Matching Survival 1+1 | 썸바이벌 1+1 EP.16 Part. 1 [SUB : ENG/2019.10.29]

(We had a beautiful fall day filled with love last week) (A woman with a fluttering heart to find love) (I love it when men are bold) (2 guys made bold moves on Soyou) (Lawyer Kang Seongshin stole her heart) (But his ideal type is someone completely different) (Jealous) (Flustered) (Mun Hong expressed his sole interest in Stephanie) (However) (They have a little misunderstanding going on) (Things are just getting worse between them) (Another love triangle begins) (Jin Seokhyeon stole Stephanie’s heart) (Fate has decided to really make things complicated) (Nobody knows how they all truly feel) (Who do they each have feelings for?) It’s finally time to put those heart badges on your name tags to use. It’s time for Pitter-Patter Love Box. Why do you sound so unenthusiastic? You should sound more excited. Pitter-Patter Love Box. Pitter-Patter Love Box. It’s time for you to express yourself. – Pitter-Patter Love Box. / – Pitter-Patter Love Box. There’s a little room there. It’s a secret room. Choose who you’d like to go on a date with and put your heart badge inside their box. Mun Hong, please go first. Mun Hong. (Have fun voting!) (Who will he pick?) (He’s walking toward the booth with a heavy heart) Who should I vote for? Let’s see. (Who stole Mun Hong’s heart?) (During the self-introduction time last week) (My heart only goes to you) (He openly expressed his interest to Kisum) (But he confessed to Stephanie during the dates) (Decided) I’ll go with my initial feeling. (Who’s the lady that gave him that initial feeling?) (The second voter is Doctor Kim Yeongkwon) (Sighs) This is hard. (Who will Yeongkwon vote for?) (Soyou was so shy that she couldn’t sing) (Embarrassed) When I saw Soyou get so nervous while singing, I could feel that she was being sincere. Do you believe in fate? I do. After talking to Kisum, I became more interested in her. But I’ll still vote for the woman who I’d like to get to know more. (Who is Yeongkwon’s heart leaning towards to?) (The third voter is Lawyer Kang Seongshin) (Hesitating) 1, 2, 3, 4. This is difficult. (Who is Seongshin hesitant to vote for?) (Soyou enters) Soyou absolutely catches my attention the most. Pick me. (Blushing) What an easy decision it is. I’ll decide for you. (Is his heart still set on Soyou?) (The last voter is Banker Jin Seokhyeon) (He fills the entire screen) (Being careful) (Who will Seokhyeon vote for?) Stephanie is my favorite so far. I’ll vote for this person. (Did he end up voting for Stephanie?) (All the men have voted now) – You’ve all voted, right? / – Yes. Get up. Me first? I’ll be back. Stephanie. (The first lady to vote is Stephanie) (Bold walking) It’s finally time. Okay. Look at these. (Stephanie seems to already have made up her mind) Do you see it? I’ll… (Who stole Stephanie’s heart?) (During the 3-minute Date with Mun Hong) (I saw your card) He told me that he saw my card. I really appreciated how honest he was. (A one-on-one date with Seokhyeon) I wait for you with a coffee ready? (Heart fluttering) (Heart beating faster with such bold moves) We had such a fun talk. It was fun, I thought. I’ll vote for this guy. (Who is Stephanie’s heart beating for?) Done. (Park Soyeong enters the booth after Stephanie) (Nervous) (Who stole Soyeong’s heart?) Can I touch your heart? (Heart-stopping) (Is it Lawyer Kang Seongshin?) If this is you bloated, how beautiful are you when you’re not? (Blushing) (Or is it Banker Jin Seokhyeon, a smooth talker?) (Who made Soyeong’s heart beat faster?) I’ll vote for this guy. He doesn’t have any votes yet. (Dancing in happiness) Up until our most recent episode, we could tell who was going to vote for who. – Who was interested in who? / – Yes, but today… – I can’t guess at all. / – Everyone is very secretive. – Really? / – Yes. Kisum, you can head to the booth now. (Kisum is the third to vote) (Sighing) (Sorry, that wasn’t to you) (That was cute) She’s so cute. (Kisum is now at the booth) (No, she almost passed right by it) Is this the booth? Do I just enter here? (Making up for her mistake with cuteness) I see how it is. Hello. I don’t need to think. (Mun Hong has openly expressed interest in her) He gave me the ball and it had a heart on it. (Will she vote for Mun Hong without deliberation?) (Who does Kisum have in her heart?) (I voted for you!) (The last voter, Soyou has arrived) Seriously. What do I do? How do I enter? Like this? I’ll vote for this man. (Who’s the man Soyou voted for without hesitation?) Sorry to interrupt, Soyou. This tea is from the man at Table 2. (Is it Yeongkwon, who expressed his interest with tea?) What type of guys are you into? I like someone bold. I’m the bold type. I think he was trying to appeal his bold side. I had a lot of fun. (Is it Seongshin, who made her laugh with his boldness?) (Who will be the winner?) (Who stole Soyou’s heart?) (Everyone has now voted) Now, it’s time to announce the man and the woman who has received the most votes. Those who received the most votes can go on a date with as many partners as the number of hearts they received. We’ll now announce the man who has received the most votes. The man with the most votes. (Which guy has received the most votes?) (All ladies are waiting) (Getting nervous) (Gulps) Congratulations… Banker Jin Seokhyeon! He received three badges. (Surprised) (Impressed) That’s a lot of badges. Isn’t this the first time ever? (Who has voted for Seokhyeon?) (Stephanie) (Soyeong) (Kisum) (All three have voted for Banker Seokhyeon) (He couldn’t be happier) (Then who did Soyou vote for?) (None other than Lawyer Kang Seongshin) (Seokhyeon has 3 votes and Seongshin has 1) (Mun Hong and Yeongkwon didn’t receive any votes) Now, Seokhyeon, you can choose three ladies… – Three ladies. / – To go on a date with. Only one of you won’t be chosen by him. (Who will be the unfortunate lady that won’t be picked?) You may begin picking your dates. (Everyone is getting nervous) (Who will be his first date?) (Wary) (It’s…) (Stephanie!) (Feeling uncomfortable) (His first choice is Stephanie) (Parched lips) Well… (Who will be the second one to get asked out?) This isn’t easy. (Do you want us to do it for you?) (Seokhyeon chooses Soyou!) Look at that. (Feeling uneasy) (His second choice is Soyou) Who’s your last pick? (Who will be Seokhyeon’s last pick?) (This is so nerve-racking) (This is getting so fun) (It’s Kisum!) (Spits on Seokhyeon) (Laughing) I was getting ready to spit on you if you didn’t ask me out. I tried to be as ladylike as possible. (So funny) We already had a good talk… – Earlier on. / – It’s fine. It’s over now. You’re funny, you told me that I look like I’m 20 earlier. I guess I look older to you now. What is this nonsense? Everyone got chosen except for me. (Everyone got chosen except for me) I felt really upset. (I’m sorry, Soyeong) Time to announce the most-voted lady. (Which lady won the most number of badges?) The lady who received the most badges is… (Everyone is getting anxious) (Curious) Stephanie! (Stephanie is the winner!) (Proud) And we have another winner. (Another winner?) Soyou! (Soyou is the other winner!) What happens then? (What do you mean, what happens?) We’re the leftovers. Let’s go home, Kisum. This isn’t the place for us. (Are they giving up midway through the show?) You’re all lame. (Spits again) (Bursts into laughter) Let’s go home. (Sorry, Soyeong) (Stephanie and Soyou each received 2 heart badges) (While Soyeong and Kisum received none) Stephanie, please pick who you’d like to go on a date with. – I pick two, right? / – Yes. I pick… (Who will Stephanie pick?) (Being careful) First… This is so nerve-racking. – I can’t watch this. / – Me neither. (Looking right at Stephanie) I was your first choice. (The first heart badge goes to…) (Banker Jin Seokhyeon) And now… (Lucky you) Let’s finish what we were talking about earlier. Yes. (The second heart badge goes to Mun Hong) (What a bitter moment this is) Soyou, you can take your pick now. I’m really bad at making choices like this. Soyou… (Who will Soyou choose?) – I pick 2, right? / – Yes, you pick 2. (The unchosen one) (The other unchosen one) (Who are the two that’ll get Soyou’s heart badges?) (All eyes on Soyou) (Surprised) (We’re finally getting chosen!) (Yeongkwon and Seongshin got chosen) – That’s a surprise. / – All guys got chosen now. Wait, does that mean that I’m left behind here alone? We’ll give you a soccer ball. You can practice here. – Like in the movie? / – Remember this from earlier? (I’m sorry) (It’s a lonely day today) (Before the Jenga Date…) We’ve never done anything like this before. We’ve never watched others date or flirt. I’m usually not interested in others’ love life. – It’s irrelevant. / – We can’t either. It’s not about us anyway. We never know how we’ll end up. (Soyou) (Let’s go on a date soon) His side profile looks so good. He’s good looking. He looks like a kind person. A face that women love. What about us? (What about us?) I’m charming the more you see me. There are people who you’re just attracted to in first sight. There are others who you’re just attracted to as time goes on. We don’t have much time. (Isn’t it taking too long for us?) We’re already more than halfway through. What a brutal show. I can’t believe this. (I can’t believe what’s happening) Fine, be that way. Have fun. (Good luck to you) (Why do I feel like someone just spat on me?) Kisum, would you like to go first? – Kisum? / – We’ll go this way. (What’s a Jenga Date?) (Each person pulls out a piece at a time) (Answer or do what is written on the chosen block) (It’s a dud if it doesn’t have anything written on it) (The game is over when the tower falls) – Kisum, Mr. Jin, Soyou and me. / – Mr. Jin. It won’t fall over right from the start, will it? (Kisum is scared to go first) It pulls out so easily. (She was worried about nothing) I hear there’s a question on it. (What is Kisum’s block asking her to do?) Pick a person and pinch their cheeks in an affectionate way. (Stephanie because that’s easier?) I thought you were only allowed to pick a man. You have to pick a man. That only leaves Seokhyeon. Yes. Mr. Jin, you have to do everything. You have to do the whole game. Mr. Jin, gosh. Why would anyone do such a thing? Why would anyone pinch another person’s cheeks in a loving way? It’s his lucky day today. (Mr. Jin’s lucky day today) Do I really pinch him? (Fists clenched) – Don’t do it too painfully. / – Of course not. (What a chicken) Do it lightly. (Please be kind) (Here she goes) Just a light pinch. (Embarrassed) (Making a weird noise) (They flop on the table in embarrassment) So cute. Who did she call cute? Is the air conditioning off here? (Is it hot in here or is it just me?) – This is embarrassing. / – It was cute. It’s my turn, right? (I should just move on) (Speedy) (Looking around) There are blank ones. – There are blank ones? / – There are duds. – Really? / – Yes. The tower is already wobbling. (It’s Soyou’s turn) (Carefully pulling one out) (Successful) (She’s good) – Mine is blank. / – It’s a dud. Mine was the only one with something on it. Is it going to topple over? (She’s making the game more difficult now) Really? (Why?) (Why did she do that?) It’s going to topple over. I think Soyou did that on purpose to end the game quickly. Soyou doesn’t like this guy. (She’s not into Seokhyeon) She wants to end the date already. She doesn’t like him that bad? Yes, she wants to leave. She feels uncomfortable there. So he got three votes, but none were Soyou’s? Exactly. It wasn’t Soyou. Soyou didn’t vote for him? Don’t you think so, just by the looks of it right now? – Is that so? / – Yes. She’s not enjoying this date. (She’s not enjoying this date) I like Soyou. – Really? / – That was random. (Seongshin’s crush is on a date with someone else) It’s not getting anywhere so far. (Success) (Curious) – It’s blank again. / – It’s blank. Let’s keep going. (She has to top her block on top of the tower) (Wobbling) I hope it falls so the date ends. I want to knock the tower over. (These people wish the game would be over already) You want it to fall? Fall, fall, fall! Be careful what you wish for, it might fall over on your date. I want that date to end already. How do I go about this? (What do I do?) – I’m sorry. / – You did it for the show. I made it too difficult. (I’m fine, I’ll give it a try) (Carefully pulling out a block) (Successful) (Nice play, Kisum) Is there something written on yours? Wink. (Choose a person and wink at that person) Why am I the only one with missions? (Why am I the only one with missions?) (Seokhyeon has no choice) This is driving me crazy. (Wink already) (Don’t drag it on) – Can I wink? / – She’s good at winking. (Here goes Kisum’s wink) (Winking) (She acts cute) (The fluttering moment…) (Only lasted so long) She’s so cute. Gosh. (She feels utterly embarrassed) She’s so cute. (He’s satisfied) – Hurry up. / – Okay. (The more we play Jenga) (Why do I feel more uneasy?) This is a piece of cake. (It’s Seokhyeon’s turn) (Risky) He did it. Something’s written on it. (Uneasy) – I wonder what it says. / – It must be something odd. It’s too much. – Why? / – It’s too obscene. Why? – Isn’t this public channel? / – Why? They say it’s obscene. (Gosh, it’s making me curious) What could it be? (What could it be?) “Hold hands with an opposite sex until you take the next stick out.” Gosh. My gosh. – This… / – Choose one. Hold one person’s hand? Were you going to hold all our hands? No, that’s not what I meant. Or our feet. Was he going to hold them all? How many hands does he have? Or he could hold his own hands. He’s a weird man. Stop badmouthing so much. No, I was stating a fact. – You’re so mean. / – I’m only stating the facts. (Isn’t this what just happened?) Well… Does anyone want to hold my hand? (What did he just say?) – Are you making us step forward? / – If not… – If not… / – Unbelievable. I’ll choose. Then… (This moment is making the girls’ hearts race) I’ll hold her hand as I place it. (Let’s hold hands, Kisum) I’ll hold hands. (Will you hold my hand?) I’ll do the rest. (Look how manly he is) (She lets him hold her hand) My gosh. She’s feeling good. Kisum is feeling happy. She’s not upset anymore. He’ll soon pinch her cheek. (Screaming) (They held hands!) They held hands. What’s going on? See? I told you. He’s a player. He just held her hands. He’s sending her a message. (The two are holding hands) (Did Seokhyeon change his mind or is he just playing?) This is crazy. It’s so funny. (Is Kisum feeling excited?) Can I have a mask? My face is burning. Did he hold my hands because he’s interested in me or was it because I was the closest to him and it was inconvenient to reach out to others? That’s why I was puzzled. (She’s still unsure) (You can’t tell what’s on his mind) (Did the wink and pinch change his mind?) (And to one person, all this is unpleasant) (She’s bothered) It bothered me. (Even when it was her turn to take out the stick) (She couldn’t ignore the hands) I just stared. I was a little upset. (She couldn’t help it) She’s daring. (This is the end of upsetting Jenga time) – I’m sorry. I couldn’t help. / – What do we do? What did it say anyway? What was it? – It was an order. / – “Give each other nicknames.” Then the two would have… (It would’ve been enough to make them fall in love) (Bitter) – Soyeong. / – Kisum. You said you didn’t want to go. – Were you watching us? / – Hey. How could you… How did you find it? It was really fun. (Hong feels nervous and downs his water) (He goes off to his date) – Good luck. / – Thanks. We’ll only talk good things about you. Don’t worry. We won’t badmouth you. (Do you trust us?) (The Jenga Date for the three of them) (Excited, nervous) Taking this out won’t make it crumble, will it? I think I’ll take this out. (He takes it out right away) – What does it say? / – “Make an acrostic poem…” “With the other person’s name.” I can do it right away. – S. / – You are… – Te. / – Quite stylish. – Pha. / – Seeing how blue looks good on you… – Nie. / – You’re so my type. (You’re so my type) (You’re so witty) That was awesome. – I’m the host here. / – You’re right. (This is what the host is capable of) A guy should’ve been here. I’ll give you the syllables. – S. / – Stop. – Te. / – Tephanie. – Pha. / – You’re wearing blue. – Nie. / – You’re so beautiful. – “You’re so beautiful?” / – That was good. What was that? It’s how you speak in Britain. – What did he say? / – “You’re so beautiful.” What was that? It’s not fun. That was lame. (What was that?) (Now, it’s Seokhyeon’s turn) (Curious) “Hold hands with an opposite until you take the next stick out.” – Did you pick that again? / – Yes. Why don’t we have her back here? – Excuse me. / – Kisum. Kisum. – They are holding hands. / – Did he pick that again? He’s holding Stephanie’s hands. – Seokhyeon? / – Seokhyeon. (I’m watching you) – Did he leave a mark on it? / – Yeah. – He wants to hold hands. / – Something fluorescent? – He wants to hold hands. / – It must be visible. He’s like a professional gambler. He says he’s a banker but… I guess you love holding hands. I do. (In that sense) (Will you hold my hand?) (It was his right hand before) (Now, I give you my left hand) (Would you hold my left hand?) You have no other choice. How will I take my stick out? (The two hold hands tightly) (My gosh) (Why do I feel so bitter?) – End it now. / – End it now. How long is this going to air for? – End it now. / – End it now. – End it now. / – How long will you air this? (Her dance moves seem sad) Seokhyeon seems pretty happy. “We were happy.” His facial expression is sincere. I know. (Upset) I’ll take one now. It’s good to hold hands. I’m sweating. Did you like it this much earlier? (Say it now) Earlier… I like it more now. (My gosh, what did he say?) (Why did he speak casually?) (Don’t you think we’ve gotten quite close?) I like it more now. I get what he’s like now. He’s quite flirtatious. (He’s flirting with everyone) I liked it. Whether it was a lie or not, he still said he liked to hold my hands more. That was very nice. That was smart. I must have no pride. He held hands with Kisum then it was me straight after. But I still liked it. What can I say when I liked it? (This sweet guy) Well done. (Whispering) He whispered like he was talking to his girlfriend. (The two are so happy) Can I go and take a nap? (It’s not because I’m jealous) This is so boring. – It’s nearly over. / – Is it? (I’m looking at the wall because it’s so boring) (She looks away) (Or that’s what she wants to do) (But why does it bother her so much?) Don’t overdo it yet. I hate seeing you holding hands, but I want to ask something. Don’t let it crumble yet. (He’s super focused) (His attention bears fruit) He’s an athlete for sure. “Is your ideal type here or not?” (Is your ideal type here or not?) – Ideal type? / – Or someone close to it. Yes, you two are. (You two are close to my ideal type) I like people who show how they feel about me. I don’t have any set standards of men’s looks. So this is what I always say. That’s it. Alright. This is hard. It’s tricky. (He does his best) (I will not let go of this hand) (You can do it, Mr. Jin) (Wobbly) Oh, gosh. Are you okay? Yes, I’m fine. (Why would you get hurt from playing Jenga?) – What does it say? / – “How many relationships so far?” Good job on dropping that. – Everyone would’ve been hurt. / – He’s… – Well done. / – You saved yourself. – Well done. / – Good job. It was fun. I keep forgetting that we’re shooting a show. My gosh, that was so boring. – It’s our turn now. / – It is. (Let’s see) Do we go up now? We should try that too. (We’re going to see you, Soyou) Do I go meet them now? – I’ll be right back. / – Good luck. (Have fun with your date) I want to be there also, to be honest. It’s like a psychological… (It’s okay. I know) I’m okay. (It’s my 3rd time watching others’ dates. It’s okay) Oh, it’s here. (The three of them have met for the Jenga Date) You were watching in the men’s room, right? – Yes. / – Yes. You all know how to play, right? We remove it and put it on top. – And then we ask… / – Then I’ll go first. Sure, go ahead. (Being careful) (Slipping) (What message does the block Soyou picked have?) This is fun. – What is it? / – What is it? What is it? She said it’s fun as soon as it started. It is fun. – It must’ve been fun. / – Ordinary ones aren’t fun… But this one was fun. Does anyone want to answer to this question? Me. When did your heart flutter because of me today? (Pick one person) Every moment. (My heart was fluttered by you every moment) She loves it. I think Soyou seems brighter than before. How was it when you were with her? She didn’t have that face when she was with me. – Soyou? / – Yes, she didn’t. I’m sorry, but she does seem brighter here. I’m tearing up. She seems way brighter. (It’s Doctor Kim’s turn) (Shaking) Here I go. (What’s the block that Doctor Kim picked say?) “How far will you go on the first day you meet someone?” How far on the first day? (Physical contact on the first day?) (The curious guys are scarily focused) I can accept hugging. – Hugging? / – Because it’s the first day. I think I can go further than hugging. – What’s further than hugging? / – A kiss. A light kiss? – Yes, it’s like… / – A French kiss? No, not the French one. Isn’t French kiss a light kiss? – No, it’s… / – French kiss is… (KBS complies with the broadcasting regulations) Oh, I see. What do you call a light kiss? – Just… A kiss? / – A peck? – Just a peck? Okay, got it. / – A peck. Yes. (What about Doctor Kim?) Since you’re the one who picked it. Well, I think kissing on the forehead would be fine. Kissing on the forehead? – Yes, to say goodbye. / – Kissing to wish goodnight? Kissing on the forehead? I can’t even imagine. How can you kiss on the forehead on the first day? The atmosphere is heated up. – Can I take it off? It’s hot. / – Sure. (Full of passion) I want to do well. (He’s cute) (It’s my turn) (Shall I show off my skills?) (He takes a deep breath first) Pulling this block out will be challenging. (I’m a man) – This one will be… / – No! – You have to pull it out. / – Since you touched it. (They must be from Jenga Association or something) – Oh, is that so? / – You have to pull that one out. – I touched this one, right? / – Yes. (I’ll make sure to pull it off) (I’m sharp…) (And also very delicate) (He ends it with a scissors method) (He already planned this!) (It’s super exciting) It won’t fall. This has to remain standing. Does it have a question? (Curious) How was my first impression? First impression? The moment I first saw you? No, it could be some time later than that. (No, it could be some time later than that) (You get what I mean, right?) (How was Lawyer Kang’s first impression?) Your first impression… Because it said “lawyer” on the badge, I thought, “He does look like a lawyer.” (He does look like a lawyer) What is that? – I mean… / – No, not that one. He’s a doctor, and I’m a lawyer, so… (Then is his first impression like a doctor’s?) I mean… But he didn’t look like a doctor. My image? (That’s interesting) (She said I looked different) You don’t have to answer this, but how was my first impression? (Could you be more specific?) (Laughing) Those guys are jealous of each other. They’re very jealous. (But it’s for only one person) – Can I say it? / – Of course. – Your first impression? / – Yes. I thought you were very passionate. Passionate? What about me? – I told you already. / – She told you already. Didn’t I seem passionate? (I’m very passionate now, aren’t I?) Stop it, you’re a lawyer. (The jealousy is blooming with the game of Jenga) I’ll pull one out. (It’s Soyou’s turn again) (Shrieking) – Oh, no. / – It’s not moving at all. (It won’t even budge) (What will they do about this?) Keep tapping. You’re doing well. You don’t seem to be doing that well. She’s doing well. What’s wrong with you? I just thought we could use some other method… (It’s all my fault) (Crying) (The Jenga Date is in danger) (She collects her wits and give it another try) I can only use one hand. It’s okay even if it falls. Just go for it. (My gosh) (A guy who gets surprised like me) (And right next to me…) (A guy who makes me feel relaxed) The game could’ve ended because of my mistake. So I was very pressured. But the doctor told me that it’s okay. So I felt very happy. (I felt very happy) (His cheer made her feel happy) (You’re going great, Soyou) No, take a breath again. (They’re very different even at this moment) – I’m sorry. / – It’s okay. (It was fun thanks to you) It’s because the lawyer guy talked a lot at the end. You did well, but… – It’s very… / – The questions are so fun. There are so many fun ones. “Wink for the other person.” (The Jenga Date that was rather fun ends)

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  1. Tbh, based on looks I liked the lawyer more, but when the jenga tower almost dropped I like the doctor's attitude more.

  2. Stephanie reminds me of Momo when she smiles but i cannot pinpoint what it is
    Kisum is such a baby soo cute
    I strive to be as sassy as the comedian i love her 😂😂
    And I like how Soyou keeps it interesting and omg her face when the doctor calmed her down!

  3. HeeChul also has to go there like SoYou did 😀 But i guess everygirl is his friend so thats kinda dangerous for him in terms of trustworthy :DDD

  4. I liked the doctor for soyu at first but change my mind at the scene where he was badmouthing the other guy too much. That was so freaking annoying to watch.

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