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So hi Rebel!
So I watched Pitch Perfect 3 the morning after the Glamour Christmas Party. Ah so you’re feeling fresh?
I mean, beautiful, glowing, gorgeous obviously but it was hilarious and it was the best
hangover remedy ever. If you’ve got a hangover what do you like to do? Okay this is a weird thing but I’ve never in What?!
I know people think I’m a big alcky. Is that what you call alcoholic here? Yeah you understand that. Yeah but I’m I’m normally I’m so busy that I only have to work the next day and so I can’t get smashed.
Damn! So I don’t think I mean I could be wrong but I don’t
think I’ve ever been smashed enough to have to have a hangover cure.
I do like though a Baroca. Oh yes, I mean that does come in handy for a hangover for sure. Little bit of, yeah. So in this movie, Amy is single but she did not give a damn about that that’s what I loved in the movie. And anyway she had far more pressing concerns to worry about. Now we’re fully in party season who do you think amy was like to get under the mistletoe? Oh so like ever anyone out there? Anyone in the world?
I mean I was gonna say Prince Harry and now he’s taken. Damn you Meghan! Dammit! Dammit!
I was so close! No I was never close, I’ve never even met him. Who else would I say? I mean Channing Tatum he’s always one of my classic go to’s. Only if he bust out some shapes while you, well not while you were kissing but afterwards. Yeah, yeah exactly. Who else, I mean weirdly I love working
with Adam Devine who plays Bumper and who’s not in Pitch Perfect 3. So
what we actually did was film a whole other movie that’ll come out next year.
It’s a romantic comedy we play different characters but my agent was like well if
Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone can do it in movies like you guys can do it in another movie and so we did. So for all the Bumper and Fat Amy fans though they’ll see us in another movie Can’t wait for that! And so I luckily didn’t embarrass myself at my Christmas party but have you ever been at a party and embarrassed yourself? Like done a fall or anything that’s embarrassing? Yeah I’ve done that terrible thing where you know there’s furniture that’s made of wicker I guess. Oh yep, yep.
And I’ve like snagged like ripped things. I’ve like gotten out of a car and my Spanx have ripped! Oh my god! Like all down the back and you’re like what the hell am I gonna do like I’m just arriving at the party. I’ve done so many embarrassing things, I also spill food on myself all the time. Guilty! Pretty much every second day there’s some kind of food slop. That doesn’t make me look very sophisticated And so what do you
think Amy will ask Santa for this year? Well what will Rebel ask Santa for?
What would I ask Santa for? I did just receive some personalized Tim Tams!
Oh I mean winning at life there! I don’t know how they did them but they have my name on the packaging. They are too good to eat. Which was pretty cool! Anything with
your name on it is like the best. Yeah, it’s personalised. Yeah obviously Christmas is
all about that karaoke life and obviously Pitch Perfect is all about singing. What Christmas song is your go-to like classic? I like um the Mariah Carey song.
*Sings All I Want For Christmas Is You* I think I ended on the wrong note then. I didn’t go for the huge note. I’m not warmed up, I’m not warmed up. But that song is a killer.
It’s amazing! It’s Pop-y it’s like it gets the party going! It’s on every day in Glamour.

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