Yo, so check this out, the sign on the front of this car store says no loitering, right? But I’ve been here for over 20 minutes. I didn’t choose the thug life the thug life chose me. Guys Sunday here and welcome back you old timers on the Sunday channel you guys that have been here for a while You may recognize this name GTAMC Dudes it is fact. We so as you guys know I co-own this server We shut it down a few months back to do a huge Revamp and we’ve just launched it. I think this past weekend and check this out they added a crap ton of new things all around this server as you can see in my hand look at this I have an mp5k look at this gun It’s freakin sick, but check this out dudes Over here the car dealership. They actually added in Real cars that you can customize they added in bikes and look back here they added in freakin submarines tanks and helicopters all coming soon This is gonna be sick so what I wanted to ask you guys I’m not sure if I’m gonna do a series on this I really don’t know it’s all up to you guys if you want to see like a short series of this maybe with Craner murdering Craner over and over again Let me know hit the like button table. Well if this video gets to eight likes I’m just gonna let me know. It’s completely up to you and Yes, okay, let’s run around this server. I want to check this out. I want to see what’s all new let’s let’s do this Yeah, so check this out the realtor you guys remember the OL server You could buy a house right, but how this new server works. There is unlimited Houses, so let me click on this guy the real Rebecca Hello, sir. Okay, so we have the apartments for people coming up in the world the ghettos Upper classes and mansions for the richest of the bitch. Oh, let’s look at this one of these mansions Costs three hundred and fifty Thousand dollars to buy and then the upkeep cost which is charged every seven days of eight Thousand dollars as you can see on the right-hand side. I only have thirty seven dollars in my wallet Okay, let’s look at the apartments these are I’m guessing these are the poorest oh, okay hold on right? Okay, so you rent this for seven hundred and fifty dollars every week How am I gonna get out of eighty dollars ghettoes 1500 for the ghettos? upper-class seventy five thousand and then five thousand So I need seven hundred fifty dollars if I want a home how do I get money if I remember the way to get money Is to murder people? Take their things and then you can sell their things like around Here, I don’t know. I’m gonna go out to the world dudes. Let’s go out to her. Let me go out a vanish I don’t want to be a cheater. I’m not gonna be a cheater. Oh oh this guy’s Thank you, sir Thank you, sir. Let me go over here to the gun shop. We’re going here the gun shop I just took all that guy stuff. Let me see if I can sell it I’m gonna click on Oh Colonel Jenkins How do I sell exit wait how do I sell Master Sergeant Dan does he sit at assault oh? You can add attachments to guns like a silencer and a scope and all that that is sick, but I but where do I sell uh uh captain Kona a Weapon shop weapon sell shop. Oh is this one hold on. Let me sell Sell this I just got $10 and I have this other mp5 or not can I sell? Armor, let’s see weapon by shop. Yeah, it doesn’t look like I can sell ammo or armor anywheres I mean at least you know what I got upgraded armor. Thanks. Whoever vomited that out I’ll take it okay, so we have 47 dollars to our name Let’s go out into the world, let’s see if we can do anything with this Step through the portal to be randomly teleported. Let’s do it. I’m so worried. We’re in the world. Oh yeah there There’s loot chests. Randomly around chest is stopped. Ah what is this it was shotgun okay? Let me grab this we grab this I’ll do I have any shotgun ammo, though Yeah, it doesn’t look like I have any ammo, so I guess what we’re gonna do let’s run around a little bit Let me loot some of these chests Another epital I can sell that that’s so the mp5k is ten dollars. I’ve gotta loot as much as I can before you guys start getting on this server and Uh, we got fish assault ammo. I want some shotgun ammo I hear the shotguns are Opie. This chest is restocking here. We go oh Gold boots, I believe chain is better. Okay. Let’s grab this one chest restocking More food. Oh a Magnum so if you look at the details of the guns at the bottom it has damage of six point. Oh wait Why did the loot just change my? Dad was that I? Wanted that Magnum. I don’t want gas I have a bunch of fuel not all fuel is an ammo used for cheap. This ammo is used on a jet pack You do to remember cheat codes you could buy upgraded gear Okay look look at this. Oh, it’s cold 45 no no sir sir, Sir. I’m a French. Please don’t kill me Please don’t kill me please sir, sir. I’m a friend of a friend. I am oh I am a friend sir. Please. Oh kill me So I still have the mp5k oh I remember these houses you remember these houses from the old server. I believe this is where the original Apartments were yeah you guys remember that That is sick hold on look so what about you? I’m gonna run around the world I’m gonna loot a bunch of these chests if I find anything good Another mp5 remember that is ah that’s a hot or $10 right there So we’re up to $57 once we sell that gun I’ll just run around if anything cool happens I’ll cut the record over Russell Russell cut the recording back on a Double-barrel shotgun wrestle this is cool leave this ed Russell That is sick does this have ammo Yeah If you look down below above my uh my armor it says four ooh right here So this dude here if I kill this zombie, right? It should give me co-op money if he ever dies Okay, yeah nine dollars right there any Did I do to you that’s a cop why are the cops after me? They’re chasing that dude right there No chasing me. What did I do? I don’t understand what I did I? Ran into technical difficulties come back. I have two deaths and now cops are chasing me What the Freak his life? Looks like the cops are gone. Okay. Let’s go back to looting or another mp5k Okay, so as you guys know the mp5k is ten dollars so red six seven seventy three dollars right now I am a tenth of the way to buying an apartment Okay Let’s cool a foul so what check this out if you look at the DAAD the gun Right the damage of this gun is 3.0 per shot the damage of my mp5k is 2.0. I don’t know if that means hearts or damage like if I get shot with this gun does it do two of my heart’s Per shot. I’m not sure off to test that out. What’s in here or another mp5k? Okay, dudes. We are starting to rack in some money This is looking good. Okay, okay? Well, I’m gonna talk about a run around and get a bunch of these chests If anything interesting happens like I said rustle make me look good more ammo Okay, let’s keep going. Oh look at this The cops cops up. I just a bypass sure I’m just a bypass. I just want to pick up gear Get out Kelly I can’t okay oh Look out cops okay. The cops went away cops went away What all did I get I got a sniper rifle a shotgun Well, I look at this look at this sniper. I mean look at the damage on this sniper 14 damage that is Insane okay hold on let me keep running around. Let me see if I find anything I might go back To the to the spawn area and sell some stuff not sure yet a one thousand dollar voucher Yes, please I’ll take it I Didn’t know those sponding yes – I got a go-to spot Kota spawn the teleporting you in seven seconds does this actually work Let me go to the bank for you guys that don’t know if you go to the bank where where’s the bank? Where’s the bank? Where’s the bank? Is this a bank? Yeah? This is the bank? The way to save your money you buy like valuable things like – check this out teller Beck hello, Becca Right click her cell if I sell this the nether brick Look at their right-hand side of the screen I have $1,000 I Didn’t know those spawned around the world So how you save your money every time you die if somebody kills you you lose like 5 to 10% of the money in your wallet, but Let’s say I buy this nether brick I don’t lose this if I hide it in my chest in my house or Yes, so that’s why I need a house. I did not know that you could find these things out in the world Sell this $1,000 right now So you know what we got to do? Actually before we do that go to the realtor office. Let’s go over to the guns. I have a bunch of guns I can sell hold on ha yeah gun shop so we have 1,000 we have over $1,000 So if I go back to our captain cone up sell weapons I can sell my Colt 45 For $10 there. We go just got 10 extra dollars. I have a bunch of these mp5 case that are crap Let’s get rid of one two three four five five. I have five of those I think I’m gonna keep the foul and Definitely gonna keep the sniper this let’s see how much this sniper would sell for it’s tier three, right fifty dollars for a tier three gun That is insane. Let’s head back over to the realtor, right? So now here’s my thought if I look okay, so if I click on the realtor go to the apartments uh? Home three home for home five who must be pink I’m not gonna be pink must be blue. Let’s be uh let’s do home 11 if I buy this You don’t have permission to buy that What do you mean? Uh time for you to buy this I have money take my money I am literally trying to give you money. Take my money which What do you mean? They have to buy the first one what? Why don’t I have permission to buy this a few moments lady sang it? Must be level 4 to purchase an apartment, and if you look on the right-hand side Level info I’m level 1 almost level 2 you know what we got to do Let’s go on a murder spree we’re gonna be level 4 I will own an apartment soon enough what I let me go back to the bank. I don’t want to lose my money Where’s the bank? Ah? That’s the police station. Where’s the bank excuse me miss miss I need you to take my money to take my money okay, there was there’s a brick a hundred yeah i’ve $119 so let me buy a brick now. I have $19 so I need to Put this money somewhere, so I don’t lose it, but where can I put it is there anywhere safe? That I could put this so I got an idea, but I don’t know if it’s a good idea Since I have nowhere to store my money. I’m gonna see if I can trust somebody Did Deno AF wait our hairdo dinner laughs I need help? Let’s see cutter It’s fine what you need help for I I have money and need Someone to hold it so I don’t lose it Lose it and die This are we gonna help me please I Can I know no I don’t trust everybody. I don’t trust anybody, but they know Oh people are telling me I can use an enderchest Why horahora enter photo how to ender chest? All that is sick I just put all my good stuff up here right like I Just put on my good stuff up here that matters I can put my armor up here like and your chest right put on my armor up here But half of my food up here Is a squad to the war zone grab a bunch of crap put it in my ender chest then if I die it doesn’t matter Russell do an epic loot montage Is this guy trying to kill me Yep, he’s trying to kill me. I’m again mad no He does good damage. He does good damage. Okay. We just run just run just run. I’m gonna get this guy He’s got to be long he’s got to be long I Gotta eat, I gotta eat in here gotta eat in here. Go inside the house That’s fine, I didn’t lose anything let’s go back out look at this Another $1,000 voucher Well I put that in my ender chest really fast and her chest put it in there great great right there We have $2,000. This is what I’m talking about. Let’s kick. I’m still looking for a zombie I want to test my theory if I kill a zombie Will it give me experience? I only have 15 experience out of 20 right now, so I’m at 15 XP right now Let’s see so if I kill this thing. I can’t kill the king oh good lord How does he strafe so much stop strafing still camera? I’m gonna snipe him. I’m sniping him you’re getting sniped Oh Okay, okay, I gotta run now run. I really want to test that stuff. I want to test that skeleton Oh, I want to kill that skeleton two hours later, so let’s see if the chicken gives me experience Sorry chicken is for science. I’m at 15 XP But I didn’t mean to punch you I didn’t mean to punch you sir hold on hold on Let me shoot you with a gun who shoots really stand still chicken stand still No it did not give me X P, so If I kill this zombie, I want to see I’m gonna shoot him in the face. Sorry zombie is for science Okay, 15 XP o his name is Punk Okay, and I Am now level two dad is what I’m talking about. Oh that gave a lot of exp as well So I just got to run around killing a bunch of zombies. Let’s go find more zombies I want to kill this to level four let’s see how much I get I’m at twenty four XP Okay Twenty four I’ll choose my sniper sorry homie 24 32 eight I don’t know I’ll take it though Trying to see if I can find anybody out like a real person not these zombies I want to take somebody out I want to see if I get experience for actually taking somebody out Maybe this is it gonna be tough. There are a lot of strong people on this server. Oh there’s somebody right there Oh My gosh I just correct Way off a building Yeah, okay. Well I’m level two dang it. I want to see if you kill somebody Do you get experience? Oh there’s somebody right here? Hold on Hold on These he’s reloading berries no I hate him I hate him I hit him here we go No, why can’t I shoot? Oh here? We go here we go Yes Look at what you experienced and now the cops are after me I Just reached level three look how much experience I got from that I have now level three Almost the level four hair okay. I’m gonna kill a cop. Sorry cop. Sorry coverage for science. It’s for science I need to see if you give experience. Okay, okay, reload reload. Oh my god. I don’t have any bullets okay I’ve shot gun bullets. I’m okay are the cops gone Cops are gone I’m sorry, dude So that’s the way to do it to get experiences to take out actual players wait that guy had a tier 4 sniper Way what it’s ranking off I’ll put that in my ender ender chest I enter chest That is gonna live in there forever Deerforce sniper and look how much money. I have all of these vouchers David’s work getting rich, but every way. I can to kill this guy mana killer. I’m gonna kill this Thang kid come here. You stupid kid get out of my face get on my face and and wait Why aren’t you dead? All right? Why aren’t you dying wait? Wait finally how much experience that I get for that okay? Got about eight experience that I experienced and I got an iron helmet. We are getting geared We’re almost level four we have like almost 3000 dollars and we have Tier four weapons States we are getting geared This is what I’m talking about but dudes for now listen. Oh good lord I have an error on my head if you guys want me to continue this series Maybe do an episode to let me know hit the like button down below. I might bring crepe. There’s somebody trying to kill me I heard something I’m getting out of here hit the like button down below. Also hit the subscribe button for now I’m gonna end this here, and yeah skate. Go back to spawn good. Go go go back to spawn Please nobody kill me CDs next time

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