Naropa University’s Transpersonal Wilderness Therapy Program

We start with the 10-day intensive which happens in August before the new student orientation and that whole time is outdoors. Part of it is on some private property and part of its in the backcountry of the Colorado Rockies. First year, during the actual school year, they’re in regular weekly classes and so that’s that combination the first year of this very intense outdoor time and then kind of traditional classroom. The second year is when the students get most exposure to the outdoor field sections. Most of their course content happens in those fields sections. Students might be taking a class in group dynamics and in working with special populations and in family systems and on any given field section we actually integrate all of the those content areas into the field section, so I think that’s also one of the the wonderful things about about our structure. And sometimes when we’re in the backcountry we’re actually doing some very traditional lectures that could happen indoors but we happen to be in the backcountry, so that’s how we get that combination.

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