Questers at Farm & Wilderness

Okay so we’re doing a river crossing… It rained last night… Oh my …. The Classic Questers program is a backpacking, canoeing and rock-climbing program where campers spent 18 days either in New Hampshire and Maine or over in the Adirondacks of New York And then there’s Long Trail Questers which is 36 day long expedition through hiking Vermont’s 273 mile Long Trail We started it back here 36 days ago… and then we hiked all of this. And now…We are here. I’m a short person I’m a very small person I had a very big pack but once we got on trail I just like immediately was
feeling so much more empowered And I just like learned that my body could do
things that I didn’t think it was able to do It’s a really amazing program
because over time nature really shapes them it shapes them into mature adults Hearing all the plans for the canoeing
and the hiking it was just… I was like ah man this is gonna be harsh
yeah I thought I was gonna be miserable and being all by myself but naw I found new friends and I found new aspects of myself. o like be at the highest peak in
Vermont like looking in a 360 view like like I felt so strong and it was so like
just triumphant and it was a really great moment. Before we were gonna start paddling this this cub just just shoots through
the through the river like jumping in three jumps through the river it was so cool. It takes a very special kid to sign up to sort of leave everything behind. Being in nature it kind of isolates you in a really good way. Our own patterns become really clear to us and we learn so much about ourselves
when there’s not distractions. I was just kind of expecting just like through hike and that would be about it but it was so much more.

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