Rare, Albino Raccoon Rescued From Dangerous Wilderness With Inability To Camouflage | Kritter Klub

A dog being rescued? Nope, I’m an Albino Raccoon White raccoons are actually very rare It was wandering around Checking its nutritive conditions Showing signs of dehydration It’s too dangerous for it to live in the wild Since albino raccoons are white, it’s easy for predators to find them So the zoo decided to take care of it Being cautious Trying to make it recover its wildness It’s a snake! It won’t come down because of the snake Come down now~ Luring it with food LOL I’m going to eat them all

100 thoughts on “Rare, Albino Raccoon Rescued From Dangerous Wilderness With Inability To Camouflage | Kritter Klub

  1. so they kidnapped a wild animal and threw it in a glass box because it's rare and cute for human entertainment? if it was dangerous why did he make it to adulthood?

  2. Being an albino raccoon dog it would have a hard time surviving. He is lucky some hunter didn't kill him for his rare fluffy white coat. He is a beautiful rare animal.

  3. I know a lot of people in the comments are saying it's cute and it's ok that they 'rescued' this FERRAL animal from it's territory, but come on people! This video deserves a dislike. They captured a very wild animal from it's home, It's territory, just to put it up for display in a VERY small box to stress and suffer the noises of kids and camera flashes, and they are probably making a profit from this. Sure it's super rare and they can't blend in with their environment, but it's the circle of life! Bad coat genetics happen! All they could've done was leave the animal alone and take some cool photos of it from afar. White deer aren't being captured for being so vulnerable, so why do it to this raccoon? These people should be sued or even arrested for what they have done. They traumatized an animal just to be displayed for profit and they might try to breed since he has the albino gene to sell rare albino raccoons as pets or as display animals for a very high price. Breeding a ferral animal to make more will pass down his aggressive temperament. And the ones that don't have any white? Discarded like trash.

    So if you are one of those people who see a rare or albino animal, please stay away and take a quick photo or video from a distance. This is just ridiculous

  4. This isn't a raccoon though, this is a tanuki. Raccoon DOG. Look a lot alike but not actually even close to being the same animal. It's also not albino, because albino lacks ALL melanin, so it wouldn't have a black nose and blue eyes if it was albino.

  5. Cute raccoon but I don't think that enclosure has what it needs to make him feel safe or comfortable, especially with so much light flashing down on him

  6. 야생에 되돌려줘야지 뭔 동물원이야
    희귀종이니까 감금해서 돈벌이로 이용하는거지 콘크리트 구조물안에서 던져주는 먹이 먹으며 구경거리 삶을 살아야하는데 참 행복하겠다

  7. No se olviden los subtitulos en español porfavor, me encantan sus videos y puedo entenderlos mejor si estan en español .

  8. How can it be that albino raccoon has black nose?! Why it’s eye are blue?! It’s not albino!!!! Dislike!!!😠

  9. This room looks kinda small & depressing.. Furthermore I wonder whether it's better to die in freedom or to live in captivity. I'd choose freedom.

  10. I can imagine that you want to protect him or her, but they are wild beasts and are used to living in nature …. to put him or her in a glass cage, I don't think is ok … give it then a large natural environment, they must be able to hide and run …. treat an animal the way you want to be treated, I think you will end up with something completely different, right?

  11. Racoons are cute but wild ones are no pets. Only professionals should handle them. Never try to pet a racoon! No matter if he's cute or even white. Let him be.

  12. This looks more like a leucystic raccoon rather than albino. It has blue eyes and a black nose, so it has pigment. The albino has pink or red eyes and pink nose.

  13. This is horrific! That poor animal. Those people are assholes! And putting cutesy sounds to the footage of them terrorizing a wild animal just makes it worse. This whole video is messed up.

  14. That's not actually a raccoon, but a tanuki, belongig to the canidae family. It's also known as "raccoon dog" because normally the marks resemble those of a raccoon.

  15. I don't know why that I feel like the song fit so well with the video. Anyone know what the song name? What a lovely Racoon btw.

  16. sous titres en anglais c la 2 -ème fois si sa continue comme sa bye bye kritter club pourtant j'aimais vos reportages mais si ont arrivent plus a vous lire a quoi sa sert de rester abonner

  17. It looks like a white tanuki. I hope, as soon as the raccoon adapts, it will be transferred to a more welcoming aviary.

  18. WAIT, WHAT, are you serious?! You took a wild animal out of the wild because it might get eaten in the wild!!! Then you put it in a tiny enclosure next to a predator and decorate it with a picture of a tiger on the wall??!! I am shocked!

  19. Thats a totally inappropriate place for a wild animal to live. I trust you put it in an outdoor large area with plenty of trees etc not an indoor cement kennel with painted walls….

  20. STOP calling RACCON DOGs only "Raccon" and miseducating your viewers, you've done it before and they are two completely different animals! RACCOON DOG!!

  21. Hi, I don’t think this is an albino raccoon- I think it’s a leucistic raccoon instead (: They’re like albinos, but they have pigmentation in their eyes.

  22. It's probably scared to death with all those pictures of ferocious tigers on the walls. Lol. I'm glad they rescued the poor thing.

  23. Aww it looks like a little doggie or fox. Thank you for saving him and doing what you can, keep him safe and happy ❤️

  24. I'm sorry but the stupid music doesn't make this ok. This "habitat" is awful. Is there something for him that is outside and closer to his natural environment?

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