S. Korea’s rival parties show mixed reactions to President Moon’s 2020 budget speech

we’re seeing mixed responses from South
Korea’s rival political parties to president moon speech today the ruling
Democratic Party welcomed as saying the 2020 spending plan will breathe life
into the economy and improve people’s livelihoods as said the budget has been
allocated appropriately to address security welfare as well as innovation
but the main opposition Liberty Korea Party criticized the speech saying was
full of self praise and claimed it only proves the administration is blind to
the dire economic and security situation facing the nation as said the expansion
Airi budget is only short-term remedy and the government needs to overhaul its
policies if it wants to revive the economy our informing the prosecution
the party said the president should leave it to the rival parties to reach a
deal and refrain from pressuring the assembly wherever parties will start
deliberations over the budget plan and have until December 2nd to approve it

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