100 thoughts on “Magician Reacts to CARDESTROY!!

  1. Anyone else notice the coffee cup was labeled? The little graphics you guys put in these are simple, dope, and fun. I love it!

  2. Dude, your vids are always a highlight of my day. I'll watch the ads, I'll click the links, I've got some of those headphones in my basket, your content is awesome!

    Keep doing the good thang and f the detractors and trolls!


  4. Im curius about cardistry, is this something that you need to pick up while you are young or can an older person learn from scratch?

  5. i need a quote on cardistry for my persuasive speech on why people shoud do cardistry so could you write something on how cardistry strengthens your fingers as a reply to this comment

  6. Annoys me greatly when someone posts a comment on a video of mine saying "video starts at 0 : 25". Or when people complain that my intro takes longer than 7 seconds. Are you really that impatient for free content? lol

  7. Guy at 7:55 flashes/shows how he does the trick thats kinda why watching vids on yt suck cuz they either cut things, or have the cam set up without showing all angles, or even a top down position when youre doing stuff like he did. Having everything set up outta sight, or behind the box where when he did the ribbon spread. Also when he was pulling the last card he never showed both sides before the reveal. Just kind crazy for me I guess cuz I do enjoy trying to figure out how things are done.

  8. Hey, you don't know if Ben flashed or not! Maybe he was showing the sugar packets appeared when he caught the fire 😛 ROFL. Also sucks that you can see the fake thumb 3 times at least I did.

  9. My little cousin was in a children’s hospital and he didn’t have to drag a cursor either, he had a special program that tracked his eyes because he was disabled … lucky!!

  10. I'm so sad, I don't have instagram, I really wish I did. Great video by the way and thanks for supporting at a children's hospital, I know it means a lot to them.

  11. A recent study out of Harvard Medical shows a correlation between Bluetooth usage and an severe increase in brain tumors. I had a friend who was a hospital IT administrator. Died at 41 from a massive brain tumor. He wrote a Bluetooth device everyday. I'm concerned for you, take them off, please.

  12. Only just watched this, don't know how I missed it, but the Fiver video is going to be great, even if it's pretty cringy

  13. Lol! Busted 😂 Can't wait to see the 'magic' from fiverr 😂 and yep. Late to you vid.. But luckily within the days that count for you right?
    And your rant? Totally agree!!

  14. Chris, Funny idea with the hip-hop mix moment. I took it up a notch in a tribute to you. Check it out!! – https://youtu.be/dEGSFRU_1EU

  15. Yeah, i have to drag my mouse like all over my screen and it's tough going….Really good point well made dude…the murky world of the youtube comments section is beset with very judgmental, "you should do this or that"…or not kinda people. Thankfully, that is still outweighed by good decent people who just wanna post a thought…Peace.

  16. hey, i am searching for Cards who are 0.6 inches smaller than bicycle cards. Do someone know a brand with this kind of cards ?

  17. bass you wouldn't normally get? Man… you need to buy actual headphones and not some cheap 25 dollar pair. Sennheiser, AKG and even Sony have fantastic headphones with actual bass. Even the cheap Sennheiser HD 4.50 have fantastic bass. But well those headphones aren't manufactured great either when it comes to connecting the headphones with the cable (metal sides aren't placed in correctly) or charging port (feels loose.)

  18. Last video I ever watch of yours nice comment about the sick kids I love how you evolved from a YouTube nobody to criticizing your viewer complaints bravo buddy bravo

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