Secrets to Longevity : Human Longevity Secrets: Medication

One thing that you want to be aware of when
you are considering long term health and longevity is taking care of your body through natural
means as much as possible. Now a lot of times people, especially in the western world think
that there is a pill that they can take that will fix any illness and that’s not necessarily
true. If you can prevent an illness you are so much further ahead of the game then if
you are treating it with modern medicine. Because even though a lot of medicines are
very wonderful and helpful and save many lives, it’s also true though that a lot of medicines
have hospitalized people and even killed people with side effects. So you really want to stay
away from the mentality of thinking that taking drugs is going to keep you healthy, because
taking drugs is kind of the last resort when you don’t have any other options. And it can
be a good last resort if that’s where you are at, but if you can prevent it in the first
place you are a lot better off. If you can prevent heart disease through healthy diet,
you are better off then taking drugs. You know recently a study came out that showed
that patients you know millions of patients taking Zetia and Vitoran, and drugs like that
weren’t really benefiting from the drug. In fact they found that the artery clogging plaques
formed within vessels were almost doubled in people taking those medicines. They actually
found that it was hurting the people that were taking it. You just want to be careful
because a lot of medicines that come out later to be found to be dangerous and not helpful
at all. I’m not telling you that you shouldn’t take your medication and you shouldn’t listen
to your doctor. You should but you do need to be careful and realize that there are a
lot of risks and side effects associated with taking medicines. Especially when you are
talking about taking multiple medicines and the different drug reactions. Studies have
shown that you know that that can be something very hazardous to your health if not used
correctly and wisely. So keep that in mind, take your drugs as they’re prescribed and
avoid taking drugs if you can.

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