Low Sperm Motility: Its Causes and Treatment

Hi, I am Dr Sweta Gupta – Clinical Director
at Medicover fertility. Today I am going to discuss Sperm Motility:
What is it? What causes low sperm motility? and how low sperm motility affects pregnancy? There are three main parameters that are looked
at in a semen sample to determine the fertility status of a man. They are count, morphology and sperm motility. What is Sperm Motility? Sperm motility is the ability of the sperm
to move. For conception to occur, the sperms need to
swim forward towards the egg and fertilise it before it disintegrates. According to WHO’s latest criteria, at least
40% of the sperms should be moving in a given semen sample. This is called the total motile sperm count. And among them 32% should have a rapid forward
movement, this is called progressive motility. What is low sperm motility? Low sperm motility is technically known
as asthenospermia or asthenozoospermia and is diagnosed when the sperms that can move
efficiently are less than 32%. It means that the sperms find it difficult
to move towards the egg due to its limited motility. What affects sperm motility? The most important factor affecting the
quality of sperm is stress and some health conditions. Also, excess heat around the genitals increases
scrotal temperature that can affect the motility of sperm. It is also advised to avoid excessive consumption
of alcohol and smoking. How low sperm motility affects pregnancy? If a man has low sperm motility, then he
might be diagnosed with male factor infertility. Because after ovulation an egg stays in the
fallopian tube for 12-24 hours waiting for the sperm to fertilise it. If the sperms have low motility, then they
would not be able to swim up the uterus to reach the fallopian tubes in time to fertilise
the egg, thereby affecting pregnancy. What are the treatment options for low
sperm motility? If a couple is facing an issue in conceiving
due to low sperm motility and have tried fertility drugs like clomiphene to increase motility,
but without any luck, then best is resorting to Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART)
to conceive successfully. The available options are:
• IUI: Intrauterine insemination is recommended when the sperm motility range is between 30-40%. This procedure saves the sperm from taking
the long journey from the cervix to the fallopian tube thus making it easier to reach the egg. • IVF: In vitro fertilisation is recommended
when the sperm motility is lower than 30%. • ICSI: Intracytoplasmic sperm injection
is recommended in men with severe motility issues. How can Medicover Fertility help males
with low sperm motility? Medicover fertility clinics are among the
top fertility clinics in Europe now in India. With state of the art technology and technical
expertise of doctors, we have been successfully treating men with fertility issues. We have many low sperm motility success stories
to share as we have treated many cases of low sperm motility where patients had come
to us after failed IUI and IVF’s. Thank you for watching this video, if you
have any questions or concerns regarding low sperm motility, you can drop your questions
in the comment section or call us on 7862800700.

79 thoughts on “Low Sperm Motility: Its Causes and Treatment

  1. This is a very informative video. A lot of people would get help from this. You defined it very well. My friend's husband has a low sperm motility. They went for an IUI treatment and were successful. I'm happy for them. Having a success over infertility is the best thing.

  2. This is a great video. There are a lot of issues. I'm glad they are explaining men infertility. People blame women only. But the fact is men infertility is also the same. It needs the same attention. Keep up the good work.

  3. Yes, exactly. Male infertility is a big problem. People think it's not serious. Some even let it pass. And, blame women for it. But spreading awareness about it is really important. Keep up the good work.

  4. This is so interesting. I'm glad people are talking about infertility. That, too, infertility in men. It's an equally huge problem. People let it go at times, but it's important to realize that it exists. Infertility is a horrible issue. And, we need to defeat it together.

  5. This is a great video. Infertility due to men is not discussed these days. Great to see that steps are being taken to promote awareness. Many males have to go through this problem. I am going to share this with my sisters' husband who is going through the same. I hope to hear mpre good from you. Take care!

  6. This video expalins alot.The real meaning of life can only betaught.These videos help us to understnd the biology of sperms.Infertility is from both sides Men and women.Both must be measured equally.

  7. Hey, there. I'm so glad people are talking about this. Male infertility is real! And, it isn't something to be ashamed of. There are treatments. Get treated, instead of being shy! Thank you for doing this.

  8. The environment provided by them is great. Infertility is not a problem nowadays. It can be treated. So don’t be stressed out ladies. Stay positive. Keep smiling. Spread love! lots of love

  9. Dr. Sweta Gupta, you explained well. it is too much beneficial for medical students. I was looking for my presentation material. only two videos I like the most. first one is about men's infertility. a doctor from Ukraine clinic explained very well. second is your video. now I have prepared my slides. hoping for the good grade.

  10. hi! Your video is very informative. Infertility, I think almost every woman has to bear this pain now a day. This issue leads man to death. Sometimes I think that why this issue indulges only me. but when we see around the world that almost this issue indulges every guy in this universe. Your video inspiring me most. Keep on sharing your video. believe me, it will give the people a hope.

  11. Hi doc my husband motility is 10and sprem count is 65,is it helpful to become a parent,if no then please advice some medicine which truly effects.

  12. My sprem count 40-45millin and motility 60% and morphology 85% kya meri report normal hai ya khohi problems hai please help

  13. Hello dear M'am my sperm count is 60 million, active motile is Nil, sluggish motile is 42 and immotile is 58 % please i am very to upset to knowing about my report please Adv. me some medicine or treatment.

  14. I hv 0% sperm motility & sperm counts r 35 million.. how can i increase these to make my partner pregnant?? Ur kind response is required dr. Thanks

  15. My husbands reports showing 25% motality and 16 sperm count.
    Can I get pregnant without IUI or IVF treatment i.e naturally?

  16. Hello doctor, I have one baby and now it's getting difficult for my wife to get conceive. I have done semen analysis and the sperm motility is grade III and IV (80%), but the sperm count has come upto 12-13 million. Is the report normal in this case

  17. I discover that when I am having sexual intercourse with my wife, most times it seems like her body is hot/pepperish,
    she has not been able to conceive since we got married in December 2012, though last year I was diagnosis that my sperm count is okay but the motility that needs to increase and she has infection.
    I am in Nigeria
    what should I do? what drugs can you recommend for

  18. Hi, I am yaznesh and my age 40 yrs. I am married and planning for second issue after 3 yrs gap of 1st child. I tested sperm analysis . my sperm motility 8% , non motility 40%, sluggish motility 52%. Kindly advise to improve my motility at the earliest.

  19. my husband has rapid linear 15 percent sluggish linear 20 percent immotile 60 percent count 34 million /ml can i pregnent naturally any one having success story plzzzz tell me if anyone have suggestion

    ACTIVE 40
    PUS CELLS 01

  21. Doctor
    rapid progression is 13%
    Slow progression 15%
    Sperm count 80 million.
    Head defect 10%.
    Tail defect10%

    What shld I do??

  22. Hello maam I tested my sperm this week and surprisingly I had 00% motility…the doctor gave me the medicine called Speman'DS….are ther food to improve motility as well or can u recommend any other good medicine

  23. i'm 22 healthy and fertile but my husbands 39 and has low sperm count and motility! he smokes, drinks 18 cups of coffee, doesnt sleep enough, never exercises, never drinks water! if he changes can he end up having high counts and motility hes 10 million perML and 30% motility

  24. How can one find out if his sperm count is less and dosnt have enough requirments to make his wife pregnant…can this test be done at home or need to go to the lab and how much will it cost in indian rupees to do this test

  25. Dear mam,
    Please suggest why my ph marked bold in test Report…I have done this test for my personal knowledge..Should I go to doctor as iam unable to conceive my wife since last 1 year……
    My test results are-
    *Volume = 2.0
    * Appearance = viscid opaque
    * color = Whites
    *Viscosity = Thick
    * pH = 8.0
    * Total sperm constration = 68
    * Percentage motality = 85
    * grade a(progressive motile)= 80
    *grade b(no progressive motile) = 5
    *grade c ( immotile) = 15

    Please reply?

  26. Mere sprem count sir 22.4million per ml hai to mere sprem count kam ya… boundry per hai ky… Aisa dr. Bola hai… Sir persnal anser de sakete ho ky

  27. medam,i would ask one question,
    my cauzan have low sperm farlitity,and he make semen alanaysis, test
    so i share with, which form,
    where from i,send test copy
    plz help us,he is so depressed about this problem.thankyou,

  28. Madam mujhe English nahin aati hai please Hindi mein likh raha hun…….. quality 1.0 ml……. Active motility 20 %…… sluggish motility 30%…….. Non motility 50%…. Pus cell 60-70 PHF…… RBC CELL Nill PHF…… Sperm count 0.5 millio,s hai madam ji baccha Nahin ho pa raha hai kya mera treatment ho sakta hai best medicine bataiye mera contact number 7302229692. Please reply me🙏🙏🙏

  29. every doctor blames smoking and alcohol. i never drank and smoked and still don't have good sperms and i see people smoking all the time and drinking too and they have children

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