Matching Survival 1+1 | 썸바이벌 1+1 EP.16 Part. 2 [SUB : ENG/2019.10.29]

(The second segment to check their preferences) (What’s the sentence that makes him fall for you?) Alright, this is the second segment to check your preferences. What’s it about this time? – What’s it about? / – “What’s the sentence…” – “That makes him fall for you?” / – The sentence? Let’s pick one. This one is not that good. “Let’s hang out.” Why not? Why is it not good? It’s too ordinary. “Would you like to have soju with me today?” (The second segment is about the enticing sentences) “Can you hug me?” This one is… I like it. (It’s an enticing sentence full of cuteness) – You like it so much. / – Don’t you? – It says, “Hug me, I’m cold.” / – I like it too. Isn’t this what you like, Heechul? I like number one. That one is the cutest. (They’re the hosts, not the participants) (“What are you doing? I miss you. Let’s hang out”) “Would you like to know my secret?” “1, 2, 3, 4, 5. This is the passcode to my house.” (Shocked) This one is nearly perfect. “This is the passcode.” It’s so… It’s wild. (What’s the sentence that will mesmerize the men?) The guys are entering. These are the sentences that entice the guys. (What’s the sentence that will move his heart?) “Would you like to know my secret?” “1, 2, 3, 4, 5. This is the passcode to my house.” That one about passcode is the best. How about this one? (Passing) (“Can you hug me? I’m cold”) “Would you like to have soju with me today?” Would you like to have soju with me? “What are you doing? I miss you. Let’s hang out.” Seeing the emoticon, I think she’s generally very cute. (Pondering) The guys should think about which sentence the woman they like… – Could have written. / – You should make a guess. This is the second half now. I’ll pick this one. – The one about soju? / – The one about soju? It’s neat. Who do you think could’ve written this? I think it could be Soyou. Or it could be Stephanie. (The second man, Doctor Kim Yeongkwon) You seem more charming the more I see you. These are the sentences that entice men. “Would you like to know my secret?” It’s the passcode to her house. (He takes his time to read the sentences) “Can you hug me? Can you hug me?” “Can you hug me?” “Would you like to have soju with me today?” (He likes it) (Could it be?) I do enjoy soju. You can stand next to him. I’ll pick this one. – You picked this one. / – I like soju as well. Soju reminds us of Soyou. – You’re right. / – This is… Is there competition? (Did I make the wrong decision?) The lawyer is here. Don’t you feel justice in his gait? Then it must be the passcode. (Will he…) (Approach us?) These are the sentences that entice men. – I have a feeling he’ll pick soju. / – You’re right. (He’s right) This is epic! – This is unprecedented. / – Hey. Why did you pick this? – I read “soju.” / – Do you like soju? I don’t really like soju. I remembered that her card… – Had “soju” on it. / – You’re right. (His eyes were always on Soyou) (Soyou’s card had the word “soju” on it) Who do you think wrote this? Soyou. Goodness. – Do you both think that way? / – Yes. (Of course) Gosh, we shouldn’t have treated her like a little brother. – You’re right. / – She was special. – She’s so popular. / – Indeed. There’s only one person remaining. – Will he pick soju as well? / – Hey. All 4 of them could pick the same one. – This line would become a hit. / – You’re right. (The most popular enticing line has been created) Wow, this one must be popular. (It’s a new and popular place) We’re popular. It’s a hot place. Since he’s wise, he wouldn’t pick this. But his eyes are fixated this way. – I’ll pick this one. / – What? (They finish picking) I wonder who the first lady is. Please come on out! I can’t wait. I can’t believe this. No one’s here. It’s the passcode lady. Is she the passcode lady or the hug lady? I wonder which one’s hers. She always looks so fresh. (Singing) She’s so bright. P.O, did you pick that one as well? – Yes, he did. / – Yes. (No way) (Is she the soju lady?) Oh, no. Whose do you think this is? – This one? / – Yes. It’s mine. (It’s mine) Everyone likes soju. Had I known, I would’ve written “liquor.” (Had I known, I would’ve written “liquor”) – Gosh. / – “Would you like to have liquor?” What? I have an ominous feeling that she’s the passcode lady. Why is this one left out? – Whose is that? / – Mine. Wait. (It’s a twist) What? I thought they’d all recognize my handwriting. – How? / – How? Just the vibe. (They had no idea) – Do you live alone? / – No. You shouldn’t tell the passcode then. My family would accept them. She wants to become a family. She wanted to have dinner together. – Have they all chosen? / – Yes. – But… / – I want to go home. (I want to go home as well) Is Stephanie the soju lady? Is Soyou the yearning lady? Both of you, please come on out. The men made an inference and made their decisions. – Did no one pick yours? / – No. – Both of you? / – No, for both of us. Soyou rubbed salt into their wounds. They came first. (She’s so flabbergasted and laughs) Who picked what? – Did all three pick that one? / – Yes. (Come here, Soyou) I wonder which comment is whose. In 1, 2, 3. I pick Soyou. It’s always been Stephanie for me. I would’ve loved to partner up with Stephanie. (Is Soyou the soju lady?) – This one’s mine. / – Yes. – Wait. What are you doing? / – Seriously? – Seriously? / – What are you doing? – You can’t act like this! / – Which one was hers? Seriously? Today’s theme is newlywed shopping. How would you like to decorate your house? You four will have a terrific time together. I can’t believe this wonderful coincidence. I’m sorry, but I don’t ever want to get married, so I don’t need to decorate anything. – Gosh. / – Let us go shopping! (They begin shopping) (It’s time to shop) Hold on. You’re all bachelors, right? – I haven’t gone yet. / – You haven’t? (They’re all bachelors) – If you have… / – I’m going to get married soon. (He hopes so) Aren’t you in a rush? I’m not that old, you know. You walked towards Soyou. Who did? They’re selling home appliances. TV is the most important. It needs to be big. It does. My gosh, look at those washing machines. (Washing machines and dryers are a must) – Buy me this. Buy me. / – Okay. “Okay?” I’ll use my card. I’ll request a 24-month installment. – This is your chance. / – How much is this? There are many digits. This is convenient to use when it’s raining. It’s a must. – It gets rid of that stench. / – She’s right. I go crazy when I smell that. – Gosh. / – You need to wash it again. You need to use it… – Until the weather gets better. / – Right. Dryers are the best. Hold on. Can we move on from this topic? – To be honest… / – Don’t we click? – You’re right. / – We do. (They touch each other’s fingers) Don’t try to deny everything. You’re not a lawyer, are you? I am. That TV is nice for someone who lives alone. Imagine this TV in your bedroom. They’re cheap but big. It’s important how many of these there are. Having at least three is good. – What are you talking about? / – HDMI. – I like diffusers. / – The smell? Do guys like diffusers? I have three different diffusers at home. I buy one once a month. If not, the house will smell like a man. I don’t smell to begin with. You don’t smell? She took me aback. I thought she’d be coldhearted and act like a princess. But she was laidback, generous, and caring. I really liked those sides. We should buy these. You guys are having a blast, aren’t you? (You guys are having a blast, aren’t you?) You’re having so much fun. (She’s jealous) Are you getting married? I was afraid you guys would be tired. – I’m sorry. / – Are you getting married? – You could’ve just bought one. / – Really? Why did you buy two? – She’ll use it someday. / – Maybe one of you is tired. (Look at him) – Lie down. / – It’s nice. Isn’t it nice? Don’t you want to sleep on it? Go shop alone. My arm is so sore. – Lucky you. / – I want to help her. (Her heart is fluttering) Lucky you. I want to follow. – Come with us. / – Come with me. The other men didn’t care much, but the lawyer invited me to come along. He said it’d be fun to shop together. It made me rely on him. It made me want to talk to him. – Stephanie. No, it’s okay. / – Just carry the camera. – I’ll push this. / – No. I’ll follow you guys. (She’s shy) Do you like to cook? I’m not good at it, but I do enjoy doing it. – What do you cook? / – All kinds of stew. – Stew? / – Soybean stew and kimchi stew. – Stew? / – I know how to make them. Which pan do you use? Me? This one looks better than this. It looks nice to carry this with one hand. Isn’t this one better? Yes, my thought has changed. (Laughing) This one looks better. (They’re slowly breaking the ice) – Right? / – I think they’re alive. You need to say sincere and nice things to the plants. (They seem to be closer) Why is our camera director over there? Sir! – Let’s… / – Why have you abandoned me? Good air makes them grow better. We get to meet. You’ve shopped for various things. This is my husband. You guys look good together. Enjoy your shopping. – Okay. / – Okay. Goodbye. (Sighing) (I’ll see you two later) – There they are. / – Let’s watch. (Stephanie spots them as well) Are you having fun? Yes, we are. There’s a sir here. He keeps nagging. – He’s driving me crazy. / – Go on your way. He’s boycotting things. Good luck. “Good luck?” I saw the two together, but I didn’t feel threatened. When you lock eyes, there’s this intimate vibe that only you two can feel. Our eyes locked. It felt like he was saying, “I’ll see you later.” I know I’m a celebrity, but I’m embarrassed. Really? (They can open up their feelings here) (They can confirm their feelings for each other with food) What is this? – Do we stand wherever we want? / – Let’s go. I didn’t know there was this segment. I don’t even cook at home, but I’m cooking here. Can we sit anywhere? Can we sit next to the person we want to talk to? Yes, you can. I have someone I want to talk to. (You would be so obvious from the beginning?) (Who does Kisum want to talk to?) (Kisum chooses Banker Jin Seokhyeon) Hello. (She’s uncomfortable with it) I think the 3-minute Date was the only opportunity I had to appeal to him. He said he wanted to tell how he feels, so I sat next to him. Is there something you want to eat? I’ll make it for you. Can you cook? (Look at this guy) (She forces a smile) What I’m going to cook today is… (Expectant) – What is it? / – It’s… (What is this?) It’s… This is the first time you’re ever cooking, isn’t it? You’re cutting it with this. What is it for then? It’s for the baguette. (I see) This is not my specialty. – I usually cook Korean cuisine. / – I like Korean food. Should we use our hands? (She helps him so that he won’t be embarrassed) (What about the other table?) You’re making it very quietly. I can’t do anything else when I’m cooking. – Really? / – I’ll let you know first. I can’t do anything else when I’m cooking. You can’t multi-task. I should have asked him to open it, but I opened it instead. This is why I don’t have a partner. I think you like working alone. I was thinking of asking for help with this. Who wants to open it for me? (Who wants to open it for me?) Who wants to open it for me? (Please open the lid) (Soccer Coach Mun Hong intercepts it) (He’ll open it for you) Thank you. (Please read the room) Who likes peaches? – I do. / – Does anyone dislike peaches? – I like them. / – I like them. Good luck. We all like peaches. Do you all like peaches? I’ll give you a piece each. – Here. / – Thank you. Thank you. (What about me?) Wait. – Wait. / – I only had one. I can’t do this show with that jerk. He’s being too straightforward. No, I was going to cut a piece for each. You can be straightforward anytime you want. Let me peel this first. If you’re all straightforward, there’s no room for me to budge in. No, you should find an opening. (You find the door to a person’s heart first) (Okay) He said, “you should find an opening.” So I thought I could make it work. I was like, “Let’s do this.” I’m going to find a way to his heart. I made it. Who’s going to eat it? (I’ll cheer up and find the opening) How was it today? The time went… – Did it pass too fast? / – Too fast. – I wanted to talk to you. / – Yes. You’ve never expressed anything. We didn’t even have time to talk. So I just… (What does she want to talk about?) I think this is my last chance. (This is my last chance) (She tells him how she feels all of a sudden) (Glances) I was watching what they were doing. – You’re being straightforward. / – Yes, I am. I was straightforward from the beginning. (She keeps on telling him how she feels about him) I already told him how I feel, so I don’t regret anything. (They’re finding love everywhere) (This person is cooking silently) (Doctor Kim Yeongkwon is concentrated in cooking) I’m going to use the mayonnaise here. Then I’m going to use tomatoes or… Who are you talking to? – I’m using tomatoes. / – Are you streaming? – Who is he talking to? / – With tomatoes… The water will be drained at the bottom. So if you lay a slice of cheese… – It’ll help. / – You’re cooking. Yes. Do you like salmon? I think… (What am I watching?) What is this? (He elegantly puts on the cabbage) – Are you copying Choi Hyunseok? / – Yes. You need some height to spread it evenly around. I think he also doesn’t know what he’s doing. These men don’t know how to cook. I’m good at cooking, though. Look, it’s a salmon sandwich. – Doesn’t it look okay? / – It looks great. It’s a salmon sandwich. You don’t have to finish it. Just see what it tastes like. (She takes a big bite) (He hopes it’s delicious) Isn’t it good? It’s good. – How about this one? / – It’s a bit spicy. (There’s another person who’s only making food) – It’s better. / – Right. I think she’s actually bringing it to him. I’d love a glass of beer. (Who will Soyou give her food to first?) Would you like to choose? (She chooses Doctor Kim Yeongkwon) – You can choose what you like. / – What I like? – I’ll choose this one. / – Okay. – Did you put butter? / – Would you like one? (Then she chooses Lawyer Kang Seongshin) Will you feed me? Which one? The one with the tomato and cheese in it. This one? (Look at him) (Now it’s my turn) I wanted to feed you first. Try it. Do you like it? (How is my sandwich?) (Active physical contact) (You’re the first to wipe my mouth after my mom) – It’s good. / – It’s good, isn’t it? It is. It’s very delicious. (Is that an indirect kiss?) I brought some fruit. – It’s good. / – You can sit here. – Shall we switch seats? / – Yes. Come to this side. It’s really good. It’s good. Are you going to get rid of me? – No, I’m not. / – I’m not going anywhere. Try this one. Why do you only give me fruit? (Laughing) It’s like watching a video on YouTube. Hello! – Like and subscribe. / – She’s like the show host. – She is. / – She’s acting. Thank you for joining our party. We’ll live happily together. (He burst into laughter for real) (Laughing) Look at his face. He just let it go. – Use this plate. / – Yes. I think I might fall for her. (Did I find an opening to your heart?) (Don’t ask me. I don’t know) (But she can’t laugh like other people) I mean it. He said he likes women who react well. That made me think, “He’s falling for her.” I feel really burdened here. Can I come over to that side? Yes, you can. – It’s too hot here. / – Problem solved! (He feels complicated) Be honest. Who put alcohol in here? – I didn’t. / – This is wine, isn’t it? I’m drunk. I don’t know. What’s the age limit for this show? Is this R-rated? (It’s time for just the two of us from now on) (I have found an opening, didn’t I?) Why don’t we leave them quietly? – It’s for both of them. / – Yes. Let’s leave the room. (They leave the two alone) I like your first impression. Why am I standing up? Why am I standing up? Honey, let’s go. (He’s amazed) I feel like I’m actually married. How is my mental state? You seem very unstable. She was being active. If someone I don’t like did that to me, I would have hated the situation. But I didn’t hate it. She was cute. – It’s time for the final decision. / – Yes. Wait. Lawyer Kang Seongshin! – Where’s your jacket? / – You must be feeling hot. – She extorted his jacket. / – Wait. – I’m tied down. / – What happened? He captured me. – Did he capture you? / – She’s already… – Soyou. / – Yes? How did it feel to be a participant and not a host? It was really intense where you couldn’t see. (I see) It was crazy. – Who will… / – Who’s going first? It’s Soyeong. Why am I going first? You’re trying to make fun of me. You can do it. Be confident. – Be confident. / – If you fail here… You’ve just committed a theft. – What’s a theft? / – It means you stole it. You’ll have to wear handcuffs. – I really… / – It’s Soyeong. (What will be her final decision?) Who will she choose? Even till the end, I felt like the way he looks at Soyou hasn’t changed. So I’m not sure, to be honest. (Will she become a couple?) You take the call first. (She chooses Lawyer Kang Seongshin) I wonder how this will go. It’s Kang Seongshin. Will you find love with me? (What will his answer be?) (He first chose Soyou) (He appealed to her at first) (Soyeong approached him actively) (Will you find love with me?) (She’s interested) (He can’t seem to make up his mind easily) (What’s happening?) (You’ll accept me, won’t you?) Sure. Sure. (It’s an amazing twist) (Shocked) Look! This is so fun. This is so fun. (Soyeong made it happen, everyone) (Congratulations) – That’s amazing. / – That’s awesome. This is great. (Soyeong and Seongshin have become a couple) What do I do? (She feels embarrassed later on) I think she showed her charms enough. And it looked good. What? Take me on a ride. – Let’s go. / – You can stay over there. You can stay there. Will you lend me your gavel? – His gavel? / – But he’s a lawyer. How could he lend you a gavel? Did she say gavel? She’s trying to take a selfie with it. It’s not a magic wand. She’s going to take a selfie with the gavel. Next up, it’s Kisum! You may look at the person or to the front and dial. I’ll just look at him. She’s looking at him. (He’s curious) (Who will be on her mind?) I see. (She chooses Banker Jin Seokhyeon) Hello? Yes. Hello. Yes? Will you find love with me? (Will you find love with me?) (Anxious) And… (She has cute charms) (And another person in his mind is Stephanie) I like this better. (What will his answer be?) I’m sorry. (I’m sorry) It’s fine. You can beat it. She said, “Beat it.” (He’s frightened) Why would you tell him to beat it and go back? – Why would you go back in? / – I’m beating it. Express your feelings by rapping. – I might swear. / – Then I apologize. Please don’t tell me to rap. Then it’s time for Jin Seokhyeon. It’s Banker Jin Seokhyeon. Who is in your mind that made you refuse Kisum? I’m okay. He’s dialing. (Who will be in his mind?) – Wait. / – No. (He chooses Stephanie) Hello? Will you find love with me? (Will you find love with me?) (What will her answer be?) (Soccer Coach Mun Hong declared he’ll go straight) (Banker Jin Seokhyeon appealed his young age) (Who will she choose among the two?) (What is it?) – What? / – What? Do you want to go to the bathroom? (He’s nervous) Yes! (Congratulations, you two) – Make a heart shape. / – Make a heart shape. How should we do it? (Stephanie and Seokhyeon have become a couple) Next up… – It’s Mun Hong. / – It’s Mun Hong. It’s Mun Hong’s turn. (Who will he call?) What? (Surprised) What is going on here? (No way) (He chooses Stephanie) Hello? Though you have a partner next to you, may I intercept your love? (I believe you, Stephanie) (Please choose me) We’ll be friends. (He’s relieved) Thank you. (She refuses Soccer Coach Mun Hong) – Alright. / – Thank you. (He’s not really smiling) – Then… / – Then… There’s Soyou and Doctor Kim Yeongkwon left. She’s the only woman among us. It’s Soyou. Is she the one calling? Am I calling first? She’ll never become a couple. We’ll see you when you participate. – I’m going to… / – I don’t know what that means. (Who will have captured her heart?) No, you’re not. You’re really not. (Kang Seongshin appealed to her strongly) How would you like to pay? (Doctor Kim Yeongkwon also appealed to her) (Who will she call?) No way! (She chooses Doctor Kim Yeongkwon) (Blushing) – Look at your face. / – Yes. I’m blushing. What’s the matter with you? You look hilarious. Will you find love with me? (Makes me nervous) (He looks like he has mixed emotions) – What is it? / – Seriously? I’m sorry. (I see) (It gets chaotic) (Poor Soyou) (He can’t even speak) (Cheer up. This is not the end) Seriously? That was good. What do you mean that was good? I just got dumped. I apologize. – It’s fun. / – Why did you participate? Hey. That was… Do you know what she said to me in the Love Tent? She said, “I think he already likes me.” When did I say that? I’m going to take my revenge. I’m going to make him participate before this show ends. I have no desire to. You’ll become a guest one day. How would you sing your current state? (Spitting) I apologize. – Why did Doctor Kim Yeongkwon… / – Yes. Refuse Soyou so harshly? Who will he have in his mind? Who will it be? It’s coming from this side. (Was it her?) (He chooses Stephanie) – It’s Stephanie. / – She got three votes. What do I do? (You can take the call) He’s… – Hello? / – Hello? Yes. Will you find love with me? He’s gentle. He sounds sad. (Will you find love with me?) I’m sorry. (I’m sorry) Two couples have been matched. Let’s give them a round of applause. And you may leave. You may take your luggage and go on dates. – Goodbye. / – Goodbye. (The couples may go on dates now) It was new, and it was fun. I thought the whole show was scripted, but it was really fun. It’s an unexpected program. I couldn’t see any further than my nose. Your looks aren’t everything. You should consider the person’s character. You should see if you match well and if you can converse with him. I was worried and excited at the same time. But I enjoyed it. I think we’ll remain good friends. I had a pleasant time. Thank you for making me such a precious memory. I’m making a public proposal. You can come ask me out! (Matching Survival 1 Plus 1)

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  1. something went wrong. i think the producer wanted more viewers by making us wondering who will be in a relationship with soyou, then it turns out no one's wanted her.

  2. Cheer up soyou 🙈
    shes better than all those men for real🙄
    So much love Soyou 💜 thanks for the nice show I really loved it because of U & Kisum💕

  3. Heechul's reaction when it comes to someone he cares about is the best.
    Btw what's with that doctor, i was rooting for him and Soyou to be an item.
    Don't worry Soyou unnie, you'll find someone more amazing and genuine than them❣️❣️❣️

  4. I like the coach guy.. I also like the fact that he can speak English
    Btw I think that doctor like soyou so why does he reject her 🤷🤷🤷

  5. Unexpected twist. But u never know until you try. Maybe its the best words to describe this situation. Im starting addict with this show. KBS please bring another celebrity.

  6. Last episode I said that I wasn't drawn to anyone. That kind of changed in this episode. Kisum really grabbed my attention. I loved what she had written, it was really funny. I didn't think she was the one who wrote it though. It was a bit surprising. I wonder if she has been asked out after this episode was aired.

  7. Wow! Can't believe how fast changes of man's heart. I know it's just a show, but maybe in reality also. Soyou and Kisum don't feel upset, you both nothing did wrong. All The Best in future, Fighting👍👍👍

  8. The doctor guy was the most indecisive here. Every time he had a proper conversation with a girl, he would get a bit inclined towards her.. I think he missed out on how Soyou brought him the snack first instead of the lawyer and instead he was carried away by Stephanie's charms when they cooked together.. Well, Stephanie is amazing though.. 👍👍 Still, my dear Soyou, your time will come sweetie 😭😭

  9. this is the best ep ever everyone looked so sincer and serious poor kisum she rlly liked him if he only didn't touch her hand anyways this ep was soo real and u could feel it soyou was already know that the lawyer once he talks with the comed he will dumped her so she was rlly want to make it with the doctor who thought that she didnt think abt him at all and also he wasnt sure abt how he feels

  10. Heechul always tries to improve the mood when the people he cares about get hurt in any way. And the lawyer was pretty adorable, he just wanted someone to show him affection so he could know he's actually cared about, and the right person didn't lose an opportunity to show him that. 🙂

  11. Who else stopped on 28:58 to see all other's reaction? 😂😂😂
    Also, idk why the soccer coach wasn't chosen. He is so good-looking tbh.🙄

  12. None of those guys deserved Soyou any way lol..and that football coach seemed like the nicest and most down to earth guy that was there…They lawyer seemed like a bit of a player tbh when he never got matched up for shopping with Soyou he changed his mind…he also seems like the type that wants their partner to baby them and will probably not be as nice after marriage, and the doctor just seemed like a baby still confused about the world dressed up in a suit lol

  13. if i was a boy I would definitely choose soyou seriously. saranghae soyou noona 😊😊😘😘💞💞💝💝💝💟💖💖

  14. 와~ I sincerely think I would really get along with Stephanie. Loved her personality in this. Seemed very sincere and graceful the way she acted. Like my comment so one day she'll see this ㅎㅎ 저를 연락하세요 스테파니씨ㅋㅋ

  15. This is scripted lol. It just doesn’t make sense. I think the producer ask them not to chose soyu for her to remains single as the host of the show

  16. Tbh rubbish! The dr and the lawyer didn’t deserve soyou. How can they pursue her from the beginning and then change mind last minute? And the lawyer, if any girl shows affection he is gonna go with her? soyou is much better I hope she can participate again😭

  17. Maybe we shouldn't trust men eventually 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    This episode is my favourite so far "haji man" it's just too good to be unscripted i loved it … Really and all the guests are the best to me … And i believed some spontaneous moments … However the last part didn't get through my mind ..funny but not logical i assume ..the doctor was into soyou all the time ..but when they get to eat together he should have been trying his best as "Kisum" did … Yet … He didn't bother looking at her and suddenly it's "Stephanie".. What ! .. the mart date with three made him change his mind 🤣🤣🤣 i'd prefered another scenario …
    I also liked how they made the love boxes into square and blurred the names … I could tell in the past episode who voted for whom .. Baksu for noticing .. Hope you get better by time and i am rooting for this show

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