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yeah everyday as facts you know welcome to the channel no in today’s video we’re doing some more survival minecraft I always enjoyed today’s video if you do remember to hit the like button and subscribe as well and let’s get on with what we’re getting on with today so as you can see there’s a whole host of chests said you’re right in front of me and that’s basically because this is the size of the main storage room for said mob farm up they are now we’ve been working on in the last couple episodes is going to be you know as a chests along 9 chests the long are we and then inches back alone this week I don’t know why it kind of work that I think it’s just because it’s a very odd number up there and I took it from like – from yo so yeah from here we went over to the site and then from here we went to this site again and then from the corner here to here and then we went to bag the Hobby but because that’s odd and that seems to be this is all Israel I don’t know why just just worked out that way yeah what does that be to tend to put do that name yeah but anyway so we’ve got an E by E by eat chest size and that’s cannot we don’t want to have the demean area that we walk into and then you look at me see the killing area and all that jazz up there and then water streams of horror and those Sade worth item hopper sorting systems holding me around and it will keep looking until all the items do get sorted so that we don’t want out no I left us running overnight for boats here was I think it was yeah as peril fall that we sang in 114 one because that is what I am actually running in and because of the new update with the mobs spawning in and it just works so much better there was one thing I must out until you and the other episodes and now was the way I built this it’s born platform up here and this guy now because of the problems that we were having and 114 with the chunks and all that I made this on a chunk corner yeah trunk corner basically so that’s isn’t madness is the forties place right here under here as the drop zone so you’ve got the water streams running and then and here we’ve got the killing plants burning platforms which go to about half way and each direction and to a chunk but the new update in 114 will affect the bug with spawns and the chunks like if there was safe for two mobs spawning here and lo2 it’s born here they would cancel that out they said more spawning but no they do me they saw that if that has anything over that accounts as it completely just as spawn and aloes for the new spawn to be meat or something without I’ve caramel but I would need to go and detail and look at so because of that he Evers and this machine here has pretty much set us up Rocka wise for a while he has ever seen we’re kind of safe for gunpowder and things a lot for rockets I mean that’s what a stack no as three stacks trader sex that yeah we sort it compared wise so honestly I feel as farm is going to be really good just for me and this world so I I hope I have enough storage I think I’m wanting to go maybe find chance I may be sex don’t know just yet I was thinking about a shot chocobo looting system but I just don’t think that would be necessary this doesn’t produce a lot of drops and needed for Ashoka box system so yeah I think we’ll start a 1624 that’s over a hundred chests they’re all going to be double yeah not that thing now been in office if we do it for four for four I think maybe tune to for a few of them the Gumpert that I want a lot of so that would probably before and seemed with the bones and maybe redstone don’t know yet but yeah so first off we need to level this whole area out so I’m gonna level this out so that we’ve got a smooth platform for the chests and then we’re gonna try and lane for the the walls near site so let’s get to okay so I cleared out a bit of ground here even clear that some of the back up here I done that because I want to Lord all this so that it works better terraform ways and then I get rid of the water here put down some duct blocks listen good hospital honestly they actually have grass in the area and then I put some duck here to social where I want the engines to be I know it sounds stupid but I warned the entrance to be here I also wanted to be a nether portal so I’m gonna be moving us to here right here so it’s a three by three by three which will be the door and two here which will deep down and to this but here where this is the hall which is below that’s I move the chest as well so that it’s all absolutely even all round which is awesome and that’s the middle right there so it is perfectly symmetrical it’s just awesome so that is a plan no I want to as I said however the near the portal here which is the entrance but I will be building it so here we’re gonna have some wood here as well this is all going to be dark rehear or your ass all that’s back here may change into pathways and things like that so you can do it that way this is all gonna get covered in grass I’m wanting to make it grassy so that it looks nicer so when it’s next to the water lane and all that sort of stuff and yeah but then I need to sort of figured out how and the oldest bow is there going to be a rain building as they’re gonna be squarish I’m thinking can around eat look why won’t it just sounded nice to me and I think maybe Town Hall wise or something like that with most tempos and like see America can I get a really building at the top at least but yeah so I was thinking like a town hall that’s round with the the top being The Killing platform here I’m thinking also of dropping this system and down the flushing system from the cannon fire form and to the water students for the sorting system I was thinking of moving that from winner as down and to under this so you you wouldn’t be able to see the killing platform like I wanted to but also means that this isn’t sticking out as much because that’s can annoy me and so that would just make it so that it’s smaller and would be better than to this so not as the plan the plan the plan the plan so needs to do that I’m gonna leave it just know until we get to the point where we’re actually gonna start doing this sorting system that just means we’re gonna need a whole lot of iron I do not think I have a lot I am left and yeah so I don’t need to go meaning for that just know know another thing and that’s sure the chemo on Frady it’s not coming out in fraida because I can I just had a change of plans and how I want to do videos Mondays I think I was just going to be in the Minecraft Survival Series so that you can actually have a bit more Kuantan and the videos rather than me feel like it’s rushed to get the content out so that is that so I’ve got all weekend know to be able to build us as best as I can to the best of my ability without having to worry about it so that’s a good thing for use because a couple of times I do feel felt rushed like this one here and the video for this one as well so very rushed I didn’t enjoy them as much as I the last couple episodes so I am no changing that saw that Mundy’s will be the main craft Survival Series yeah as simple as that so I’m going to get more wood get a lot more chests no and also starts melting up some storm and cobblestones for the King get the stone bricks and things like that and the same how I want this to look so yeah and I also need to go and do a lot of meaning as well guys so yeah we’ll see you all and a little bit hey guys well cutting some wood here yeah I’ve been doing some of this load stuff and one of these carries it done up one entry though and it likes to walk away from ah we go that’s pure sure chip Coto blocks voted raw beetroot seeds some lily pads late blue die dark oak sapling and some rice no I don’t need blue eyes blue eyes I can get easily dark oh I don’t know after as Amy biomes close by with dark oak no obviously I need to go and get some roots so let’s go and grab these emeralds and hopefully we can get some dark oak sounds what was it five for one sapling we need four hopefully they don’t do it that way in its five or four but obviously I can feel that it’s gonna be five for one up here grab some oak saplings cuz you never know when you’re gonna need dark oak saplings as he stole a pleased over there okay this dollar gosh shut up i I think I would be very upset if it disappeared right so war is five here one you you you two chips came in but yeah so we go for dark oak saplings no awesome allows us to get a whole new table blog which I do enjoy as well so we’re gonna let our one grow and I’m gonna get back to cutting these trees down so we can get okay guys so we have pretty much completed the outside of module one as you can see all the way around here I’m getting massive flag drops 4900 205 wave answers coming back up so yeah we completely one of the first more juicy and it’s all rift off up here as well straight up to this wall here which is almost a start then st. weird the drop the hoppers are and the drop shaft of the California floor so yeah we’ve done that quite good the only thing we do need to do and it now as the redstone which I’m going to go just now so I’m gonna come into the bank here and to this point here that’s as the Redstone area this is the last part of the oh you say oh we do need to go up shit like so awesome so this is the start area as where the redstone is going to be so I have got maximum operation a comparison Peters any just now so put them down to the four and one three and four perfect so that’s the competitors done next up is the redstone line all the way along like this n’est-ce pas and that’s top part done I am going to block this play off here this is where the water is going to run for us so we need to block this off so non if I can come down and get to the Redstone itself no thankfully nothing can spawn in this area because it will be not something can spawn in this area thankfully nothing is one known in this area because of the Redstone which is a nonce portable for all mobs which is awesome throw that back in no under here this is where it gets fun because you need to take this roll heat away all right and then we need to put this rule and like this so I’m only buddy to the four so that I can get up here like this I love when you do things wrong and then I can get to the torches up and please Torchy’s along like this to the four and then you come down here like this yeah we get the repeaters can I jump down yet one perfect let’s eat and like that time that should be that done I mean oh no longer need to go into this video which that’s not like that like that and that should be this whole area done no I need to fill in the hoppers that deal with the items orders after these top ones here but the corresponding items or I want comparator in here lots of gunpowder in here I’m gonna need lots of comparator that will filter down so I want to do this with every single one of these four with composure because I need lots of gunpowder guys it’s one of the ones I’m gonna need the most for rockets so I want these four chests of gunpowder only one to these so we should be good there Adil’s but we need the ad without monster to the infinity boat but it’s better to have them than not I mean I could do one of Adil’s and then wanna run flesh so though I don’t really want one flesh that much either I don’t really need up so that should be good so go and powder for these born xaro’s and one flesh so that should be a good start to all this and then I want redstone and glowstone here which will be the the wet drop and then sugar and needs to hear the Watchers drops text on so it would have to be sticks and this one here and then for these two I do what I want to do for those two did I already say sugar yeah that’s it sugar so redstone yeah so this one here will be spider eyes and string yes by the eyes and strung so we could naturally just do this oh it’s not being sorted yet but oh I’ll put these and just with the supposed to go just know then okay stick so one of the confusing ones I could I can yeah I’m going to do that for sticks alright we’re going to put sticks and these two yeah sticks in there so redstone closed on sugar bottles we’re gonna do it the bottle but sugar there some trouble profitable sugar rich don’t glue spoon string of course pie dies okay so this back here I’m gonna use pack days and then here we’re gonna use normal ice maker so one two three four five six seven eight yeah I was right and then you can use a trap door here if you place on the top all the items to one underneath it and then from here you have this block off here we’re gonna put another piece of ice let that run and then we get the part days and then one two three four five so that should be perfect enough there we are is nice too if not there as well man just see if this works so when I put a couple of our aims down here like that yeah they all make it perfect absolutely perfect so we’ve got the start of our item system here already so items will drop from the up there all the way down to here and in floor long and get packed up with the hoppers and maned which is absolutely awesome why you use it 60 you should be it’s 41 mm did something break or is it just that via bug with a redstone at the moment I think it as a strong woman you are 60 yeah yeah we’re bog to register at the moment guys so that’s that’s fine hopefully it doesn’t screws or something hot and mess up with a filter system it shouldn’t as lag is doing my heaven yay I screwed up by sorting that hair fit these should all work now you know why not use well use a thing like that’s good wait to that one Cheers make sure this one does anything I won’t stain that ones fade yeah yeah lover when you find a problem you fix it in then awesome oh yeah great kill that’s that done I should possibly the north worsen and like an idea again and we should what thing sage should know I need to literally tap these until now old wasn’t properly so I will see you all next time guys thanks very much for joining me I hope you have enjoyed today’s video we’ll start that like one after you have and subscribe as well she’s all next time bye [Music] [Applause]

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