Night Patrol Chilliad Mountain State Wilderness Park Ranger | GTA 5 LSPDFR Episode 388

okay who’s behind me okay officer what
the heck was that I got a suspect running down there you going after him
for me doesn’t look like it really guys seriously you’re gonna just do me like
that oh he’s running for a truck don’t get in the truck you’re gonna get shot
at dude oh oh geez let’s just tap this guy right
there get in the car get in the car okay thank you bulletproof windows get down
on the ground Welcome to mikegolden Games and welcome
back to another episode of LSPDFR this episode is subscriber requested by TheGunfighter45acp and he wanted us to do a night patrol it has been a while
since we’ve done a night patrol so we hope you guys will enjoy this one damage to
property negative dispatch show me unavailable at the moment i’m trying to
do my intro so anyways we are gonna be patrolling as a park ranger in this
episode at night and we’re patrolling in the Jeep Gladiator right there that
thing looks so beautiful so let’s go get inside the Jeep Gladiator actually i
also forgot i’m gonna go and do in first person because why not it’s been a while
since we’ve done the first person patrol as well we got the jeep gladiator we got
the top off i got the doors off i’ve got a bright massive light bar on top here
this is a situation where a light bar would actually come in handy because it
can get so dark at night in Grand Theft Auto so anyways let’s get on the trail
here and dispatch now you can show me available we are heading east near US
Route 1 on the trail heading into Mount chiliad right now we will take you know
what let’s take a left down this way I haven’t gone down this way in a while so
I really do hope you guys will enjoy this episode seriously let me know what
you guys think in the comments below this light seriously look the lipo are
on this thing is so freaking bright it lights everything up look at all these
animals we can see in almost pitch to blackness anyways so dispatch you get
anything for me let’s see okay Roger it doesn’t look like they have anything for
us at the moment right now we’re going through the lumber mill customer
refusing to pay why are you rolling debt to me dispatch send that to a state unit
so anyways I do hope you guys enjoyed this episode wool what happened my
lights just went out this is what I was talking about the first time we were
patrolling with this jeep gladiator for some reason the lights start flickering
and they go off every once in a while I’m not sure if it’s because I have too
many modded cars installed so the lights are glitching out but there they go they
came back on so hopefully that won’t be too big of an issue then they went out
again dang it okay so that is an issue I have no working headlights the light bar
doesn’t work there’s definitely something wrong with
the electrical connections this is reporting a vicious animal on great
ocean highway Roger that dispatch I’m right down the trail from the location
then try to get there as quick as I can I’m actually arriving on scene now I’m
about to have a visual yeah I have a visual on the caller dispatch man you’re
safe let’s get my sidearm out here where is
it at I see it shots are dispatch
the mountain lion is down I repeat mountain lion is down at dispatch Animal
Control is on their way thank you dispatch we can put my 19:11 away for
now I’ll get my AR up because it’s got a good flashlight you know what actually I
forgot let’s use the new flat did it not hold on it’s supposed to be a new
animation for the flashlight there we go apparently it doesn’t work in first
person sweet first person yeah okay an escaped prisoner up in the mountain
wilderness Roger that dispatch Roger that so
apparently the new flashlight for LS PDF our point four I believe it was zero
point four one it doesn’t work in first person that’s kind of disappointing
anyways if you guys didn’t know that from the Alice PDF our team well there
there you go now you can maybe try and fix that in you know make that
flashlight working first person yeah I mean a lot of people probably although
as the animal should have been in the truck yikes
anyways we’ll ignore that dispatch we are heading over to the location we’re
about a quarter mile from the location now whoop I need to turn over this way
do a little off-roading down this way so yeah again I don’t know what’s up the
headlights I guess we’ll just say we’re rolling with no headlights because it
makes things a little easier to see such well situational awareness wise because
you know our eyes get basically get accumulated to the darkness I dispatch
we are arriving on scene I see the suspect let’s get that rifle out here park
ranger service dude watch your hands let me see what you sir let me see your
hands keep them where I can see them dude don’t try to run for me dispatch
suspect is trying to run I’m gonna have to go on 3rd person for this because we
can’t run too quick in first person let’s get the Taser out especially
that’s good an additional unit over here sir I need you to stop running right now
we’re heading north near the lumber mill up on the hill so just south of the
lumber mill sir I need you to stop running right there you’re gonna get
yourself tased I’m out of range right now Sikh damn it I missed taser you’re
unsuccessful dispatch dude you need to stop running you’re gonna get seriously
hurt I’m not gonna be able to get back to my freakin truck ah let’s see let’s
try cut him off by going this way man he can really freakin book it dude I need
you to stop right now stop running through the frickin forest it’s
dangerous out here at night there’s mountain lions and cougars and wild
coyotes and deer that’ll just run right into you and push you off the cliff dude
stop right there did you just fall okay where’d he go I don’t even have a visual
on him right now dispatch okay I’m trying to scale down the side of this
hill don’t follow the law I just slipped down the side of the mountain dispatch
the suspect is heading north on the train tracks now let me get an
additional Park Ranger over here here we go let’s get a few Park Rangers out here
dispatch dude I need you to stop running right now park ranger service you’re
just making things way worse for yourself
it’d be nice if I had like a 50 foot long taser prong but I don’t have one
that long voice come on let’s try and catch up to this guy you need to stop
taser taser taser damn it out of range still watch out for that train dude you
don’t want to get hit taser taser taser taser successfully deployed dispatch
watch your hands dude keep them where I can see them
if your hands where I can see them or you’re gonna get tased again okay taser
taser taser you’re gonna start flinching around on me keep your hands where I can
see them buddy let’s go down on the ground thank you
stand still let’s arrest him okay stop screwing around buddy hands
behind your back all right come on let’s get you in cuffs dude stop screwing
around let’s go there we go just bitch we have a suspect in custody I’m gonna
Pat you down now man do you have anything illegal on you anything that’s
sharp that’s cuz Sammy Pinker’s stick me perhaps you have something well at least
for letting me know that you may have something I’m gonna Pat you down now and
I’m gonna have a sip Red Bull Red Bull it’s so good please sponsor me Red Bull
Otto a quick and CLP tactical diamond coating and this guy knows what’s up a
Taser lock-picking tools and a postcard from lesson sure well I guess that
explains how he got out of the prison he had a Taser and lock-picking tools
dispatch let me get a transport unit down here oh we got a model over by the
park ranger utility closet let me get the FLIR out here that way they can try
to get to us and let’s get okay let’s get my sidearm out here because we got
this mountain lion do you not want this thing attacking us don’t try it
don’t try it don’t try it dispatch get him out line running at me shots fired
my lines down well negative it’s gonna back up oh headshot on that mountain
line it is definitely down now dispatch did
that FLIR holy crap that FLIR almost lit me up
damn ah you good did I transport down here let’s see if we can get over here
over here boys can you see me good job officer thanks for come and get this guy
for me and we’ll holster my 1911 there thanks
officers coming to pick this guy up for me we’re gonna need to get animal
control over here for this animal as well so let’s get over here and we’re on
button there we go especially let’s get the bet down here
thank you dispatch all right dispatch Amahl rearmed got new body armor on at
the ranger outpost so let’s get over this way Ranger you till the outpost
whatever you want to call it where’s the vet I don’t see them okay well let’s get
out here got this dirt bike over here let’s see if I can go get my truck back
oh damn all right you know it’s also been a long time since I’ve done a
motorcycle patrol so let me know in the comments below if you guys want me to do
another motorcycle gonna cycle with the gunner you freaking kidding me you’re
gonna flip around I grab the Park Ranger dirt bike that
was at the outpost let’s get up here and we’ll go on foot it’s getting my rifle
slung around from my back and move up this way I forgot we’re going to be in
first person weren’t we serve our Park Ranger service drop the weapon let me
see your hands park ranger service drop the weapon dude
drop it get on the ground just best suspect is trying to run let’s get back
in third person again of course we’re heading west near us route 1 heading
back to the lumber mill exit down to the freeway sir I need you to stop running
right now you’re gonna get yourself shot dude don’t even mess around let’s get
this flung around my back again get my taser back out who’s behind me okay
officer what the heck was that I got a suspect running down there you going
after him for me doesn’t look like it really guys seriously you’re gonna just
do me like that oh he’s running for a truck don’t get in the truck you’re
gonna get shot at dude dude do not get in the truck or I’m gonna shoot you I’m
the ground dude get out of the ground right now let’s get my taser back out
here and taser taser taser just missed him
damn it get on the ground buddy man this guy can freak him book it through these
hills I’m having so much trouble trying to catch up to this guy we got another
officer behind me thanks officer let’s try and catch up to this
you know a beanbag shotgun that would be nice I could just freaking take him down
with that and it’d be not less than lethal so we wouldn’t really you know
hurt him too much Thank You officer for helping out come on let’s go get this
guy take him down okay officer I’m gonna try
don’t hit me let the other guy damn whoo but I hope
you guys are enjoying this episode so far seriously hit that like button if
you do I’m gonna mash the a button on my xbox one controller I am playing on the
PC for those you that are wondering let’s try and catch up to this freakin
guy we’re just going on a freaking long pursuit right now well we got more units
showing or damn how many units are responding to this desert answer taser
taser successfully deployed watch your hands buddy don’t mess around you’re
gonna get shot I said get on the ground let’s switch over to my 1911 all right
dude don’t mess around I got my 1911 on yeah yeah you’re not gonna run at 45
let’s go dude Thank You officers hands behind your
back dude oh man just between a KUB Makarov in custody I’m gonna question
him now sir you want to tell me what you’re doing tonight just waiting for a
friend right and where did you come from tonight from hell great okay and where
are you headed to anywhere you’d like okay do you have anything illegal on you
man anything that is sharp enough gonna stab me pokers stick me I really do not
want to get stabbed by anything tonight so please let me know now if I find
something on you and you don’t tell me I am gonna tase you again you may fall
over this ledge maybe yes maybe no okay I’m gonna take that is a no you don’t
have anything okay I’m gonna Pat you down so just stand still don’t throw
anything whoa we have shots fired down there dispatch what’s good sentry uh
Highway Patrol over here an empty cup of dunkin a novelty sheriff’s badge and a
digital camera okay so he didn’t have anything I really wanted to tase him off
the ledge so let’s see what happens oh damn oh are you kid is yeah he’s okay
I’m gonna have to get down there on time dang it coming down Oh had planted that
oh okay this match we need our transport unit down to US Route one now let’s try
to get back to our chief gladiator dispatch we just got back to our jeep
gladiator you can show me available for more calls now let’s slowly climb over
this log beautiful we didn’t even bottom out these 33s are
pretty damn good you know thirty fives would be better
40s would be amazing on this thing and it is we will continue heading on this
trail until we get another call I really do hope you guys are enjoying this
episode so far I really don’t know what’s up with the headlights like
they’re just not they’re just not working for some reason pretty annoying that dispatch where that coffee away
Roger that it looks like we got to get over this
way go through the mountain it’s my first run of that cookery looks like
they’re on that main road down there so we will get through this are so nice to
have this open top though we get all the wind we ever want oh boy we’re frickin
just sending it oh oh where are we where the heck are we right now
can I can I back it out Oh hold on a second let’s go on third person I can’t
see where we’re at okay I’m gonna try to back this wait come on baby come on you
got this come on there we go gun it just gun it okay let’s go back in first
person now okay despair oh that was a big one
Oh okay we’re good let’s hit the gas and continue heading this way try to catch
up to this pursuit oh look at that drift around that corner that was 6a ed
ignored that was bad and we give local air support on this one I have no idea
where they’re at let’s check here I don’t see anything on the map so we’ll
keep going this way because this was the direction they were heading no a crash
I’m paying it okay so Al’s PDF our crashed but grand theft
auto did not so all I need to do is reboot else PDF are so let’s flip around
this way there we go all right guys we got Al’s PDF are back
up and running so we are back on duty I hope you guys are enjoying this episode
so far seriously let me what’d you guys think of it in the comments below let’s
get back in first person here and looks like we got a little backup over here a
little backed up traffic so anyways let’s get down this trail here and see
what else the day brings I’m not sure where my GPS is taking me right now
absolute speed pursuit okay that we can respond to Roger that dispatch we’re
right down the block here and that will be Europe that’s actually intercepting
them now looks like they got around them we got another unit over here too
we’ve got two vehicles going after this one guy Roger that dispatch we’ll hold
back in stay cool say the second vehicle okay we’ll take priority then if you Wow
oh you good man who those are close one dispatch we are right behind the vehicle
I’m trying to take priority but this officer does not want to let me up so
I’ll just hang back and see what he does I really do hope you guys are enjoying
this episode so far damn this is a crazy night patrol in first person who almost
hit that car there the lighting in the game looks freakin beautiful let’s get
up here and especially request a pit on the vehicle once I get a little closer
alright here especially me get a pit on this vehicle we’re gonna try to get a
pit oh my headlights went out again alright
we’re clear to pit Roger that what’s it tap them right there come on damn he’s
in a tiny car there we go here we go stop the vehicle – stop the vehicle
don’t hit me dude out of the car right now dude out of the
car you’re gonna get shot let’s go hands up dude don’t try anything stupid buddy
out of the car right now officers move in and get this guy while I have them at
some point let’s go officers get him are you
officers gonna get this guy now or what do I do I just have to stand here or sit
here alright there we go out of the car buddy let’s go listen to
the officers commands that’s odd okay I guess I’ll get out here and take command
of this thing you guys won’t just stay in there do nothing all right buddy
let’s go out of the vehicle get over things come on
okay I’m gonna have to jump over the hood of the Jeep am I stuck
am I seriously stuck right now whoa okay let’s get over hey let’s get over the
hood okay I wanted to slide over the hood but that’s not gonna work okay dude
I’m the vehicle let’s go watch your hands turn around for me buddy what are
you getting this guy now really man after I had to get out of my Jeep to go
cuff the guy and then you decide to take him for me okay well I’m gonna question
this guy so move out of the way I’m questioning him oh man you won’t tell me
where you’re doing it I meant just hanging our old cheese what was now
what did you doing totally friend Oh kick it up get up oh
who just hit us there this dude out of the car did watch your hands watch your
hands get out of the car let’s go down on the ground you just tried to kill us
there on the ground right now I’m not screwing around anymore jeez what is up
with these drivers tonight hands behind your back let’s go dispatch we have a
Riley green in custody as well okay so let’s get back to our first person here
where’d you go if you get picked up by the other up no wait that’s this guy why
are you not in cuffs okay technically he is in cuffs I’m gonna turn around I’m
gonna Pat you down not sure why it’s kind of glitching out like that but
anyways let’s search him see what he’s got on him a trendek and harmony and
fluffy hands okay well at least he’s got the steel cuffs on now especially to get
a transfer unit for this guy let’s search his vehicle see what he’s got in
it this is a really cool car actually okay a full-auto ar-15 definitely going
down for a family then I wanted to see what was under the hood but okay let’s
get a tow truck down here for this vehicle dispatch and then we got another
suspect we need to investigate Oh what the heck
okay okay man well let me question you now ma’am do you have anything on you
that’s gonna stab me poke me stick naked in it
we have an active threat down the road okay she may have some things she may
not turn around gonna search it now and then I’m gonna head over to that shots
fired call come on let’s see what did she get on her
a baggie at the bouquet and a severed finger okay officer careful move out of
the way you guys handle her I’m gonna go to the shots fired call let’s get over
there and escape gladiator man distinguished so good whoops you’re good
dude you’re good I’m out I’m out okay there
we go there we could actually see behind me now and my headlights went out again dispatch we’re arriving on scene now
we’re gonna be about six seconds out all right let’s see what do we get okay
dispatch you know this good Highway Patrol tactical unit engineer unit
thank you dispatch let’s get the rifle out here class right on let’s try and
get over this way police dad get out of the ground park ranger
service watch your hands dude let me see your hands right now park ranger service
don’t mess around I’m gonna wait for my backup to get here turns stay behind
this super thin sheet metal fence we got an ear unit on scene backup is
right down the road there keep your hands where I can see them dude come on
officers hurry up get up here all right so we got Highway Patrol eat my bullets
no dude don’t do it you’re gonna get shot boys let’s move up move up drop the
weapon buddy drop it right now you’re gonna get shot let’s go on the ground
dude on the ground everybody watch your hands get on the ground right now you
too dude let’s go let’s go on the ground dude everybody on the ground don’t mess
around I don’t wanna have to shoot anybody now on the ground hands behind
your back dude all right let’s see weak up the sky and swing that around our
back and let’s arrest him here dude don’t mess around with me get on the
ground right now you’re under arrest come put your hands behind your back
right now there we go dispense we’ve got one suspect in custody let’s go get this
other guy those other officers are gonna watch my back all right dude don’t mess
around cut it right here all right hands man
your back dude don’t screw around dispense we’ve got another suspect in
custody one more to go good job boys and I think they left me
hands behind your back buddy dude don’t screw around
on the ground right now you’re under arrest here we go dispatch we have three
suspects in custody let’s go over it this way hey boys you’re gonna handle
this scene from here all right thank you guys let’s get back over by the Jeep
gladiator man this thing looks so freakin badass with the LED lighting
package oh I really do hope you guys enjoyed this episode I’m gonna leave it
here have a great night guys and see you next time maybe kids are subscribing if
you haven’t already and be sure to hit that Bell icon on the channel that way
stay notified when video zhukov annual let me know what you guys thought in the
comments below turgid easy guys

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  1. Sweet! Thanks for this episode! It was definitely busy in Chilliad. Fortunately you had the trifecta of cool w/a Park Ranger, night patrol, & the Gladiator!

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