REI Co-op Gear Guide: Best Hiking Socks

hey guys welcome to the REI co-op gear
guide my name is hoe Tech and today we were talking about the best hiking socks
you can find at REI this year so to pick our socks we looked at
customer reviews we talked to our customer members when they were picking
out socks in store and then we took a bunch of these guys out and we test them
out in the field and our pick for the best all-round hiking sock is the darn
tough light hiker micro crew so we really like the darn tough socks because
they’re really really durable the name is not a lie they have a lifetime
guarantee the other thing that we like about these guys is that they’re a
little bit thinner than your more traditional hiking sock so you don’t
have that like super chunky feel but they still do the job they’re made of a
blend of wool nylon and elastic if you want you could extend the life out by
lining them our next category is going to be the best non wool hiking sock and
that’s gonna be the REI cool max Midway okay so this is the REI cool max Midway
it’s a synthetic sock synthetic socks are really really good if you’re
allergic to wool or if you want something is gonna drive really really
fast and wick really really fast this guy over here has a padded heel and a
padded toe and it’s got a seamless toe construction they do get a little bit
stinky a synthetic socks do wool socks are a little bit more odor resistant so
you’re gonna want to wash this guy pretty frequently our next pick is going
to be our best sock for winter trekking and our choice for that one is going to
be the darn tough boot sock with full cushion we really like this sock for
winter hiking because it’s pretty warm because of its wool content it’s an even
thickness throughout the sock unlike some of the other socks which are a
little bit thinner on top and that’ll help with the warmth as well it’s a
thinner sock which is great because if you’ve got kind of a tight-fitting boot
and you put in a really chunky sock you can end up constricting blood flow to
your toes I can get pretty cold and this sock
won’t do that this is a darn tough sock so it’s just as durable as the other
darn tough socks and it’s still backed up by that lifetime guarantee our next
category is going to be our pick for fast and light hiking and that’s going
to be the Smartwool PhD outdoor light crew this is
the Smartwool PhD outdoor this is actually the sock that I use I really
really like it the thing that really draws me in is that it fits kind of like
a running sock so it’s really really thin on top and it’s got these friction
panels right here to keep me in place but it still get a chunky heel and a
chunky toe and it’s a nice durable sock so those are the best sauce you can find
this year at REI thanks for watching we’ll see you out there

10 thoughts on “REI Co-op Gear Guide: Best Hiking Socks

  1. I own those darn tough light micro crew socks and they've been more durable than my smartwool ones. The former had less fabric fraying after rotating between the two smartwool and one darn tough pair during a three week field trip.

  2. The lifetime guarantee on Darn Tough socks is no joke. If any DT sock gets a hole or tear, you can exchange it anywhere that sells DT socks for a new pair, for free, for life. Buy once and you have a pair of socks for life, period.

  3. Did anyone else notice the Camp Chef stove in the background? They stopped carrying that brand due them being owned by Vista Outdoors, which has connections to the gun industry.

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