Mosquito Life Cycle — HHMI BioInteractive Video

>>So this the mosquito
at the end of the day. But actually it lays eggs. And these eggs grow. And they can actually
be desiccated, and then they come
back, with presence of water they actually
can then emerge and become the larvae
that you saw. So this is called the larvae. And this is its syphon here. And it’s breathing the air. And then what it will do is
it will grown in clean water, especially [inaudible]
grows in clean water. And you can see, and
actually it’s cool because different species
actually dance differently. But then they become pupae. And the pupae you can
see then will split open and the back of the exoskeleton. And they will actually
emerge into mosquitos. And the mosquitos will
then land and will probe. And what you can see is now
what happens to the virus as it enters the mosquito. So it’s going to enter, and it’s
going to go into the midgut, and then it’s going
to start replicating. And it’s actually going to
go out through the midgut and then disseminate to
the other body organs. But the most important is
going to the salivary glands because then the salivary glands
will then allow this mosquito to then deliver the virus back into the next person
that it bites. OK? So that’s how it works.

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