Marathon of Dangers and the Puddle Foot method

Hi! So, there’s this event in Finland
called the “Marathon of Dangers”, and it means you run the marathon in
Koli National Park. The map looks like this and there are many ups and downs and technical forest trails. So, if you’re interested there is also: a shorter
variant and two longer variants, if you’re into that. But I ran the 43
kilometers and some people were asking me: But why? So in this video I answer why. Two years ago I got this scarf from Pasi who ran the marathon back then. And I really like it, I wear it often but when I do people ask me: So how was it? Was it difficult? Did you go all the way? And to that I always
give the same lame answer like: You see I didn’t run this there it’s a gift from
somebody and bla bla bla bla so I was tired of saying this and I saw myself
with two options: I either stopped wearing the scarf or run the darn thing. So day before yesterday a guy called Juha canceled his registration and he gave me his spot (Thanks Juha!) I didn’t think I’ll run it this year so I didn’t
train for it per se but I felt ok and I said: It’s now or never.
I quickly went to store to buy supplies checked the map and make a plan to finish
in about 8 hours, ate plenty of pasta and went to bed. Yesterday I left my car in
parking place Two which meant that I could take the ski lift to the top. Doing
so I got to see something quite interesting: At the bottom it was Autumn
but there was Winter at the top. I had to make a quick decision on what clothes to
wear and eventually decided to keep the jacket on with only a base layer underneath.
And it was a good idea. I could open and close it depending on the weather. My plan was to think of the first part as a warm-up and only after that the race
really starts. It wasn’t hard to do that the first part was easier and I was
trying to enjoy the scenery. One funny strategy I came up with was the “Puddle
Foot” strategy. You see there were unavoidable puddles, streams or deep snow
everywhere, which meant that the socks will get wet sooner or later and I only
had one extra pair so I started to sacrifice one foot: the Puddle Foot for
these situations. After about a third of the race I changed that sock and
switched the puddle foot and did the same thing again after 2/3 of the race.
Anyway so the race was easier than expected but then again I expected the
worst. I kept a slow and steady pace and finished in just about eight hours. I
also did a budget check so turns out I spent 64 euros for the registration, I
had to buy this emergency blanket, food supplies and I had to drive there and back. So looks kind of expensive but I got
free stuff from the organizers and I quickly googled to see how much they’re
worth and… I took the ski lift up and down for free, I got this magazine and
a smoothie at the registration and I got a grilled sausage, recovery drink
and this new scarf at the finish line. that followed by a free pasta buffet and
a spa. So, not that bad after all. And that’s it. Now I can wear the scarf without worrying and maybe I’m even
gonna alter it a bit.

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