was very motivation and inspiring to me
    HBO,Please reconsideration and continue this series
    Because it's obvious that many people like me would like this series to continue

  13. Why do Americans puke for everything? I never puke unless i m sick, my digestion system barely reacts to my emotions. Are these different species?

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