RUST – UNLUCKY surprise at DOME (Rust Solo Survival #17)

No oh my god.
oh my god with water and lucky oh yeah don’t forget to hit that like
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enough leave a comment on my video like this well hello there my name is Leroy
say welcome back to a new video this is risk solo survival 17 I see a
big bass over here and they are selling hatchets and pig eyes so what are we
gonna do we are obviously gonna get that 300 Stone oh it’s it’s stone to get
extra to actually get it but I’ll find some stone no worries I’ll find it all
right there’s the shop I like to buy a pickaxe and a hatchet real quick I have
750 stone and he’s selling it for 300 each so make sure nobody’s there like
camping or something all right let’s make a run for it and just buy that shit
in it you got a nice shop man I like it thank you that was not really wise man this is
what about this got my fresh water pipe let’s go boys gonna need that to get
some guns and stuff okay where am I gonna build I have to put up here
somewhere I have to build like close here I want to be near the elbows so I
can get some easy boots and stuff right here bitch easy guy dick he’s
gonna get me not today boy let’s make another door put that on and
gonna have to see over here put it right there
please back again I hear him all right well go into the outpost now we just
need a little bit of flow grateful I have 29 square so best angle offices you
can get little bit full stone wood basically every resource out there
there we go that’s ten scrap turns clap for 50 low grade man that’s crazy I can
get to 150 there there we go I think that’s a good deal
that’s a pretty good deal you get a sheet metal door and sleep I like
alright here we go getting a furnace get that other way and
then we’re gonna go try to get a gun at least and make some plays boys all right here’s the move over guys I’m
gonna learn this rule quick get that out of the way and we’re also gonna learn
the bullet now we’re gonna make place I just need to get some Soper and stuff
and get it cooking get outta here man three always three hugging people
well intent from the outputs now obviously I just killed someone kind of
bad I have to go somewhere else now to recycle right now we’re just gonna go to the dog
and see if we can make some place over there and look some boxes you know maybe
there’s even someone camping over there usually when I go to dome that’s always
someone camping so we’ll see what we’re gonna do all right I think someone is
actually up here man because I just heard something let’s see wait I think I
saw someone oh there is oh nice headshot guy I believe to get him right now this
guy’s probably gonna hide now because you know he’s up top but let’s try to
get him boys all right where is he oh my god bad boy
all right let’s do this guy real quick damn bro he has a pump also nice
where’s the spawn oh there do that I see you yeah put this estimate suit on drop
this stuff oh nice that book is almost broken wait what Wow
are you serious come on come on get up get up get up you don’t gonna do me like
this are you get up get up please worse please get up come on then
I need to be a lucky guy now please oh please get up already he’s not gonna get out busy come on then
get up already Jesus no get up oh wow I really need to I need to run
back fast all right I really need to get back to the dome right now man my stuff
is still out there but I feel like he’s gotta get there first so let’s get there
fast guys I think the guy is already on top man what was this guy doing over
there let’s take a look over there oh he just
died all right let’s go up hopefully my stuff is still there man
let’s hope so there’s a box over here so that means somebody’s a top oh here we
are body bikes still here nice almost Edisto here let’s take this all and get
back to base I actually have to wait till the boxes respawn again so I can
get more loot but first I’m gonna get this to base and then I’m gonna wait for
the box to respawn again so I’ll see you guys in a bit
all right boys here we go dome loot we can do it man
we need to see what we can get today now all right all right first we got five pipes that’s
good so I can make revolvers all the time really really happy of that that’s
good now let’s see what we get next come on then
do I ever get something good from the dome always when I call me I don’t get
good stuff Oh boys oh my you know what I can do with this
right hahaha I could go like far in the ocean with a
boat and drop this one oh my god if I actually got back home with that that’d
be nice okay yeah Thresh it wasn’t really that good of a lute to be honest
just this one and the pipes I guess but yeah it’s not mine yet I still need to
return home so I I guess I see you guys home I hope so wait a second wait can I
just drop it on the dome is that a wise thing to do
I’ve never dropped a surprising no so but I guess for content I’m just going
to drop it here on the dome you know if it falls down it falls down if it’s here
it’s here okay it’s rolling down I don’t know if that’s good but I guess it’s
gonna fall on the dome let’s hope so guys that’s hope so this is a big risk
that I’m taking right now hey Chris it’s my first time doing this
by the way oh there is my a drop now let’s hope it’s good form the dome like
I said it’s my first time dropping an a drop right on the dome so we’ll see man
we’ll see oh my god the heli is also out I’m gonna get slaughtered by the heli
it’s definitely gonna come to know my dad I’ve showed that right now
I’m gonna get slaughter better heli man are you serious man oh my god oh my I see the heli oh my god
please Holly don’t come here man for the love of God man I’ve not done anything
wrong oh wait it’s shooting at someone oh my
god please stay there please stay there my a drop is almost here people are
already saying in the chat there’s an air drop at the Dome we know I swear I
saw a guy oh my god the adults are almost done
this is ridiculous why am I even doing this what is the day coming here now he
killed one way I got him no no oh my god oh my god what
I love

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  1. Let's see how you did in this video =)

    You Did a really good job making this video, I enjoyed watching in from start to end. Much better then the last one!
    Keep it up!

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