Mist Survival, S2EP15, Beserker Mine

what’s up everybody Viper here back in MIst
survival today we’re gonna go take on the Berserker
I’ve already got my weapons I’m just gonna take the shotgun the revolver and
the m4 and I also brought some sticks and some components so we can make some
fences because we’re going to block in the Berserker once we’ve killed them I
want to actually fight them without actually cheese them but I’ll put a link
to below below of a video where you can easily cheese them if you’re having
problems with them so we’re gonna go to where the the sniper is an oil rig and
then we’re going to take a right I don’t see a point in killing the
Berserker over and over and over again so I definitely like having them
corralled off so I can go in here freely and mine the sulfur and saltpeter and
stuff it’s gonna go down here so not to worry about the bandits shooting me and
then we’re just gonna drive all the way down to the end of this road see if I
cannot wreck and if you save in this mine it’ll when
you load in it’ll be all messed up with a the graphics aren’t loaded in at least
right now until they fix that so I usually Park about right here and I’ve
heard people get up their vehicles disappearing and stuff when they go in
to the mine if they park too close so I’ve never had any issues parking way
back where I’m at pull out my shotgun to go in here if it’s got to deal with the
infected I turned on the lights in here when I came to get the seeds oh yeah
there’s already infected in here all right there should be four of them
in here come on reload potatoes yeah I’ll pick these up on the way out maybe just don’t want it to de-spawn I’ll pick
up the salt now a fourth one and then gunpowder I’ll take time but they only
have a certain amount of note the the metal nodes in the other mine so you
have to come down here for to get this sulfur and saltpeter to make gunpowder
and there’s the lever case you need to know how to turn this thing on so we’ve
got a iron node here I thought there’s usually another book another note over
here you got a copper and a saltpeter note here and you can’t really save in
here too well I guess you problem I don’t know you might be able to but
people have problems where they fall through the floor so I wouldn’t there’s
copper here get out my revolver more copper all
right once you get to these pillars the the berserkers should come out and
actually start coming down here he can come all the way down here you can duck
under here if you really want but he’ll eventually go back so you’ll have to
draw him back into this hole if you want to try to fight him from here but
there’s several ways you can you can choose this guy I’ll put a link in
description where an easy way you can choose them with a tanning rack but you
can use a tanning rack or drying rack or even a suitcase a suitcase will work all
right so now we got a deal with the berserker headshots do the most damage so you want to try to get headshots the
best you can those these things hurt when he throws that crap at you so try
not to get hit by it as a pain sometimes I hit this guy then he runs and then try to get get
between these little pillars to get them to stop running at you because he’ll do
a lot quite a bit of damage when he runs at you I don’t like to shotgun too much
on him because it pisses them off really quick and then when that pissed-off
meter fills up he’ll start up spawning an infected two down here see that’s
another thing you got to deal with and if you go up the stairs on him with
him he can follow you up there down that so if you want to kill them straight up
without trying to cheese them too bad this is probably the easiest way to do
it one morning I’m dead all right cease dead and then you get
this blueprint from them and use these components and some frag grenades
usually about I see this about every time this blueprint has no purpose in
the game right now but I guess eventually they’ll add it even when they
had a berserker in before they still had that blueprint but there was no use for
it but down here you got a note here you got this box that has a chance the
seeds in it and then you got another note here and two more here so if you
want to be able to come down here without there’s a picket there I didn’t
know the pickaxe I never saw that before it’s a crappy pick but it’s a pick but
if you don’t want to have to deal with him I usually fight him straight up one
time and then after that I don’t I won’t bother with him I’m just gonna put a
bunch of fences here and they don’t have to be if this would
stop they don’t have to be you don’t have to use the whole area like I’m
doing you can kind of spread them out but I’m just I don’t feel like really
messing with the the placement too much as long as you got enough gap where he
can’t get through it I should be good enough and just to be on the safe side let’s
diplomat and then I’m gonna put some over on this side because I’m gonna be
able to mine that nose without him mess with me and then I’m just gonna build these we
also got the mist coming in right now it’s amiss tax it makes it a whole lot
easier see back here but you got to be careful when you’re mining this this
part when he actually throws that that rock at you to move out of the way some
of the other areas you can fortify it even more if you wanted to put like a
drying rack or something in between where he’s at like put a drying rack like here then he wouldn’t be able to
even throw rocks at you over here at these other Nord nodes but this is
usually enough for me to be able to come down here but he can come up this this
ladders here or this staircase and he can come all the way back into this room
here’s got a lever that turns this this generator on there’s another hardhat
what else in here sometimes there’s bars of materials and
stuff but you can put a fence here if you want
to try to fight them up in this area here there’s all kinds of different ways
you could choose this guy a simple suitcase will keep him from coming up
here but let me go ahead and get out of here and reload the save so uh or reload
so you can you can see them down here and I’ll go ahead and mine that stuff so
let me get out of here and I have enough stuff for I might have enough stuff to
fence off this other area just so I don’t have to deal with the infected
I’ll the infected already back that’s kind of nutty maybe because the mists
came in damn I was trying to hit team into down
but it’s almost got killed alright so I’m gonna go ahead and fence
off this area before I end up actually getting killed mr. potato man more food I’m just gonna fence off if you can’t get through a fence tonight
neither can be infected all right so we should be relatively safe for me in here
now so I’m gonna get out of here go far away and I’m gonna read low to
save not real Oh but I’m gonna save him quit and continue all right we’re back
in let’s go see if they’re down here also be careful if you build an around
here too cuz I’ve heard people in the forum’s having problems building over
here there’s like one one person Glee’s his building and then falls through the
ground and it’s save is pretty much done because I guess he’s saved before he or
went inside his building all right effect is locked in there kind
of curious of where all the infected are gone in out where’s that last little fucker it’s
usually almost always for nice oh you spawning right here so there’s quite a
bit of range of where these guys spawn in it but at least now I know I’m safe
when I come in here so I’ll have one one infected when I come out from underneath
the when I come out of the little duck under area there could be one infected I
need to worry about let’s go ahead and put my get my pickaxe out all right so now he’s
safely behind the thing if you want to kill him with the spear or something you
can probably should have healed before I did this but I’m just down here to get
metal so you just got to be careful with his
little when he throws stuff at you and I guess the only place you really got to
worry about is over right by them because there’s a little blockages you
can get to for all the rest of the notes and then you could just leave the area
when you’re done you can get in there and spear them if you really want to it’ll just take a little bit of time but
if you’re looking for grenades I guess that would be a good good way to form
grenades right this notes here that’s the it of
the or nodes in here and if I guess if you try to save and reload in here you’d
also have to deal with the infected so that’s probably a bad idea so I’ll
probably just make it my my daily routine to come down here and grab the
war and then kill a few infected at a time but other than that it’s he’s a
pretty easy once you actually got them locked up and you’re not too worried
about him alright I think I’m in the video there hopefully this will help you
fight the Berserker if you’re trying to straight-up fight them but I will put
that link in the description of how you can easily choose him if you if you’re
having problems with them he can’t be a pain in the butt just to make sure you
say before you go in there depend on how much armor you have he can kill you when
one or two shots I had quite a bit of armor and now both of its gone I think I
had a 81% vest and 100% helmet and both of them now are completely used up and
if I wouldn’t have had that he would have he would have probably killed me
pretty easy but thanks for watching and I will catch y’all later

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