New DJI Drone ~ Is It Really “Crash-Proof” ???

all righty there she be they had a
little trouble locating it was not in the cage where it was supposed to be
from the shipping where they have their online stuff but they did locate my new
drone and the reason why I went with this particular store chain here is
because they’re there nationwide but also they have really good insurance
that you can add to it which I did and they have the 15 day return thing so if
I decide that this air isn’t gonna work for me and I want to go with the Mavic
to pro later I can exchange this get credit add to the extra and then get the
Matic pro to later but there is a very specific reasons why I’m going with the
air and I will share that with you later all right so we’re here at RV park it’s
actually called Rainier Vista community park but we call it RV Park for short
because they got a nice parking lot lots of open space to test out new toys I’m
going to open this guy up obviously I need to charge the batteries I went with
the fly more kit fly more combo it includes a few more accessories most
importantly two extra batteries so you’re starting off with three batteries
and yeah let me open this up and I’ll show you what it looks like in my hand yes all your instruction and warranty
stuff you can burn this later now I’ve been researching this drone a lot so I
pretty much I feel like I know how to work it even though let’s be honest this
is brand new to me I have been part of the phantom family for as long as I can
remember and now I’m finally is this the drone okay that’s and of course they’re
gonna mow the lawn while I’m doing this that’s the drone guys this is gonna be
able to go into my pocket on trails into my backpack on the bike to be able to
get some really cool neat shots and seriously they are gonna bring the
lawnmower right past me while I’m filming this
they unload it like two minutes ago and they’re already mowing along two hours late oh there it is there’s my
drone under here let’s see oh there’s my three axis gimbal camera shoots in 4k I
love it so much but this has some really cool built-in features that none of my
previous drones had one of them is the new follow not new the follow me feature
where on your remote you select me on the screen and then as I move the drone
is gonna follow we’re gonna test these all out and there’s some other presets
in here that will help follow you or your RV or your bicycle or do some cool
effects so you can just push a button and set the controller down I am kind of
a hands-on person I like the joystick and stuff like that but let me charge
the batteries I got three batteries to charge hook all this up get my DJI 4 app
going and registered and everything make sure we’re all good and in a in a safe
life point and then we’ll test this guy out I’m pretty happy with the drone to be
honest with you are there limitations of course and as time goes on there’s more
and more what do you call them dead zones no-fly zones and the app knows
about it it knows when you get close to them gives you a warning you can’t take
off from them they’re going to be lots of places on the road on my travels
where I won’t be able to use the drone in urban areas but when we get to
natural areas that’s when I see it really paying off and I’m glad I got it
now rather than waiting because I get this weird priority thing where I’m
supposed to get stuff in the right order and I have not been following that but I
am have been getting ready for the road and that’s a good thing so we will
continue on traveling actually I might want to stop one more spot here locally
before we head onto the trip so hang tight and then of course more rain day
to rain it’s pouring out there yeah so maybe I don’t want to drive in the rain
so I’ll cut back in tomorrow that’s the next day it’s not raining it’s actually
drying out now this could be a long video I’m sorry for that but there’s
just a lot going on in a lot of last-minute stuff I want to say one more
thing about the drone the only really the only thing I don’t like about it is
this model does not have side avoidance sensors this is something that the Mavic
2 Pro the $1400 drone does have so it’s following you on the side if it senses
something it’ll stop this drone won’t that is the only only reason why I’m
possibly considering upgrading to the Mavic 2 pro in the next few days I just
can’t decide I really like the portability this tiny thing to take it
with me everywhere I go now and since I like it so much I don’t know if I’ll
like the other drone it’s tough for me man from set up to go from the time I
park from the time this gets in the air is less than about 2 minutes so super
fast but yeah I’ll keep thinking about that by the way I was able to buy this
drone because of my war dragon sponsorship last month so a lot of
people gave me about that and say you know Eric’s such
a sellout blah blah blah but you know I I gotta find ways to finance this
channel and to keep the dream alive and to make things happen on a business and
so this drone is the product of doing that sponsored video so that’s a good
thing anyway I gotta do something well what’s
happened is my fridge you can see I’ve already removed the outlet here because
these wires I’ve tested do not have any power coming to them I have no idea
what’s going on I checked the fuse box in there and there’s just no power
getting to this particular piece of romex there no matter what I think Wayne
and I may have actually made a change that I didn’t realize and I never would
have noticed this except the other time when I was plugged into power the fridge
then popped deal on the propane it shouldn’t do that if you’re plugged into
power and set to auto you would then switch over and run on AC and not burn
through your propane so that I mean I don’t you don’t really need this to be
plugged into power but it’ll save you propane so I’m gonna rewire me a new
outlet and splice off of the outlet that’s when it’s back behind here behind
the fridge and then I’ll just cap this off for right now that’s my project real
quick here also we have a frame shop oh I didn’t even tell you guys today no I
did not secure my YouTube 100,000 silver play button very well a couple months
ago it fell and busted and we have a frame shop here locally called beard
frames of Lacey and they built me a fully custom frame there she be all
looking good we got the polished black with the silver accents that go with the
silver play button and then I simply got these here at Lowe’s I guess what they
are is for like framing and they were silver and I spray painted them black
and yes I screwed into my new wood frame but that’s because you need something a
little more secure in an RV to display anything like this and this is museum
glass that’s on here as well so this is how I’m gonna protect my award I don’t
have a lot that I’m proud of but that I want to look at it every day I wanted to
make me smile and inspire me to make more videos
so I will get this done in the next half-hour so clean up we’ll go on down
and check out one more spot thanks man you want to drive you want me to drive
okay I’ll go ahead and do the driving today
hey you’re good oh okay he’s good he’s good look it’s the Mayfield late I think
everybody knows where I’m going all right so some notes before we get here –
right flake I guess first of all for most it was closed for a period of time
and then it reopened they were doing some damn control stuff but it didn’t it
didn’t ever fully open so as we turn in here like him I can see an RV right here
but you’re still not allowed to camp here where he’s camping and he’s got
generators out and everything that’s too bad because right in front of me the red
sign still exists that says no camping so if he’s here then I might not get a
spot down here where the camping area is back to being permitted so I’ll Drive
through here you know what can I pop the I’m gonna pop the drone up and see if
it’ll follow me to the water let you let’s do that I got the drone right in
front of us on the RV let’s go ahead and take it off there she goes we’re flying
let’s go ahead and get up and clear these trees go any other sunny part over
there I won’t be doing this too often guys so don’t get too used to it but
when it’s safe to do oh my gosh look at that view look at Wray flake look at
Wright flake oh it’s so pretty I think they added more water to I think
they opened the gates we do have some low branches here but the antenna and
everything is in the middle and we’ll be safe even if we rub a little bit on the
solar panels we should be okay Oh we’ll scratch a little scratch there oh you
can see us on the video there cool cool and will pop out around this tree and
you should see me again there we go there we are
let me trace the RV here okay says it’s tracking me is the camera turning it is
okay so my mouse snorted to Mavic Pro is gonna gonna follow me in here how about
this it’s pretty cool it’s tilted up so you can see a little bit of the water
right there cool cool we might bottom out right here I don’t
think should be okay so what I had heard from some people is that there are some
problems here otto from pandemonium and a couple others we’re telling me that
there was some problems here at ryf lake when they stayed here and I understand
that actually I’m gonna take this spot right here I’m not gonna go to the water
today guys cuz this spot right here is open so let me just get a good angle
here and then I’ll cut right back like this can you still see me on this yeah
yeah use my rear view here just pop right into this little hole
cubby right here I looked in everything’s good and think I see a fire
pay back there so just a tease of some of the things I
can do with that drone and how I can incorporate that into my videos and you
know continue to use all seven cameras that I have to make one video or eight
cameras I guess because you count the drone is a camera now it’s another tool
in my in my bag to make the videos interesting and unique and put in that
that extra effort you know I am also happy that ryf Lake seems to be hustling
and bustling and working well I just don’t want to go down there because of
the stories I’ve heard and AUSA Terry and Scott they’re still here neighbors
over here have been here three different times and they said that they they live
here they’ve been here in that truck in camper for a month and a half now
despite the 14-day rule so unfortunately the rules clearly are not enforced here
at Wright Lake still are they gonna get it shut down thanks guys but in the
meantime it is back open even though the barriers exist cutting off what used to
be able to camp over there in dog Mountain and in case you missed Terry
and Scott and and and Jimmy and everybody they were sharing what was
going on with some craziness out here drama when they were here things didn’t
quite work out for him but you know for one night
little Resco dressed over I think it could be okay for one night without in a
drama can we do it there’s Wray flick it was very very low when I was out here in
May when it was closed and I walked down here there was actually an island of
land out here at Rice Lake upstream there they’ve been holding the water
really really low because of some earthquake scares I think some 22 feet
and you guys member I’ve been camped here before I’ve camped here a lot in my
life the water has been all the way up to here where the driftwood is but
things change so goodbye bright flake I’m gonna close this video out because I
know it’s really super long I’m excited to use all these tools and to create
better videos on the road and excited to leave Washington State so I will get on
the road first thing tomorrow morning guys be patient with me
with the uploads you’re gonna love the trips to come for the rest of 2019 fall
and winter stay tuned Jackson I love you we’ll see in a few days you

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