Mist Survival, NPC and Infected Dead Zones, Infected and NPCs will not move.

what’s up everybody viper here back in
mist survival and today i’m just going to do a quick glitch video so hopefully
the developer can see if there’s actually a problem or if it’s it’s just
a placeholder for something new coming in the game yeah these bandits love me all right I’m going I’m leaving the city
and I’m gonna take a left and then as soon as you get over these railroad
tracks I’m gonna take a right right here and this is where the the glitches it’s
a problem with the NPCs and the infected like in this location I cannot get my
the NPC’s to do anything if you select the house as the base they will randomly
pop in there’s Kate over there Scott’s over there Rachael’s around
somewhere whatever oh there she is but they won’t do anything that won’t
move they won’t they won’t fix anything you can’t get Scott to cut down trees
there’s nothing you can do with them and then on the infected when they do
spawn in here like your fear away from it they will not move they won’t move
until you get a little bit away from this area probably about right right
around here’s where they’ll start moving and then over here which is just a
little bit away from there my other buildings I can get the NPC’s to work
and I don’t have any problems with the NPC’s they can construct stuff and just
do everything the NPC’s can do then cut down trees over here but the minute I go
back over there I can’t get them to do anything all right this place is
definitely weird the infected all even bother you here Oh get close enough
your mail hit you but they don’t like the embassies they don’t even move well
they even come close to me this is like a safe spot I guess if you’re having problems with
the infected you can build right here and the infected won’t even do them see you go out here and they’ll still be
able to run after you or at least they have over where I’m building my second
NPC area all right so you can run there but there he stops come on buddy so you
can still move so this is like the cutoff area here I guess that’s why my
NPCs that work right out there but they won’t work in here any of the infected
that caught in here can’t move they can still hit you get close enough time they
stop loop I got I got loose so no wonder why I don’t get attacked at night when
I’m sleeping they can only come in so far
that’s my awesome base location with the added bonus of not having to worry about
infected no wonder why I was able to build all of these without being
attacked because they can’t move in this area all right so it’s the same thing
over here at the mine where they’ll spawn in but they won’t
actually fight or they won’t follow you I wasn’t even sure if they were gonna
spawn in here this first one I’ve actually seen I’m broke my leg see
they’re just there motionless they’re just they just stand there there’s one
right in front of the truck and you could just walk up right behind them and
I’ll stab them these are the only two areas I’ve seen that does this here by
the mine and that first the first spot if you get too close to a male issue

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