Reading in the dark : Indie Survival Horror Devlog #1

[Music] hi I’m leo and welcome to the first dev log for reading in the dark a survival horror game with a heavy focus on exploration and item management in this first video I’m going to show the base mechanics that will serve as a foundation for the game some assets created for this build what I plan to do for the next dev log and some frequently asked questions but before anything I will talk a little bit about me since this is the first dialog and all my name is Leonardo da fury I’m 22 and I have been working with game development for about two years now but I have been wanting to make games for my entire life this year I published my first game to steam called aspects of change the game was an idea from a college assignment that I ended up spending six months developing it is about a little guy that can change his horoscope sign at any moment by attuning to different planets and stars he then needs to find the key and exit his house by avoiding unlucky deaths for example if he’s attuned to Taurus all of the wardrobes in his house will kill him so he must remember that and change his sign accordingly it is above all else a memory game now I have started a much much bigger project one that will take several years to complete especially because I’m doing almost everything by myself with the exception of audio and music production currently being made by these wonderful people I will also be outsourcing voice acting as well so about the game let’s talk about some of the main features in it almost every single prop in the game will be interactable with physics you will be able to pick everything up by holding the left mouse button and moving the mouse depending on the object you can also press e on it to activate a unique function for example you can turn on or off a radio by pressing E or you can hold and throw the radio away this can lead to some unique gameplay sections where you can use the radio noise to redirect the attention of an attacker these objects will have more functions that will be detailed in the next coming dev logs like cloth or energy outlets with the wonderful physic system from the Unreal Engine you will also be able to smoothly interact with drawer wardrobes Charlotte’s doors etc the game will feature a robust inventory system one that you will need to tightly manage in order to survive by leaving some objects in chests located in safe areas the player will need to be constantly making choices on what he will take with him and what he will keep for later I’m sure to have more questions and I have a lot more to talk about in regards to game mechanics and info but I will save the rest of the information for the FAQ section of each staff log first I will talk about the visual elements of the game for this I’m using a post-processing effect that writes lines based on the object normal texture as well as natural bumps and corners in the mesh a challenge faced for this was to be able to make it so that that light effects the environment but after some tinkering I was able to only render at areas that have light affecting it this led to my next problem I needed to render the color red and I also needed to render different light colors for categorizing safe areas I ended up combining both the normal render with my post-processing effect now I can use particles such as fire or dust as well as different light colors but I now need to paint all materials black and the specular values for some materials are not exactly what I want I will definitely be tinkering with this a lot more and will keep you updated with changes a concern that I have is that this might be too expensive on the final user computer but I’m doing everything in my power to make the game as light as possible such as using LOD s and setting proper texture sizes if you have any advice on things that I could do feel free to comment what you think and I will respond you ASAP this one you already saw but I will explain a bit on how I am doing it basically I have a prop object that will have special properties that will indicate that the player can pick it up this object will have three types based on the weight and the size of the object these will be used for relatively small props only the drawers and cabinets share a different property than small props to indicate for the player pickup that they are different type to hold as well as the doors or light switches doors will work in the following manner when they are closed they will be in a closed state meaning that if you try to move them by walking over it it won’t work because it is locked if you click on the door it will enter an open state where you can use our body or the mouse to move it if the door reaches our rotation stipulated by code it will again enter its closed State in the game you will be able to prone under beds or tables as well as hide in wardrobes this mechanic is – very early in development since I have no AI set yet I don’t have any ways to test it visually it is working as intended though this will be refined and reformulated as development goes on I programmed a simple flashlight on the game for now it comes out of the camera but I intend on having an actual player model with animations that will hold a flashlight so this will be changed a bit as well in this section of the dev vlog I will show objects models particles and effects that I created with original music made for the game [Music] [Music] for the next batch I plan on creating the main character model in his animations as well as the animation blending for walking crouching jumping droning and a few miss can emissions I also plan on creating an aim offset for his arms allowing him to move his legs independent of his arms this way I will blend between animations for him to hold his flashlight while moving I will then place the model in-game so basically you will be able to see her body when you look down also I will add cloth physics to the player clothing so it will dynamically move when you walk or run I also plan on creating clothing types of props for instance let’s say there is a clothing on a hanger in the wardrobe I want this clothing to have cloth physics and you will be able to hold it by the hanger and remove it from the wardrobe I also plan on creating the base walls and structure for the game map that I have already planned in the documentation process if I have any extra time I will also start the energy system for props the energy system will basically allow you to turn on or off an electrical prop in the cord from the power outlet but this will be further explained in the next level AAG so now for the frequently asked questions when do you plan to release the game to be honest I’m soon the very early stages so it will take at least four years but rest assured I’m working on this game for hours daily and after I finished college I will be working on it for more than 10 hours a day with the possibility of crunching through weekends will the game have monsters spawned in a map with AI to hunt you down well the short answer is yes and the long answer is yes do you plan on hiring people for programming or art creation roles not currently no I’m on the way to having a very well documented project my game design document is about 25 pages long and I just started writing it so in the future if I need any outside help it would be easy to share my game idea but then again this is my baby and I just want to do my best for it of course that if I find anything that I would not be happy with the result if I made it myself I will definitely outsource like I already did with the music can you fight the monsters in any way you will not have guns or weapons so you can fight them directly I plan on adding ways to make them go away like the flamethrower in an alien isolation this would be a trouble item and right now I’m thinking of adding a holy water bottle well this is it for the first dive vlog for reading in the dark please comment if you have any questions about the development and I will post them here at the end of the videos also please share this video with any friends that might like this project thanks for your time and attention I’m leo signing off

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