NO MORE HANGOVERS? PureWine “The Wand” / Daily Vlog 029

Previously… on “Hey there, Dave here.” It’s
my favorite restaurant in Dallas. I really don’t get hangovers but I do get
kind of flush and red caused by the histamine in the wine. If I drink wine, I get a headache. Especially red wine. I’m pretty terrible headache.
Supposedly the wine wand removes that from the wine this is essentially our
control we’re going to see how I flush we’re going to see how Megan feels in
the morning after drinking wine all night and then we’re going to do it all
over again hi everybody it is almost 7:00 a.m. and
I’m walking to the park to go jump rope last night we ate at pet from the Beast
and Dave and I shared a bottle of 7m Blanc and this morning noses a little
runny and sniffily but I don’t know if that’s due to allergies or the wine it
was maybe a little more tired than usual from a heavy different drinking all
right time to work out so tonight we’re testing this product this is the pure
wine wand you stir your wine with it and it supposedly takes all the histamine
and sulfite out of the wine all the stuff that gives you headaches and
congestion and redness I am very curious to see if this has any kind of positive
effect we’re putting this to the test you have to drink this because this is
now all port for you part of the scientific test that we’re doing today
is we have to have the exact same wine that we had yesterday the only
difference is we’re stirring with the wine wand now the instructions say
you’re to stir and let soak for at least three minutes this is the wine Lok ping
so it’s this kind of cloth material with the powder inside put it in the wine and
you give it a stir and it absorbs the histamine and the sulfides I’m gonna let
you do your stirring that’s interesting so we met with the founder and CEO on
dumb money and they’re basically looking for a funding round to help ramp up
production every time they make a batch of these they completely sell out so
they have kind of a inventory problem we’re not gonna kill it in this one it’s
not going to be a 10x herb but it does seem like a good conservative cash flow
investment supposed to not change the flavor of the wine is not adding
anything to the wine it’s just a is basically a chemical engineer who came
up with this stuff that absorbs it’s kind of like a sponge for histamine and
so I don’t know exactly how it works but it supposedly takes the bad stuff out
and doesn’t affect the flavor three whole minutes
that’s ridiculous and the longer you stir the more effective it is is your
coworker this is my friend amber hi I’m amber and she’s a she’s a good
wine drinker as well but she’s having champagne yes because she’s almost a
licensed clinical social worker would you like to try a wine wand in your
champagne I don’t know what effects it will have you say you’ve heard of this
before it’s sold four million of them really yeah total wine has it
goody-goody I think has a bit there pretty much everywhere and it’s on
Amazon oh I don’t know about now you may be making your champagne flat we’ll have
to see what this does taste wise you don’t you don’t taste anything different
no not at all tastes like a nice crisp South Blanc
how does it taste still tastes good is it flat you didn’t use all the bubbles
did you okay good so we have a verdict on test number one whether it affects
the flavor of the wine and it does not affect the flavor of the wine so how
about you have you tried this product does it work for you let me know down in
the comments do you have maybe another way to prevent the side effects of wine
let me know in the comments three minutes is an incredibly long time to
stir your wine before you drink it I’m going on two minutes now and I’m getting
really thirsty I really don’t see myself doing this
every time I want to have wine but they do have another version of this product
that is essentially like a wine pourer couldn’t possibly be as effective
because it’s not exposing the wine to the filter particles as much but it
seems way more practical for everyday use taste test times oh and this is my
amount of redness before I’ve had any wine just to kind of level set with a
baseline there I really don’t taste any difference with
this one the red wine I tried this with a few days ago did seem to maybe open up
a little bit more or whatever that means but this tastes about the same as
yesterday Megan and I are one bottle in now and
let’s do a little redness check the lighting in here is difficult baby we
need a refill thanks Dave that’s just how professional I was are you saying
that my service tonight hasn’t been as good as you expect I see a full glass that’s your second bottle Wow can you tell if I’m more or less red
than I was yesterday when you’re wearing a red shirt so that makes it even harder
see mixed to the natural light it doesn’t look as red I think it’s just
the lighting in here was misleading okay let me know when you’re ready for a RiRi
Phil I’m on bartender duty today it’s funny how whenever megan has people over
I’m in charge of the bar I have one observation about this line one
it’s not feasible to stir your wine for three minutes it’s just not practical to
pour yourself a glass of wine then have to stir it for three months I think I
want to try the kind that you just pour right through it here’s the problem with
that it’s like ten dollars for a one-time use single bottle a lot of
times your wine is less than ten dollars number one I can’t imagine wanting to do
it with an expensive bottle of wine because what if it does change the
flavor slightly and number two if your seat dollar bottle of wine as a $10
filter that doesn’t seem practical but the $10 option would be way easier than
this I don’t think I would ever do this again but they say they have like the
repeat customers are a huge business for them so I guess people who need this use
this it’s at like four and a half star Amazon product and something like their
average customer is like a three or four times repeat buyer
don’t mind me I’m just talking to myself over here have been three minutes I think the house lighting is really not
forgiving when it comes to red skin tone and red shirt and red shirts I’m not
feeling any different than last night’s wine like I feel like I might actually
be more red but I’ve had more wine feel like your sinuses are less congested I
can maybe feel a small sensation and my sinuses so no sneezing last night you
had a major sneeze attack can you breathe clearly yeah is that fairly
consistent with your normal state mm-hmm I have excellent lung capacity my Fitbit
says I’m in like the very good to excellent but what about when you’re
drinking wine are you still very good to excellent it believes them have you felt
anything better about using the wine locked I’ve drank more wine tonight and
I feel justice said and I’ve had zero water I’m not like would you say that
this makes you want to drink more wine yes the thing I know it’s better for you
it’s better for you health trend it would be like this cauliflower pizza I
can eat three pizzas instead of one that’s not good for you know probably
many people I know will be getting wine ones I think the wine one which they
come in a five pack and technically a bottle of wine has five glasses and if
so it’s designed to be a single bottle per pack you’re still adding $10 the
cost of a bottle of wine were you’re standing next to the reddest light in
the house by the way right away so maybe it’s not working
well it didn’t take the alcohol out of the wine
it only took the histamines and sulfites I have to wake up early to go see Elsa
are you waking up extra early Oh that’ll be a good test because you woke up extra
early this morning too now I don’t know if I sign off now or
after but before we showed that I’m going to remind you that if you like
this video you know what to do like buttons all over the place so if you
haven’t yet subscribed on YouTube do that first then also know that if
YouTube’s not your go-to place for video I’m also on Facebook and Instagram and
Twitter and all the places follow like share subscribe do anything to add so
embarrassing it’s the morning after the big celebratory wine drinking with Amber
and woke up feeling not my best actually at 3 in the morning and my stomach hurt
so I had to get up and drink some water I don’t really know if the wine ones
helped a whole lot some flaws in the research design in that yesterday we
drank way more than we did a couple days ago and I had no food with the wine
perhaps the wine one kept me from being like super sick but not my best but also
drink too much and I think that’s more of the moral of the story there you go you

5 thoughts on “NO MORE HANGOVERS? PureWine “The Wand” / Daily Vlog 029

  1. I feel like plastic stems that can fit through the neck of a wine bottle would be better. They could attach to the bottom of a cork containing a slow motor that stirs for you. That way you can A: increase bandwidth by doing a full bottle at a time, and B: decrease effort.

  2. i also would never us a glass with wine and sit with people and stir it for 3 minute ( and lets say it actually work)
    but if you use a whole bottle and drop the wine into a Wine Decanter – then stir it it in the Decanter for 3 minutes one time only
    then serve it to your friends this kind of use would be better 🙂 . — and i love wine Red

  3. Hey Dave. How about just purchasing an Organic wine without added sulphites, additives, or preservatives instead of stirring for 3 minutes like a silly fool😀?
    It' s the same with Beer, imo, for hangover mitigation. German beers follow the Reinheitsgebot purity law from the 1500s, specifying only the 4 natural ingredients in brewing: Water, Malt, Hops, Yeast. Spaten Munich lager is my fave. Sulphites give me the instant sniffles & sneezing. Many American & Organic beer brewers follow the German purity law. Love your channel, particularly the 3 Best Credit cards one. If an American beer doesn't specifically state "contains no additives or preservatives" , they can add dozens of chemical additives for foam control, artificial dyes for color, preservatives,MSG( yes, monosodium glutamate), etc. One can get a hangover or be allergic to any one of these additives. Same with wines, particularly Reds, which have more cogeners and factors precipitating a hangover or reaction. Organic wines just have minimal naturally occuring sulphites from the fermenting process. Dark liquors, like Whiskeys over clear Vodkas & Gins, etc. also have more hangover inducing cogeners .
    Best to you and your channel brother. You have a great & professional persona. phil

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