Hi guys fat pudding here welcome back to
another episode of my playthrough series of survive tonight’s and you’ve guessed
this yes it’s as it’s been updated again we’re on zero point four point six it’s
great to know that the devs are constantly updating this game and it’s
great and I’m really enjoying the changes I’m not seeing a lot of them
significantly because the way it is with me at the moment I seem to get onto a
server a plate was so long I get all my gear and then it gets updated and I’m
just basically I’m back and I start again so it’s been the progression has
been a bit difficult for me I hope you guys have found in a bit easier after
honestly say slightly struggle at the moment to get continuity especially me
videos you can sell I’ll quickly show you the changelog I’m not going to go
through a great detail there is quite a lot of stuff there you can read at your
own leisure I can per actually put a link in the
description below and you can read that you know you get your head bound look
see what you think okay so I’ve just started on a new server yes I know
another new server it seems to find that all the servers a favorite a favorites
to come back on and every time I come back on to carry on the server gets
updated and it’s usually the server that favorited is actually on a previous
version so I can’t go back to it you see my point of view anyway we’ve actually
actually got a compass and a map so we’re pretty close to old town yet again
I’ll quickly show you my inventory I’ve got a couple of bottles of water some
first aid you’ve actually got a gun as well yeah but in Chester Winchester
whatever you call it I think it’s basically meant to be a
Winchester but obviously you know you can’t have it call in that for that very
reason so I then least we can protect ourselves the weapons were fully loaded
daily carries on a service mm but Donald you adjust the stamina issue I’m hoping
they’ve addressed the lag issue it’s always been an issue with this game
I mean this check will go on the right way keep them up on and walk yeah we are
moving the right way you know I’m sure for a lot of people in this game do I
stay in the same thing god help us you know let’s give some sin but first
of all on my apologies okay we got their fire water should be coming up on the
wall town pretty close now this particular server has a two hour day
cycle which is good and the good thing about that is that actually just give
you a bit more time to get the gear that you need before nightfall because I
would strongly advise if you’re gonna go out all night Sam is to go out in a
group a couple of use and you can always use that trick that I’ve shown you don’t
know if the lock is still in the game I’m only presume that’s a big issue for
for the developers to get that fixed because that’s the first thing I would
have addressed to be too honest with you and optimization is a key I think in
these types of games I mean you have to start from the bottom work woke up if
you think about it get the basics working right first and then address the
other issues in due course you know okay this is the right way to come down so we
talked initially I could actually die doing this but why not it’s an adventure
in our okay we should be able to get down here
just keep our eyes peeled for any zetz cabling old sound again DBC seems to be
spending a lot time here I’m not scared to take any zombies on do we actually
get any a lot closer to the game it’s actually in the tree yeah okay you need
an extension cord okay we’ll just dispatch him the only problem with that
we’ve just made a lot of noise oh shit I wasn’t the best was that book
hopefully no other undead of here death should be okay too late okay see we can
get some more food as you know calories is a big thing I
don’t think I’ve actually noticed up before but all waste paper bin okay I
don’t think that’s been I think that’s been added cosmetically I think I don’t
think it’s actually has any use part from just as I said is it a lobster stew
this place nope okay what acts will take that you don’t need the wine up like
we’ve already got one nothing in the nightstand I don’t need this cipher for
anything other scissors one of you can use that for like cutting up and
materials you know like all clothes and stuff you can use it for say for example
like oh look at that locket bandages and stuff what’s hit the cardboard you can
use that it’s tinder weekend mothers the extension cord or the cleaning kit for
the gun let’s take the extension cord you see we can do that what dot fingers
outside jumps up a power just need to do a power
ok dosti to break a panel so it’s obviously got a 20 amp circuit breaker
in it we need to most need to be able to connect it outside somehow and what I’ve
look at that in a minute that’s quickly searched the kitchen yep
I’ll take those sardines we’ve got cleaning pop there to put food
in we need a can opener well that’s the only problem quite a lot of food in here
what’s that starter this vehicles oats for the vehicle I don’t think even
creator included those yet it’s a vehicle muffler
let’s hit the dry food so more medical supplies there ok let’s look outside not
this thing we definitely need to get some food down so whatever quick look at
this ok what’s this called electrical meter it’s currently switched off hold
aids activate ok that’s actually not doing anything ok will you actually have
an extension cord oh it’s already got one in it ok but we I’m sure we all need
like a generator want me to power this was that coming off the right deductable
supply of the town now would that actually be maybe someone to tell me you
actually need to turn on like I don’t know much will supply main electrical
supply so ideally I don’t want to be using that I’m just worried of plays as well you
see the fun would be from friendly players oh crap what was it come from okay I think I’m injured now without 271
let’s use a gauze pad that gives us 15 let’s use something else don’t you have
anything smaller than a gauze pad because it’s 50 health yeah well just
use one you’ve got plenty of gauze pads okay that puts us backups in a full
health backup 100 that’s fairly quite place and let’s get
some food downloads or just tidy in the bush okay gotta be worthy of hydration
as well only enjoyed food okay let’s get that Dallas toaster pastries okay
just dildos gunshots then guys definitely played in the area I need to
be very worried of that now I think we’ll get our hydration down to about
fifty and then we’ll just see we can get some fluids Downers hydration is going
down so quickly the rice so I’ll just wish that we’d better keep this in the
same place when she eating it you know the way it jumps down to the bottom it’s
just so confusing okay one more rice cereal that’ll do for
now what about 50 hydration right I’m a bit bit paranoid now that’s just real
odd this gun got to be really really now because there was definitely gunshots
there’s another player in this out there you go here again yep does that sound close okay there’s
two zombies over there but don’t make CC and play it I’ve got to be really
careful now that’s that’s um let’s do what I always
say I’m gonna do cantabile gonna shut the door okay this is quite a big
building this we can search this though we don’t need any of that
it’ll serve a purpose for us I will set the flashlight the baseball bat does it
seems to be a lot of loot in this server which is good not only every everything
you know you look in look into it seems to be stuff in here D batteries I’m not
sure what like that uses we can find out D batteries let’s have a lot no just has
too deep a cheese what you go into your inventory it doesn’t tell you what but
she’s that takes led it doesn’t say you have doors on that should restore its
nature stuff he used to the ground now guys listen up for anybody no I don’t know that I grow the zombie
idols on me or the player another player can’t say for me should the store
I mean if it’s it if it’s a player I feel very easily shimmy through this
window okay those two zombies they’ve stopped moving so I’m taking there’s no
play in there by Jaso okay for now yep yeah let’s keep going doesn’t seem to be
any anything in this kitchen okay we found the combination lock that’s good
I don’t think we need this screwdriver and the screws well pretty much set
let’s take the canola bar and the antiseptic I’m not going to take the
year dog food we’ve got enough canned food at the
woman said the cupcake I don’t know why why would they need any firecrackers
just to cause the destruction let’s hit this soup let’s just check on that
baseball bat we’ve got we’ve already got one I think yeah six percent that one is
the same so we’ll just leave that okay let’s just quickly check on the recipe
what a combination lock the lock kit yeah we need the screws and the hospital we’ve got the lock as well so a fat
logged on we’ve got a lot kits so that means we’ve got everything let’s have a
look yeah okay so we just need a screwdriver so the lock kit must be
everything but you can I presume you can craft the lock kit if you’ve got the
other ingredients which will be the hasp the screws and the presume the
screwdriver okay I’m only presuming guys I think that’s
the case okay we’ve got them up what you know we need a wedge for something I’m
sure I’ll take anyway let’s head upstairs okay see if we can see anyone
out there tell me why I’m getting that noise cuz there’s no way that somebody
can see me through that window the good thing about the zombies being
out there if there’s a plane out there then I’m hoping he’s gonna start
shooting at them and give his position away but at the moment we’re okay I
think we could actually if we get the screwdriver it could actually not one of these
apartments you use it as a as a base that sound like song whistling then those on the back we notice when right
up then sure someone just like that was just whistled I’m just kidding solely my
idea guys the games just making me feel this way I think I was tearing things so
I like someone walking up the stairs then okay another latke yeah fantastic
smart sauce seeds I don’t see the point of oh yeah I don’t think you can
actually broke stuff yet can you can spinach more soup whatever you can sleep
after soup that was really close guys there’s definitely a player really close
i also leepu my pants right now guys I could kill this guy right now I don’t
have to kill her did you see me I’m not said that type of player to actually
shoot her place unless I’m shut up if he he’s ran off
god I was so close to killing him then my heart is pounding did he look up at
the window I’m sure blind he did doesn’t this
definitely he could have definitely seen me I don’t ever made a mistake I mean if
he knows where I am I need to get out of here he could come back at any time
I don’t know if she cops to wreath or not well you never know this could come back
to bite me in the ass guys thinkest oh yeah – wait the ball to situate in some
of these windows you can’t actually see I thought these done that deliberately
or not okay he sucks up he’s moved away because he’s
shooting randomly could be coming from over at the supermarket well that’s my
first close encounter with a player I’m not sure if he’s a friend or a foe to be
taught longish with you I mean I could have shouted out to him but do you do it
in that situation would you give you a position away knowing he’s friendly
enough okay I think I’ll just carry on with Lutsen but close this door again
keep away from the windows just totally off off track now with me man of thought
because of what summed and listen in the research in here thank
you did yeah yeah yeah we need to find a screwdriver and we can
lock up one of these room for her for a base sorry box is clear did we search
the kitchen I can’t remember I think we did yeah I don’t wanna level look what good after I like that’s let’s just get
some more food down us what’s our hydration on 50 the problem is that
we’ve got no we can’t actually eat the canned food that you’ve got no can
opener because I know we can keep our hydration if we oh yeah we can eat the
soup oh god that door opened downstairs was it just me getting paranoid again definitely close that was really close to show okay I
don’t have to kill this guy he’s really waking me out no it’s gonna hear me up
here isn’t he I don’t wanna go to another window in case he hears me let’s
get up on the roof cooing see we can find him I don’t see what Saul why is he I think he’s clearing out the whole town
the way this guy’s going I know you start with about 40 bullets that was he
seen me it was him on the roof I don’t think I’m playing the smart game here
the thing is though I don’t know they’ve implemented the if you play killer
player you get his gear I mean this town isn’t the biggest so you’re gonna run
sir people for sure we could be looking at me through another window in another
building it’s definitely not coming well I’m not definite got a comment and
sneaked in I’ll shut the door again stay away from the windows could shoot me to
be one of these windows easy I’ve gone Really Trying the mouse guys I’m on edge
here I’m sure you’ll enjoy I hope you enjoy this video it seems to have turned
out a good one now should have gone up from a walk and make friends or okay let’s do it
he who does wins kill or be killed now I know what the key is to talk in this
game so should I try and talk to him first okay that door zone luckily he had
two gunshots he sounds like he’s far away again if you find this screwdriver
a pretty much set on locking up a door I mean I’d like to go to the supermarket
and search those pallets in the back port
taking a risk okay guys I’m gonna call it in this
episode hope you’d enjoy it and if you did don’t forget to hit that thumbs up
button we will be continued in it so I’ll catch you guys in the next one bye
for now


  1. Hi. Stn just updated to 4.8 experimental. I have been made Admin at Pauls STN server. The game has a 2 hour day/night cycle.
    So if you want to record in that server (no password) you are welcome & with my admin rights i can give you what ever you want. We have set up base in Old Town on top of the 2 shops that are joined by walkways at the top. What is great is that the only way to get to the roof is by walking up a leaning lamp post. The zombies cannot get up the lamp post.
    You might have just played in Pauls server because there are only 2 servers with the 2 hour day/night cycle & Paul goes around the town during the day killing as many zombies as possible.
    Word of warning, i put 4 locks on the door at the top of the building that you were in & it took 1 zombie only 4 minutes to bread through the 4 locks (1 minute per lock). It is much safer to live on the roof of the shops. They can never get to that roof.

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