Secrets to Longevity : Human Longevity Secrets: Rosemary

There’s scientific studies we’ve found that
there are several different herbs that can be very helpful. And we talked about it a
little bit earlier; specifically I wanted to mention Rosemary. A recent study found
that Rosemary can help protect your brain from degeneration diseases such as Alzheimer
and the normal effects of aging. But specifically what they found is that this, some of the
components found in Rosemary weather it’s fresh or dried it didn’t seem to make a difference,
have a protective effect on your brain. So there’s some common ways that people like
to cook with Rosemary. There’s a lot of great Italian dishes, I would just recommend fresh
or dried, incorporate Rosemary into dishes that you think it’ll taste good because it’s
been shown to have some effective effects on your brain and that’s always a good thing
that can help you live a longer and healthier life. Fish, a lot of fish tastes really great
with Rosemary. Some people, if you eat meat some people put it on chicken, it can also
be incorporated into salads and pastas dish. Anyway that’s just something to keep in mind
that Rosemary’s a very assessable herb that’s easy to find at your local grocery store and
that it might have some really great health benefits.

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