Me And The Boys Pilot Episode | Minecraft Survival Series

What!?! Creeper Boat CREEPERBOAT!?! Creeper Boat Is GONE! Creeper Boat! Creeper Boat? Creeper Boat (INTERNAL PAIN) Why did You Blow Up Creeper Boat? Where Is it I don’t know what creeper boat is He ran past here Alex You Ran Past Here And Creeper Boat Was Here CrEeEpEr bOaT Oh My God Alex I didn’t mean to I’m SORRY! CrEeEpEr bOaT (SAD) Alex That Was Creeper Boat Wait How Do You Waterlog a Stair? Come On In, Come On Alex Come Forth Alex COme ON You Can use a SHOVEL as a HOE ??? Oh My lord I fell, I FELL!! Eifell Aw I don’t have a um PICKAXE I Need Pickaxe Jesse give me your pickaxe Jesse No I only have one pickaxe Jesse Give Me your pickaxe? Jesse Give Me Your Pickaxe Jesse
Jesse G Ge Jesse Jess C Can I have pickaxe Yeah Yeah Nah you will. I’ll get it back. You’ll get it back Im just going to the nether Don’t Die OH SHIT!!

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