Shilajit Ritual

The shilajit resin ritual. Find out why
they call this “the destroyer of weakness and the conquer of mountains” and how you can add this to your daily routine and get amazing benefits from doing so. Hey I’m Logan Christopher from Lost
Empire Herbs. I’m going to talk about one of our popular herbs shilajit resin.
Shilajit is a very fascinating substance. It’s actually a mineral pitch that oozes
out of the Himalayan mountains and is collected up above 10,000, actually
14,000 feet for the resin here. So it’s very fascinating stuff. One way of
looking at this is, most of the herbs right, people think of leafy green
plants and various things like this and there’s fungi, of course, all other things,
but if we’re getting to something that’s more kind of like in the mineral kingdom
although this is actually vegetative manner from thousands and thousands of years ago, then we’re getting into that mineral realm and if you look at the
alchemists or Ayurvedic medicine they look at the mineral kingdom as
having stronger, stronger medicines. However, these really need to be unlocked
and processed in certain ways. So this shilajit resin, if you look at it from
that frame of mind, it gives you an idea of the power that it has. And just
looking at the names of it – the destroyer of weakness and the conquer of mountains. I don’t know about you but the first time I heard those I was like – okay what
is that let me get at it. So anyway I want to talk about something I’ve been
doing lately. As you might imagine have access to a whole bunch of herbs and I
try certain things for a while then I move on to other ones, all kinds of
different things. But with the shilajit resin this is something I’ve added to my
morning routine. You likely already have some sort of morning routine, maybe
involving coffee or something like that. Lots of people do right? So what I
started doing as I’m making my morning cup of tea I grab a glass of water
I grab my shilajit resin and I take this first thing in the morning. In
talking to our supplier Dr. J, he said this idea of if you take shilajit
resin every day for a year it will add a year to your life. Of course, there’s
probably a bit of hyperbole in this right? It’s not really gonna make you
immortal but it can definitely enhance your health with everything going on.
We only know a fraction of what really going on with shilajit resin. It has
all kinds of amazing compounds – fulvic acids, humic acids which can be really
good for detoxifying the body, has a bunch of trace minerals being a mineral
pitch of course and recently I learned that it actually has c60 buckminsterfullerene. If you haven’t heard of these you can go look up some of the
research some interesting things. Really preliminary but with rats radically
extending lifespan by taking the c60 these buckyball materials and those are
found naturally inside of shilajit. So anyway a little bit of detail on how I
do this. Buy shilajit from us you’re gonna get it like this and it comes
along with this hundred-milligram spoon right here. Now because it’s a resinous
material, we don’t actually recommend you use the spoon material in there – it’s
just going to get all gunked up. You can flip it around and use the other side of
the spoon if you want. But that is the dosage that you want, what would fit into
that spoon right there. So you can use another thing because you know putting
plastic in your mouth is not necessarily the best thing I just take a normal
spoon and kind of dip it in here and get a small amount. And then put this in your
mouth. It has a flavor like you might imagine just looking and smelling this
thing. It’s not the best thing in the world but it’s definitely an interesting
tar-like taste but it’s not really bad once you get used to it. One side effect
of this is that as you can probably see in my tongue there it is going to stay
in your mouth for a little bit of time, but not in any sort of big way, it
definitely can be washed away with water. So that is the shilajit resin, how to
take it. Add this into your morning routine, do it as a morning routine, and
see what happens for you. Some of the effects are very much gonna be subtle,
but some people have noticed some very big effects taking shilajit it as well.
So try it out, a lot more information about shilajit it over at – check us out over there. You can find out everything you need to know – reviews from customers, all sorts of other information you might want to know. So I’ll see you over there.

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  1. wow hats off to you that you can put that directly in your mouth!!! haha I add to coffee…. the flavor is INTENSE! BUT! It also is powerful and you can just FEEL its healing potential!

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