3 thoughts on “MN 16 Cetokhila Sutta- The Wilderness In The Heart

  1. Thank you.
    Is that a big book with all the Suttas in it?
    I have a hard time finding a book like that. Can you by chance point me to the book you are using?

  2. I think I found something:
    "The Middle Length Discourses of the Buddha"
    "The Long Discourses of the Buddha"
    "The Numerical Discourses of the Buddha"
    "The Connected Discourse of the Buddha"
    These thick books make up most of the Sutta-piáš­aka in English.

  3. Hi, The Collections you are looking for are available on Amazon.com. They have been translated from Pali to English by Bhikkhu Bodhi among others. The Anthology of each Collection is available on www.dhammatalks.org.

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