SaveItUpMoment – 6 Ways to Survive Black Friday

Hi, this is Andy Mattingly and in this week’s
SaveItUp Moment I want to share ways that you can survive Black Friday and
avoid the holiday financial blues. It starts with developing a list of
everyone you want to buy a gift for on Black Friday. From your list, develop a
person budget. What I mean by that is how much you’re willing to spend on each
person. It’s important to make sure that this fits into your overall holiday
spending budget. Next, research ideas for each person on that list and
find two to three ideas that work within your budget for that person. Then develop
your shopping plan based on your research and know which stores you
really need to visit. While you’re shopping, keep a running total of what
you spend during the day, stopping often to relax and take your time. And finally,
unless your name was on the list avoid buying anything for yourself while
you’re out on Black Friday. That’s been this week’s SaveItUp Moment. If you want
any more information on this topic or any other topic, make sure you
visit the SaveItUp page at

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