NaNoWriMo Survival Pack Collab [CC]

so this is kind of like an exciting this
is my first unboxing video actually I’ve never unboxed anything because book
boxes are very expensive if you live in Canada so I’ve never had a book box so
now I’m unboxing something on my channel what am i unboxing it is a NaNoWriMo
related as I’m sure the title has let you know
so Kevin from Kevlandia I’m gonna link something over here he had the great
idea to do like a NaNoWriMo survival kit swap so we would get someone randomly
draw them and we would put together like a nano rhymers NaNoWriMo survival kit to
help them along their NaNoWriMo journey in November which is very very fast
approaching so he organized all of that and so there’s a bunch of us involved
I’m gonna link below in the description to the playlist of everybody else’s
unboxing videos which will all be out today so you can binge watch them all
and also to Kevin’s channel since he’s the creator and deserves some respect and
also his channel is awesome and super funny and his live write ins he does
with Laura writes are also like awesome like I love doing that on Thursday
anyway you back on topic so I’ve gotten my survival kit and I am going to go
ahead and do the unboxing now so I’ve gone to the liberty of like already
opening the packaging so that you guys don’t have to see me struggle so here we
go I’m just gonna lift stuff up as I get it okay so the first thing here is a was
a paper but I think the paper was just to hide what was in it so this is a
little card with my name on it with someone with very nice handwriting
certainly nicer handwriting than I have and it says ISBN thinking of you
which is like I think like I’ve been thinking of you I don’t know it
like super cute though and it says hey Liselle wishing you the best of luck with
your NaNoWriMo project it’s been great getting to know you on other tube and I
can’t wait to read your witch book I hope you enjoy these Minnesota themed
goodies Oh interesting I don’t really know anything about Minnesota if
you’re from Canada maybe this is just me but like all of the states are like an
amalgamation and there’s like Texas and Florida and New York and like California
and everything else I don’t know too much about except I know that Michigan
is really close to us and that Michigan is like apparently like basically Canada
but not basically Canada in the way that Alaska is basically Canada I don’t know
anyway Minnesota themed goodies may your fingers be speedy and your spirits high
happy November from Audrey okay it’s Audrey, Audrey Henley I’m assuming
though I figure I’ll find out more but I assume that’s who I have gotten so
that’s really exciting and this is such a cute card and that was such a cute
message I thought this was supposed to be secret
so on my person stuff that I sent them I wrote all this stuff like your secret
NaNoWriMo buddy and secret secret secret and then I messaged Kevin he was like
it’s not a secret so uh yeah my buddy will I guess have the fun of guessing
question work or maybe I’ll just tell them I don’t know so that was the card
and here I’ve got these stickers they look very Lisa Frank and I love stickers
I am a big like sticker fiend um I don’t use like a planner or a
journal like and I think that’s where people use stickers I just like stick
them wherever often I stick them on the side of my dresser so I do love stickers
this one has there’s like cats and dogs and like a unicorn and then like that’s
also a dog it’s pretty cool it is very Lisa Frank
90s which is cool and very excited it’s a Starbucks been there I’ve talked
about how much I love the like Starbucks mugs because we all like filled in like
a like basically like a little survey saying stuff we liked so that it was
easier for a person to like figure out what they should send us and I talked
about how much I love my Toronto Starbucks mug and how I would love more
mugs and so oh you know I do know stuff about Minnesota you know I knew enough
to do the little accent but I know cuz uh the podcast by Jennifer Udden and
Bridget Smith no wrong incorrect the podcast the worst bestsellers they
always talk about bringing out their worst Minnesotan accents which is like
feels all sounds a lot like the way they make fun of Canadian accents so it’s
like very interesting so I do know something about missus soda and now I’ve
learned more it honestly like is like seems like a very Canadian mug there’s
like Lake Superior where is it Lake Superior we’re on Lake Ontario but still
a lake there’s like a scarf there is like some trees and skiing and hats
I’m an ice-fishing I’m now convinced that Minnesota is basically Canada so
like that’s just what I feel this is so amazing I’m so excited about
this I’m gonna use this a hundred percent and it’s gonna look so nice next
to my Toronto mug very nice stuff I’m sorry it’s starting
to feel like I dropped the ball on my poor person um there is a book
candle here Minnesota nice soy candle I’m sorry for all the Minnesotan people
I’m offending by continuing to say Minnesota I’m gonna stop now it’s gonna
be over I’m not gonna do it anymore sorry Audrey it’s an up North candle
which is it just got a little cute I love this little guy look at him
adorable that’s super cute I feel like I touched something else okay I was like there we go
I’m like a beauty guru uh it’s like a Minnesota pin and then this little lip
balm mulled cider lip balm yeah so that’s everything that’s super nice
thank you so much Audrey um I’m gonna link Audrey’s channel below also and
she’ll be in the playlist with everyone else and that was really nice I liked
all that stuff that was super cute I’m like I’m like in my head now and I’m
like man did I do a good job with my person I’m starting to feel like I
shit the bed but that was very very nice I think those things will all be
very helpful and appreciated during my NaNoWriMo time I will definitely 100% be
using that mug and I will be using the lip balm and I’m gonna figure out like
if this pin is just like a Minnesota pin Oopsie. it’s just like sort of it or if
it’s something else very interesting and stickers and yeah that was really fun
this is my first unboxing video was that fun for you I don’t know maybe but what
you should do is you should click the link in the description below and you
should watch everybody else’s unboxing videos so you can watch super more fun
NaNoWriMo survival kit unboxings and thank
you so much for watching if you like this video please give it a thumbs up
what are you going to use to help you survive NaNoWriMo is it like a mug do
you have some like other things prepared I do usually always have lip balm my
lips are chapped constantly so that’s actually very useful for me so what is
in your NaNoWriMo survival kit please comment below and we can talk about it
and if you haven’t followed me already or subscribed to me rather hit that
subscribe button and subscribe to me and I’m gonna be posting, preptober videos
are over now but I’m gonna start posting NaNoWriMo videos so look forward to all
of those and thank you so much for watching bye

19 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Survival Pack Collab [CC]

  1. Thank you so much for my package. I got so freaked that I had missed the memo where it was supposed to be a secret. Haha.

  2. I love everytime you say Minnessota πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    As a Canadian, I understand the whole all-the-states-are-the-same thing. I mean, I have a general idea of sterotypes, but it's really only Cali, NY, Flordia, and Texas that I have much a clue about. Maybe Washington… that could just ne Twilight though.

  3. The only thing I know about Minnesota is that people say their accents sound like ours. I usually can’t hear our Canadian accents, but at least I know what we supposedly sound like? πŸ˜‚
    This was such a fun video! πŸ’œ

  4. I agree with you on the Lisa Frank, those stickers are adorable! Also, I giggled with Missesona. What a fun unboxing, good luck with nano! :0)

  5. God I love these new you are here mugs! I need to start collecting them!! I just found all my old ones I’ll need to show you!!

  6. Omg it's so fun to binge these box openings!!! I definitely need to get in on this next year πŸ˜† it's so cute to theme it by state, that Starbucks mug especially is SO adorable!!

  7. I love that some states are basically Canada to you. LOL! Also… random question, but I LOVE your name! Mind if I use it for a character in a story?

  8. I'm so glad that you liked the bubble wrap XD We always have a ton extra where I work. And yes, Minnesota is basically Canada, haha.

  9. Thank you for captioning!! I'm Deaf and this helps a lot!! Such an awesome video! My survival kit is primarily food related. Lol.

  10. The way you kept saying Minnesota haha, I love it. What a fun box! I thought it was secret at first too, so I almost made my box totally anonymous but decided to just bug Kevin with a thousand different questions β€” and that was one of them lmao.

  11. Lol popping that bubble wrap at the beginning is such a mood πŸ˜‚

    Haha, I learned so much about Canada and Minnesota from this video πŸ’œ

    Great video…I’m going through the whole playlist now πŸ˜‹

  12. I'm so glad you figured out that Minnesota is basically Canada. It broke my little Minnesota heart when you said you didn't know anything about us but you knew Michigan is basically Canada. The ST.P on the button is for Saint Paul, capital of Minnesota.

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