Mist Survival, S2EP12, Suburbs Loot, Part 2

what’s up everybody
viper here back in mist survival and today we’re gonna finish off the suburbs
area i built a few more arrows so i got some arrows now in case i for infected
so we’re gonna head back to where the suburbs is alright going through the
those vehicles we cleared those bandits yesterday so we should be fine you’ve already cleared up this road so
I’m gonna go I’m gonna go ahead and go straight down and uh check see if this
snipers down here and I’m just gonna drive straight up over here avoid this
mess if I can get out and I’m gonna check see if these bandits are here yeah
there’s two there I don’t know if I see the sniper now there’s one going upstairs I gotta
be careful at him I don’t see the sniper alright I’m gonna
go ahead and kill these guys well one down I don’t see him up there this guy
should see his buddy and start running after him
make sure nobody sneaks up maja me well I left it in for there so you can’t grab
that I’m gonna go around so I can make sure I can avoid the sniper if he is up
there what was that stick and we’re gonna sneak around here make
sure it’s not another random bandit out here somewhere and then just run up here
to the stairs looks like we’re clear you can’t get up
this little drill rig thing alright so guess we’re good here let’s
go grab the stuff from these guys I will take my arrows back and I don’t
know if I leave it now I didn’t I don’t remember there being any other loot
around here but let’s just be sure leaf don’t need that all right so that’s
good now this is clear I can raid this this hotel or not hotel but that a gas
station without worrying about the bandits sneaking up on me of shooting me all right coke in here another saw man I
got so many saws it’s ridiculous no gasps all right got that get this car all right drive up here to this other
car check this gas there’s stuff in the back a nice off you’ll know when the
hell is my gas tank unless my left my gas cans somewhere one back here no well when I go to do my my normal gas
runs I’ll end up getting the gas back so the gas will respawn every 30 so days so
it’s not like you’re gonna run out of gas unless you’re using a lot of fuel
for the generator but the generator kind of not the generator but the
refrigerators don’t seem to work unless they fix something salt laying on the
ground now let’s see if we don’t think so nope
you need a stuff break a look nope none of this stuff’s breakable here alright
so planks anything else over here nope nothing up there I would look clear over
here is there any gas cans or anything out
here I might have already picked them up or I
can’t remember how there’s a cast camera well let me go get those cars far forget
them it’s still really early in the morning I started out at five o’clock
this morning so I can get most of this uh this area done and hopefully I
couldn’t start uh putting down some blueprints of my new base area all right
that one had I think zero so I’m not gonna bother go on check that dumping
off a lot of this mess alright well see what else is in this garage another tire Goody’s sparkplug and nothing over here
and drop that their sticks tape some sugar move bottles I need those just
canned food or are you takin yeah someone just left it on a shelf oh how
rude I may at least take the trash with you its own kid nothing nice soda these
sodas last forever but the red ones the cokes or whatever they don’t of course
that’s like if you’re in my house fucking the cokes would be gone pretty
quick and the sprites would last forever not a big fan of sprite maybe rattie’s
the same way he can’t stand sprite so they just last forever alright anything
else in here I’m bad candy bar I’ll take that and a box can always use more boxes
put this outside come on out alright what else we got in here
you know that’s clear nice tubes Oh am I stuck on no song kit almost miss out all right another battery all right I
think that’s it for here let’s take this mess over to my truck shove it in there
all right I’m gonna go check these uh these vehicles and see if I can’t find
my gas camel quick there’s my gas can all right we’re gonna
take a left here and up we go should be some Infected in
here probably alright I got good arrows so let me go ahead and equip these oh
crap I’m glad they’re a little noisy all right got me some model basically
marrows oh yeah buddy alright fine that’s one that’s two mmm
sneaky bastards oh my god that was horrible I couldn’t
hit crap today these guys were just I have no idea
where’s my arrows you got my rose you know the arrows I
need arrows you’re killing me alright let’s go ahead and check see
what’s in here pistol some rounds some more gloves know
what else we got in here already bonus room yep
you’re gonna be arrows on you I don’t think so all right now we got a four
thing to check a lot of cloth and so much cloth oh but I’ll take these sewing
kits we got in here some health got some more booze I really need to try
to get drunk see with it there’s an actual status effect it goes on with the
drinking know what we got in the kitchen anything in your kitchen no I got a
candy bar I might eat that today if you notice that candy bar I just got is good
already down to 70% it seems like the whenever you load in the game the items
start to decay instantly I don’t know unless you just candy bar drink this
soda and what’s this arrow it gives me one space probably have to
go back and dump all this crap oh yeah see him there’s an arrow there anything else in here another arrow let
me go dump this stuff all right we’ll pick these other arrows up was this
another air I missed oh no this is a real hottie spawned really hate that anything else
all right the series done let’s go to the next yeah what do we got here anything make
sure there’s nothing over here I don’t remember there being anything but just
to be safe all right and on where we go getting all these vehicles all these
nice components pick pick pick up all right let’s go see what’s in here you know dude all right the second floor
was blocked off so nobody’s there I shouldn’t be Oh all right he’s got one arrow in them and there’s still more in here I hear
you he’s hiding over in the corner thank you
I need my URLs Oh potato mr. Potato Head let’s go ahead and add these arrows back
well let’s see if there’s anything in there first all right I don’t hear
anything else so I should be good grab my arrows from these guys grab my
mr. arrows these guys go anywhere else means I’m Harris oh yeah he does got it
I’d rather punch him to save durability but this sledgehammer just works so much
better to move these guys out of the way find your arrows and another bag saw you
can’t still get up here but it’s mostly empty I don’t know if there’s any loot
up here if I remember right and doesn’t look like Jack’s up here and I gotta go back around here to get
off and we’re down check this area more matches always use matches got some nice food so much food so much
food all these bottles you kind of good parts in here nope nope nope I think
that’s it for this house I’ll probably miss something somewhere but I think you
got most of it all right go ahead and put my little marker down break this car all of these components thing over here
no nope all right we’re good to go going back to next house put my arrows
back here let’s drop this stuff and I am running out of room I should have bought
more lockers I was expecting to find a whole bunch of stuff in here don’t you
get on the hood nothing I just saw a head move I think I guess it was my head or shadow this
house I believe is clear I don’t hear nothin so I think we’re good hopefully we’ll find I can’t get in here you had to duck underneath it I’m not
gonna open that cuz I can just open it from the other side and we’re in the
house bat nothing’s always use more nails not
about the matches bottle of uh what’s called soda you know
what do we got anything good ain’t nothing in here man it’s already rip
this place apart nope clear all right we got a name so
mall but it’s I need some but it’s either sirs heart is clear let’s go over
here anything here yeah nope nope goodies in the kids room and nothing in
here here’s the back of the garage and there’s nothing Dan it’s already clean
this area out lock door there’s got to be something great man and I feel gypped
all right this house is done that back could stay there all right go do some more components continue on down the street we’re about done with the the suburbs all right little guy got anything in the
bus round the bus tire he seems to like putting tires around these buses can’t
get in here right now this is a bag with the revolver nice let’s put this where I
can get it there’s an axe there got me an axe open a store what you got in here
I always check behind the doors when you open them because sometimes there’s a
shoes or something behind him Emma I just traded one ammo type for another
all right this area’s done the kelps eye checks
back at the church I don’t believe there’s anything back here but we’ll go
and look all right let’s check on top of this and nothing here can we break these
No all right get some gas from these cars
some goodies to get all this stuff the suburbs got all kinds of crap compared
to normal 10:05 let’s take these other ain’t no
gas in here take this gas gimme gimme gimme gimme
I think I got about 40-some liters of fuel already right this nope can’t get
anything from these red cars or at least yet I’m gonna go ahead and put this on
here and we’re gonna drive forward to get this other car and then kind of
drive around on more fuel so much goodies all right I came around which way I used
to go gonna get over this way you know I’m too lazy to walk sometimes
just cuz it takes so long yeah it’s there should be a bag down here by this
water and another bag be nice if they had some that’s many slots is you had a
bags to pick up all right let me dump this stuff in my truck quick
all right so much stuff now where’s that area I can go over this
way all right just slowly driving over this
way this last episode I said you could go this way and try not to hit too much
of stuff and months we’ll take up these cars while I’m here but I’ll speed this
up all right here we got another good day
of looting we’ve completely finished off the suburbs and hit up that gas station
and we’ve managed to get a battery a couple tires booze some tools more
weapons much more food and a lot of scrap and components that we’ll need and
then I’m gonna spend the rest of the day off camera setting up blueprints for my
my other base out in the middle of that clearing that I showed you last episode
I think I was last episode of the one before all right I think I’ve been in
the video here before the video gets too long but
thanks for all the positive comments and thumbs up and everything just keeps me
motivated keep doing videos if you can if you’re new subscribe share and I
definitely appreciate it all right take it easy and catch y’all later

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