Mantak Chia: Tao’s sexual & multi-orgasmic practices for longevity – Part 1

yeah hello my delicious co-creators lelu here
in beautiful Thailand with Mantak Chia here in the tower garden the health & Spa
Resort you have created started construction actually 21 years ago is
that right? Yes. you must be so amazed to see all these
people now running through your resort and learning Dao and practicing it for
real and put all these books out i mean you have quite an amazing a carrier and life on you’re the expert can we say on Dao that’s what they say. yeah you
definitely study it truly and I want to start right off in in what is all the
ultimate goal of of Dao I yeah it took me 45 years of teaching
to understand the whole thing and we call when they did when they released
the picture of the whole universe a covered with violet light and they are
inter connection like our brain and those in the connection they have and they have energy in the
connection to Carol I brain so the communication together and so they said
this energy have intelligence and that’s what my master told me that the soul and
the spirit is an intelligent energy and you make me understand all the whole
universe because the Dao also talk about violet light and many of the
tradition also talk about what they like so now we understand that in this in the
universe there are in the connecting like the quantum leap but now they put that after they take
1,000,000 picture and they proved that the whole universe are covered with violet light and they have intelligent in the connecting together and control the
whole universe and I understand the word now that’s it oneness with God our oneness with the
universe so we become part of the universe and
that is the goal that we want to go back but in the Dao say in… so every day
they are newborn spirit coming out morning on the universe but they are a
like a baby like a child and then we’ll grow up and and the rule is they have to have a
physical because their energy they have no phone so they need to have a physical
because the physical can is like a carrier for them and they can express
and they can learn and they can the the physical can producing energy to feed
them and they grow and later on when they grow up they can learn and have
reached them in knowledge and they can go up to the universe and come part of it so that’s why the gold in the Dao we always talk about a baby so in baby spirit and now i understand because the universe
have so many new ones spirit and they never develop but if they don’t have a
chance to become a human they never develop up into an
intelligent one to become part of the universe so now and the Dao always say that we come to the world in hurry baby so in baby spirit and many people come to the world and
they don’t know it so they eat the doing there they eat
during work hard our sex and drugs and everything and they drain all the energy
energy is the one to hold the soil spirit here when the source of their
Energy gone the soul spirit left so a lot of people
there they come to this world and they don’t know it all so they drain all the
life force when they leave the world the source we still remain a child so we said our wandering ghost lost so and hungry goes
because they lose this physical and their baby and they get lost so right
in though in the halloween day we always want to trick them because they are
child so the way we took them we called
tricker trick we give them a candy to a child and let it go away we treat them to get away because they
are child lost that get lost so that’s why a lot of a lot of soul
spirit they left this world in the baby from in a child from and they get lost so the about said this is the major go
if you understand you have a soul you already first alignment you understand
you have a children soul you are second in alignment and you
learn and you decide to raise your soul spirit at third alignment and the
four alignment you need to find a system that really really can provide
you enough energy to feed and grow this sho.. child and that is my goal yeah when you put together the universal
tile system and you say it will take a lot a lot more books so you can put this all this together at
the I saw the ultimate so the ultimate goal basically is to this is the
sequence seeking immortality right can you tell us more about this difference
between physical and spiritual immortality ‘cose you talk a lot about
longevity but but but there is more than that..the.. soul and spirit… the first step
you have to know that is soul and spirit never die because the energy so the
formula of the ice by that e equals MC square you defy the am and you find the
see you can produce the energy so we have M is physical and we in the past
that you are you bond with the hearthfire you want with the kidney
five-year you wanted that and until you have fire if you condemn the loving fire
loving energy you become living fire it can transform and you can buy the
kidney fire we call out chemical fire combine and the dandy on fire you can
transform thing so there is the one that we transform
it in the sexual energy and transform them into the spiritual energy to feed the
soul and spirit because sexual energy is an extra energy other than your original force that you
have and kidney chi that you have you cannot do
anything with it but sexual energy can transform so every religion they know it the
sexual energy is the most important energy to transform. And yet a lot of a lot of gurus
say in the world that you have to be celibate when this happens a lot in india right
would you think about that to reach enlightenment the celibacy.
There are different kind of theory different kind of method now celibacy is
one thing but in the Dao say you can be stay celibacy or you can but the whole
thing in that thing is transformation the whole thing is a transformation so… To reach enlightenment to reach
immortality to reach awakening. You have to transform it so you the celibacy in order to keep the
sperm or the lake the sexual energy the next step if you
transform it you can transform it and the sexual energy can
form into spiritual energy and feed the soul and spirit and they
grow up… now but a lot of… but in the Dao practice we have a practice we
call not ejaculation so that mean you can we believe that the
sexual energy can multiply our lot because the sexual energy creating a
human and multiplied to a trillion trillion cells so one cell of the father
mother mixed together become one human and he spit into 50 trillion cells and
every year we split so a lot of power there so the sexual
energy can multiply so in the dark practice a sexual practice is multiplied
the energy and time for me and Malta and transforming other why you don’t have
enough energy to feed all the soil spirit how about the orgasm and all that yeah
the orgasm is a key we got love and orgasm creating and not
of fossils we called bliss and ecstasy and this is the energy this is what we call the foot of the
spiritual energy so that’s why in the dow we understand
it not only suppression not only celibacy but you go in when you feel highly
aroused so orgasm and love and compassion and you combine them together
they become one forces and these forces so the in the physical part of the West
discovered a DNA renew will need around so orgasm
love and compassion and the earth vibration combined together we make the
DNA split in a pop away now if you speak in this position the cell is very good but we under so
much stress so much angry so much head to it the cell still have to speed possibly in
a very very bad condition and remember so many many bad oh all memory and all emotional when you
get around to orgasm in the brain we call lap right brain single night
Boone he said the 0 dy out a lot of Ooo
emotional oh all bad emotional clear the amount is
set to see low and this one he put it when they tested india we’re not and now tested in the Berlin
the part that Latin right brain is so when you feel are also orgasm and you
have brain or casa lemon right okay Sam Boone is set is a
20 and now they’re orgasm spread to the ice
get to the ear spread to the nose press the mouse because senses orgasm people are dying for Kassim we are dying
for entertainment because something – I orgasm we’re dying for all kind of music all
crazy world music because we want to the ER qasim we want to eat and eat because
we want amount of care for Kassim we want to smell in some smell we want the nose to orgasm and we are
dying for orgasm but we are actually draining out orgasm not enhancing it so if you have a casa merely being a
casa up into the brain into the brain into the senses and later on in every
organ or chasm so we can mount a orgasm redistribute
this day with olga because people have orgasm here and very quick Lucy you lose the orgasm
is oh my god i want more guessing only a
few seconds a few minutes and finish and then there was we’re up in the higher
center and you lose them all and we keep on looking more orgasm but we go on a
wrong direction we are spending so much trillions and trillions of dollars in
entertainment incredible money are we happy we’re not happy at all
because this temper rd of I orgasm orgasm walk with spending so much food
and we never certify the time the appetite and we never and the crediting
we now certify it because you never get a real orgasm one inside to satisfy your
senses yeah is there a way to actually talking
about food feel that that orgasmic way about food while eating like here
there’s all these healthy foods is there a way to be so present in that
present moment is our dental practice that we can take it then we take
everybody get around that was then we’re talking about drink your foot and it your liquid that
mean when you have food you to them until I become water with building
you’re chewing the air and we believe that she in the air come in it because the Slava had 10 time
more this or power then the water so when you chew the four and you become
liquid and they’re a comin in she coming in oxygen come in not as in come in and become liquid
nitrogen a liquid oxygen and then mixing in the food now our of energy in the
food and when you doing them the food down you doing them because it’s already
predigest so you enjoy doing because the food is
more natural and we know we don’t use the msg and with them use their the
normal and white sugar and we don’t just the normal south so we we spending so
much time in making broth and all the cooking we we want to be more fresh so
that’s why you’re eating more healthy and which when you chew them you feel so
good about it and you enjoy and normal simple way of food where we really used
to the quick fix on the we want it now and right now you know when and we don’t
it seems like it is you have to be very patient to be a terrorist are was a
really really their sexual relationship and to miss sea food that thing is that i’m aware of the dow
i alway lies how unnatural we work but the new
technology can speed up something but something more organic you need time for
that so I always like new technology can help
me but not our has ended up that’s what I like the new technology
and understand the nature and go with the nature and there’s a belief system
you speak a lot about belief systems what are some important things to that
we can believe in that using we should believe in they could help us in that process that
thing is that the first thing you have to feed at their forces myself so the simple one we know that we have
ice by Emma a a ice i discovered a lot of thing and now are armed men t mean
franking discover they are the gravity ok so um now we know we have the force of
the earth putting us and we know the moon have a
power pulling the height I loti affecting women in ventilation a part of
affecting men in our emotionally in a full moon so we call mentoring the world wolf and
they’re hungry for blood you know so so all these things the
force I’m working on it but the earth and the
moon very small so the doubt discovered that their planet some of them smarter and ask them then
because then ask price on them very big lie Jupiter lie certain very big there are many many times bigger than us
and they have a force affecting us the Sun we know a big forces affecting us
now we know that in the Taoism and their proof there are forces on the NOS ha ha everybody talked about now studying know
it we need to recognize the direction why because the nos da for us that’s why we always see the nystatin
move because they’re not stop pull us and all the planet we have except the
earth is pulled by them in the earth for by the lahnstein the rest know so there are no living being you got the
North Star and southern cost pool and the now we are changing to viger so not
passed out and across and their vigor they’re pulling the earth and the sun
for us in another stop us out in that I believe that – victor is so big have a power of
pulling us so we equal so we have of it and that make the
Earth’s survival seconding the access to and that’s an
equator exposed to the Sun now we have hot one more one more coal where we don’t
have the North been sounding couple as the exit to work the Sun we are dying by
all the planet is dry out and nothing have happen we got when you to the Sun than not Pope
very very hard when our the waterboy we die you see so when you expo to the
Sun this way all the water in the normal boiling but the rest icy cold so nobody can live so that so
now if we talk about the force we believe that now the side effects
they said the North Star hundred thousand times because then the Sun if
we put order planet together is to smarter than the Sun so you see how much
power do not support us so the dow believe that there are forces so when you do meditation when you relax
in that you feel something pulling you up because the access right when you
allow your axis you feel something falling you and that the nonstop housing
affecting the spouse many scientists they put that way also
but thousand know that so the power of all the living thing
here affecting by the last powerhouse now the passes here and when they are
affecting that the passes there is where all the living thing can
leave and that’s how the sauces is here and you’ll have to do you have to learn
how to feel the forces yeah yeah by travelpod member yeah ok

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