Longevity Spinach, Indoor or Outdoor Nutritional Powerhouse

what’s up guys out here in my backyard
and I’m actually really hungry so I wanted to make a green smoothie so I’ve
got some heat-tolerant greens back here which will do really well with our warm
summer months and a smoothie so we’re gonna talk about
two of them today they’re actually related to each other one of them is
actually called Okinawa spinach and that’s probably the more well-known of
the two Okinawan spinach is called that because it is used quite frequently in
Okinawa Japan which I have had the wonderful experience of visiting if you
ever get a chance check it out but okey now spinach is a vining plant
and you can recognize Okinawan spinach because it has purple bottom leaves and
then green top leaves these guys grow pretty prolific Lee in the heat so
you’re definitely gonna want some heat people also use them as houseplants so
as well as the other one we’re going to talk about which I actually like a
little bit more and I’ll tell you why about that too but this stuff is really
good it was really popular I had never had it until I went to Okinawa and there
it’s in quite a bit of everything from soups to salads to you’d have it on with
like some fish or something but it’s really good stuff it is a little bit
different than the longevity spinach I’m gonna just eat a piece here to jog my
memory it’s almost like a succulent a little bit Shana actually says it
tastes like the ocean a little bit it does have a little bit of a salty flavor
nothing too overwhelming though I made a salad with it last night or with a
longevity spinach which is very similar but again I just like how it grows
better and you know it’s not my favorite but I
could definitely eat it so another thing here is the longevity spinach and and
one thing about the longevity spinach that I like is it tends to get a little
bit bigger leaf and grow a little bit more prolific prolific please and so
what it does is it shoots out these long vines and another great thing about
these plants is that you can actually after you have after you’ve harvested
this here you don’t really eat the stem so what you can do is harvest this and
then throw it in some water and make a cutting and get a whole nother plant
basically for free and you get a meal out of it so that’s what I’m doing I’m
going to show you how I harvest it here today and I’m gonna put the longevity
spinach and the Okinawan spinach side-by-side all right this one’s kind
of been on the ground a little bit pick off some of those jumpy leaves but you
can see how much bigger you know that leaf is there than the Okinawan spinach
just get a lot more bang for your buck with the longevity I’ve also just seen
two farm life you know so I’ve also just seen two that the longevity spinach
seems to be put out like 3 or 4 foot long vines which I’m going to go over
here and so you know just from this here I’ll
get enough for my smoothie you know here’s this whole plant that’s really
like a nice ground cover doesn’t grow too tall I think this one is more
growing tall because it is trying to find the light here on the east side of
the house but it is really a great plant and then you know you can’t always get
your tails you can’t always get your collards and other kind of more typical
greens in Phoenix Arizona in the summertime so this is a really good one
to check out and then we’ll go ahead and show you how we’re going to utilize
these stems and propagate this freakin rooster oh my goodness so yeah stay
tuned be right back alright guys so in the kitchen we got a lot going on here
so sorry it’s a little messy but I just wanted to show you guys so this is my
smoothie I’m making or part of it I put the greens in here and basically I just
wanted to show you how you can get more free plants from your longevity spinach
vines so here is one of the vines I’ve picked off and basically what I’m going
to do now is continue to pull these greens off just like this like I’m gonna
just leave one here because honestly these guys are pretty resilient and
basically what we’re doing is we’re just bait we’re putting them in this water
here or in this one I put it in a vase with some little kind of glass beads in
there kind of act as a place for it to grow roots but basically if you just put
this in a sunny window it’s gonna grow roots and you can take this after it’s
grown some roots and put it in another space so you know we’re getting our
smoothie on here we’re making extra plants I really can’t say enough good
stuff about this another good thing too is
plant is actually super medicinal and one of the things it does which I really
like for is its anti-inflammatory it is good for cholesterol it is good for
diabetes and lowering blood sugar it’s good for circulation it’s good for
detoxifying your body which I know we all get a healthy dose of just from
being normal people on this planet but especially if you you know go out
partying on the weekend get yourself some longevity spinach you probably
could find this stuff in an Asian market it would probably be called something
else and I’m gonna see if we can maybe flash that here or a couple different
things but yeah you could probably find that and that is another way you could
actually make new planets too so if you have if you found this in the
supermarket it would have to probably be an Asian or specialty market okay guys
this one is really simple to grow I really don’t even water it that much
really great understory crop that you can just really propagate and even if
you just have a branch like that you can poke it in here and you could even grow
more of this longevity spinach so thanks for checking out the channel guys click
like and subscribe and click that bell or whatever because we’re on YouTube
have a good

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