Noctua Fans – Are they worth it? – Sound Tests & Install Guide

hello and welcome to tech deals do you have an awesome powerful computer that’s just a bit too noisy would you like to have a silent running computer the solution could be as simple as a couple of fans in today’s video we’re going to be installing three nook Torah fans to improve the noise volume or rather reduce the noise volume of our $2,000 Cadillac build one case fan and the two fans on the liquid cooler are what we’re replacing now this is a very nice machine it overclocks nicely and at the moment I have installed a Corsair H 100 IV 2 liquid cooler this is cool it does a very good job of cooling that CPU but coursers liquid cooler fans are not silent they’re quiet but they’re not silent now how important this is to you depends entirely upon your personal noise sensitivity I’m very noice n sitive I like silence furthermore this is going to be my live streaming PC port which so I want a completely quiet system so we are installing these two 120 millimeter fans onto that we’re also replacing the rear 140 millimeter fan on the back it’s a blue LED fan I don’t want a blue LED fan I want a completely blacked out system with no lights in it for when I’m live-streaming so we’ll replace that as well to establish a baseline here’s the sound from the room with nothing on the computer is completely off you can see we’re just under 43 decibels with the system turned on we’re just under 49 decibels this is with the stock cooler master and Corsair fans on the liquid cooler and in the case now a decibel rating is fine but that doesn’t account for the war or pitch or tone of the sound these fans aren’t bad but they’re not great the knock Tora fans are great and it really is worth replacing if you want a completely silent system now you can see the fans replaced you can see the knock to our fans installed and we’ve cut about half of the sound of the system out we were just under 43 with the system turned off we were just under 49 with the system turned on before now we’re at about 45 and a half most importantly the systems sounds much nicer we have our case open and laid on its side and we have our three fans here to 120 millimeter fans which will replace our liquid cooler and a single hundred and forty millimeter fan which will replace the rear fan now that fan is actually quiet enough but the blue LEDs bother me I want no lights anything this is a completely blacked out system so we’re replacing that fan with this excellent one when it comes to quality of packaging you just cannot beat these things it includes multiple ways of mounting including tooless pushpins there are several cables including a Wye splitter included an extension cable and this is really cool these fans are a max 1500 rpm but if you use this cable it slows them down to a max 1200 rpm so it’s either fixed 1200 rpm or if it’s PWM connected to one of the four pin connectors on the port then it’s variable with a max speed of 1200 so you can either have a high performance or a quiet fan all in the same packaging you don’t have to choose when you purchase because the fan will do both jobs taking the packaging out of the box I’ve said before I’ll say it again quality products come in quality packages cheap products come in cheap packages take a look how nice this is here is an extension cable there is the low noise adapter I mentioned and then there is the Wye splitter the nice thing is the cable that is actually on the fan isn’t too long and they’re sleeved in these very nice quality black sleeves just as a side note black nut Torah fans are now available with colored tabs so you don’t have to get this color if you don’t want them the first step is to simply unscrew the existing fan using a screwdriver these four screws are actually the same type that are included with the new fans so we can reuse these we don’t have to use the new screws if we don’t want to and with those four screws disconnected we simply unplug it and take it out of the case I’ll save this for use in some other build where I do want a blue LED fan when you install the new fan think about where the power cables gonna go where it plugs into the motherboard because you can these are square you can orient them in any of the actions that you want and also think about the intake versus exhaust the fan generally blows towards wherever the label is so as the fan spins it’s going to blow air in this direction because we want this as an exhaust we want to put it in this configuration the fan is now screwed securely into place and we have the power cable plugged into the motherboard I am not using the extension or the low power adapter that might change in the future but for now I’m just plugging it straight in I am now going to change the top two fans on our liquid cooler one of the things I love about this case is the fact that these screw mounts can be undone at the top and we can remove the cooler without having to access the rest of the system this means that I can change the fans without having to take everything out of the case these Corsair 120 millimeter fans are very effective at cooling they are not silent and so the primary reason to change these fans is because I want silence we do want to reuse the existing screws that came with the liquid cooler because they are sized to fit into the holes properly so we take the existing Corsair screws and run them through each of the holes and we just screw it right back on and we take our second fan and we simply put our Corsair screws through it and we will screw that into place now you can see that our two screen if our two fans are screwed into place we take our two cables and plug them into the pump head no it does not matter that these are not Corsair fans they’re just fans they’re PWM fans the cooler does not care and now we’ll just reattach everything even though these are thumb screws still use the screwdriver to make sure they’re securely in place not too tight just tight enough now to keep the cables out of the fans and off the system memory I am zip tying them off yes I’m zip tying to the hose I am NOT tying that tightly that there’s actually slack here this is not very tight this is important never tie anything you see how they’re slides never tie anything tight to these hoses it’s not ideal but it’s really the only place I have to tie it off make sure it’s slack because this way it’s not going to dig into the hose overtime note I don’t show it here but after doing the sound test I went and changed the front two fans with knocked or 140s it took another decibel off the sound and further improve the acoustics of the machine so all five fans are now knocked arose with the upgrade complete you can now see that the sound volume has been reduced but the actual decibel level is not tremendously lower the biggest difference is the pitch or the actual frequency of the volume sitting here next to this machine there is a noticeable and perceptible sound improvement versus the Corsair and the Coolermaster fan that was installed it is not massively quieter from a decibel reading point of view it’s much more pleasant to listen to and for me totally worth doing so if you have an existing system that’s just a bit noisy or maybe the pitch or the sound of the fans is not up to your liking these knock tour fans are an excellent choice they’re about twenty dollars apiece yes that’s a lot for just fans but they’re very very well made fans with wonderful accessories and easy installation options you will find link down in the video description below links to Amazon and Newegg for these fans go check them out and if you’re interested in buying them buy it where it makes the most sense to you like this video if you like it share it with your friends if you loved it remember to subscribe to my channel with the big huge red button directly below questions and comments in the comment section and as always check the links in the video description they are affiliate links they do support the channel I would be greatly appreciative if you can use those when you’re shopping thank you so much for watching I will see you in the next video

100 thoughts on “Noctua Fans – Are they worth it? – Sound Tests & Install Guide

  1. Like these fans but don't want them in "that" color? Awesome, now you can get them in black with 6 choices of color tips! All 6 colors included in one box!
    — BLACK FANS —
    Noctua NF-F12 PWM – 120mm – @Amazon – @NewEgg
    Noctua NF-A14 PWM – 140mm – @Amazon – @NewEgg

  2. My PC build is based on your 5 part tutorial of the i7-8700k in the MasterCase Pro 6. Prime95 small FFT on 12 threads, I get CPU temps of 90'C. Battlefront 2 would give me a stable max of 74'C. After under-volting by -0.150v at stock clock speeds, I now get stable 84'C on P95 and 68'C on Battlefront 2. Battlefield 1 maxes at a stable 59'C (decent). All of these are still high temps IMO. My suspicion is that the MasterCase Pro 6 stock fans are not good enough, and, the MasterLiquid ML240L ($89) and its thermal paste are not sufficient. My idea: as an absolute bare minimum, replace the top MasterLiquid ML240L aio/rad with a front 360 mm aio/rad. Replace all stock fans with static pressure for rad or filters and airflow for others. What you reckon?

  3. Im a voice actor and my current fans are too loud for my room recording wise. I Wanted to invest in 4 of these and a fan controller. Would these do the trick for deafening the sound to the point of unhearable on a recording?

  4. "easy installation options", not if you want to install them with the long plastic bits (as opposed to screws) and you don't have access to pliers – still worth it though.

  5. OH MY GOD
    I just upgraded to Noctua fans on this video’s recommendation, and my computer now sits inaudible on the Windows Desktop. And I’m legally blind, so my hearing is great. I blame the noise in games on the graphics card, as I know its fan is motionless on the desktop. Seriously, if you have noticed your computer makes noise, you will not regret these.

  6. don't buy Noctua

    it's so silent, you can't hear if any of the fan is died or just silent and will damage your PC

    I've Noctua fans, and I ususaly check my PC because I can't decide if the fans are dead or not

  7. In my experience, a good quality case with great airflow will drop the sound by a lot. I reused the cheap ass Aercool fans that were in my cheap ass Aerocool case, because they actually performed quite well, into my new Mastercase Pro 3, until I would get new better ones, and the only thing I hear is the motor spinning. I didn't even need to get new ones. This was definitely a Win Win

  8. Hello Tech Deals and fans, is it a good idea to install a NF-F12 Fan in pull configuration with Cryorig H7 Quad Lumi with the stock QF120 Balance in Push. I place the QF120 in push for the white lighting effect in the case

  9. When you record your speech with the system on, does your mic pick these fan noise up?

    I can't tell because I am not wearing headphones

  10. I will be recording speeches or podcast, so I wonder if this setup will interfere with my recording. And also I wonder how much CPU power is required to record .wav at 96kHz?

  11. Probably one of the larger failings of this test is that the graphics card will be producing the most sound under load. Using an AIO converter for the cooling solution and adding Noctua fans to that could bring the overall system noise to under 20 dBa.

  12. LoL im going to replace my aio Cooler Master 240R fan with this noctua…..that cooler master RGB fan is beauty but freaking loud after 1200 rpm in weird way….

  13. Im very excited to buy two of these 120mm noctuas. You already had some good corsairs, but im replacing two GENERIC 120mm fans that came from my very cheap Azza mid tower. So I expect this to be a huge upgrade for me.

    *Technically the fans are not generic, but when I searched up the brand nothing came up. So it must be a ghetto chinese brand xD lol

  14. sound is also better tested in a real world test with all the panels on ….99% of people generally care about the sound compared to a general pc setup most people will have at their desk either on top of the desk or down under the table to the side.

  15. "Quality products come in quality packages, cheap products come in cheap packages". Opens a cheap plastic mold package…

  16. Noctua fans have a low hum compared to other fans that just sound cheap. It's just much more pleasant. They are also quieter and Noctua has the best customer service ever.

  17. I love tech deals thanks keep it up. Kinda want to see some of these expensive noctua cpu coolers like 80 dollar one vs Evo 212 lol

  18. Dear Tech Deals,question ,i have a Fractial Design r5 Case,the 2 white stock fans 140 MM , that come with that case i use them both as intake front pc,as outtake back pc i use a Corsair AF,140mm quiet edition,i want to replace the 2 white fans with Noctua NF-A14 PWM,3000 RPM Fans is this ok??? Btw the drive -cage is mounted bottom case almost next to lower fan……….

  19. i got a asus strix video card, replaced vga fan with noctua fan. replaced psu fan with noctua fan. on top of noctua case and cpu fan, now my system is really silent

  20. I’m currently switching all fan to Noctua fans, bought 20 of them already, still gonna need a few more. The RGB is going to be fixed by phantek halo.

  21. But you blow hot air into the radiator. Is that cooling enough the CPU? Shouldn't the radiator be on the front of the case pulling cold air in?

  22. In addition to sound pressure, Sone also includes the frequency, Decibel only includes sound pressure
    This way, Sone measures loudness as we humans perceive it subjectively

  23. Speaking of annoying sounds: i am ditching the water cooling for my new 9900K build in favor of the Noctua NH-D14. The sound of the water pump is REALLY annoying. (CoolerMaster)

  24. On my recent PC build using a 9600k, I set the case fans to only come on when the cpu hits 50c. They hardly ever come on, only when encoding.

    The cheapest way to make a PC quiet is to turn off the fans when they aren't needed! 🙂

  25. I bought my first noctua cooler.
    Arrives in a well looking box.
    The radiator/cooler was bent several degrees…
    The noctua service gave me the advise just bent it straight…
    Nope dudes…for 75 euro i want an unbroken piece.

  26. Hello I like your vids because it's very informative and professional. Would you recommend NF-S12 PMW or NF-A14 PMW for exhaust fan and why?

  27. I constantly have the need to look over my left shoulder, as this guy seems to look past me, in the corner of my room.

  28. Noctua heat sink and case fans all the way. Name of build: "nothing to see here" – clown lighting off, back lit mechanical keyboard set to low white, and windowless performance case = only the most astute eye would be suspicious of the beast within. Friends and family "no need to know" basis.

  29. I just did this very same thing last night. 2 140's in the front and one in the back. 3 120's on radiator up top. I used the same fans that you did and it made a huge difference in the noise level. Yup, those Corsair fans aren't the quietest. Neither are the EK Vardar fans that came with my A360G. Cooling was just fine, but louder than I liked. I actually think I dropped a couple degrees overall even running at lower fan speeds.

  30. The black chromax fans are great. Too bad you pay premium price compared to regular color and there is pretty much no accessories inside. No splitters, no extenders, no anti-vibration mounts, no nothing except those colored rubber corners and you dont even get enough to have all of them in one color so you need to buy extra.
    I dont mind paying extra for "premium" color but what I would expect from them is to at least keep the extension cables and Y cables…

  31. You should use high static pressure fans for the AIO like the Noctua NF-P12. You'll need more pressure to push air thru the fins of the rad.

  32. I swear there was a bet at noctua.
    "Carl , I bet you , if I make the best fans in the world , we can sell them regardless of color. There are people who don't care about blinking clown lights."
    "Bob , you're going to fail so hard . No blinking bling bling won't sell. Your on ."
    "Carl , I'll go one better, I'll make them hideous. "
    "Bob , you just don't know how bad you are going to fail. "

  33. Of course they are best at performance and silent but damn, looking… Not so much. I have the case from glass the only reason i didnt bought them because of looking.

  34. Until Noctua starts to sell it`s coolers with black fans included i am not buying that dog shit colored cooler no matter what the performance.

  35. Thank you so much for all your videos. I have learned a lot. Also, all your links have been very helpful to me. Thanks again!!!!!

  36. You said the sound of the Noctuas are more pleasant to listen to but you did not specify what's actually different about it. Is it a higher or lower pitched sound than the corsair ones, or is it more of a white noise?

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