Minecraft Survival # Episode One # BUILDING MY HOUSE

What’s up guys! I’m Robert the Villager and today we gonna start our first episode in Minecraft Survival. Just a moment while we lower the music a little bit, you know what I mean, ok. Nah, this it’s not good… music, 35 percent. Yeah, I think now it’s alright, I think you can now heard me and yes, this is the first video in Minecraft survival. and today I’m gonna start building my first house and I need to collect everything that I need, I mean wood, cobblestones, all the things you need you know.. and actually this video it’s first for a testing because how I said in my description, if you read my YouTube description, I just writed there about that I will make Minecraft videos multiplayer with my friends, using my facecam, alright and then Microphone. This one, you know, i need to replace it and get a new one and facecam too, and also you know guys, I have a cat, his name it’s Mitsoi, and is very beautiful.. I’m sorry for the bad word, I just turn on a cigarette, sorry, light a cigarette I mean And now, let’s just start guys! I just created this map, named Overworld, also I use a texture pack, as you see a good quality, and aswell, shaders pack, yeah, let’s see. I just activated the bonus chest because it’s an plus for us, ok…. This is alright I think ok… Now we need to craft an crafting table, ok.. One, two, three and four Brilliant And then, we put here, straight here, and then let’s see what we got here We have this Birch Log, ok… Acacia Log ok… And then, Aaah, stone pickaxe and stone axe. I didn’t saw, sorry xD Ok… As you see, my chunks are loading too…. We need this chest too, hehe 🙂 And now, We just walk Very beautiful game Let’s start cutting this tree We take this wood Ok, and now, what we can do… When you cut guys a tree, never let like this you know, It’s not good… So, we need, a sapling … Come on, Drop me a sapling Because I want to plant it back the tree Come on, what are you doing, ok, we plant this sapling here, I think here I just cutted the tree, ok I really love this update Such brilliant Wait a moment, Come here, you little bastard, I need food, What can I do? Ok, let’s just go and start cutting some trees, Yeah, as you can see, I have some troubles with my shaderpack Because this one, requires a powerful pc I mean, a good computer, Hello chicken! and… yes Robert the Villager, Ahh, I need this pig, I’m really sorry piggie I’m really sorry but I need food. Again, I’m really sorry Go away sheepie I need to reach that side there This is perfect Let’s get more wood Alright You little kid, you don’t want to drop me a sapling… Come on, don’t be like that What do you mean don’t be like that ?! Make sure you subscribe guys because it will helps me a lot And I hope you will enjoy guys, And I’m really apologies, for my english…. Actually, I’m romanian, I was born and raised in Romania Bucharest, the capital and, I used to live in the UK and, yes, I learned to speak english better. So.. He doesn’t want to drop me a…. Ahh??! I didn’t see Ok, this one here. Thank you! Thank you very much indeed! What are you doing little kid Yeah, we got some troubles now… because, the evening just came, So, I need to hide From monsters, This is not good, This is not good fellas Because I will need a bed.. Come here, I’m so sorry… My apologies I’m really sorry sheepie This one too, oh, I love you Mom, this is bad Fast, fast We put this torch here fast fast fast, a bed , fast! Ahh, ok, white wool, Perfect! We got a bed. And now, this one will be here. Ok, hehe xd It’s like using cheats, you know ? But, I’m not ready now for fighting with the mobs. Because, first, I need to build my house. And then, start crafting my sword And everything I need Armor But, let’s see Ohh, come on I got an idea Perfect! We got all the wood from the tree 🙂 Huuray And guys, I would like to ask you a question, When did you start playing Minecraft? What was your age? When you started playing Minecraft You can leave your answers, And I will be happy to answer Come on, give me a small tree, what are you doing ? Are you playing with me ?! Piece of cake… Come on, give me a sapling Thank you, thank you so much We gonna cut this one Alright! And now guys We have…. ahh, I need more ( wood ) Ahh, I need more It’s not good.. NOT GOOD FELLAS, NOT GOOD! Now, let me just cut this grass This one too. I’m gonna build a small house here small house I think this area it should be alright for a small house. Now, let’s just put the base of the house.. One, two, three, four, five good don’t die, one two three four and five one, two, three, four, five, six This is good I need to put the base here too Ok, this is a basic house friends In the next episode, I’m gonna build a beautiful house, not like this one This is like a noob house But I need something to cover first Because I’m in the beginning So I can have troubles with the mobs Zombies, Skeletons, Creepers, Ohh my god, I really hate creepers Ok, we need more wood. Ok, I’m gonna cut you I’m so sorry Ok, give me sapling Perfect This is good I’m gonna put it here ok OK, I need to cut you too And also guys, you can let me know about what do you think about the new updates what do you think about after Notch sold Minecraft to Microsoft And I will be happy to read all the replies Come on, give me another sapling please.. Because I need it to plant

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