Log Cabin Wilderness Homestead, Maple Syrup, Wild Edibles, Primitive Skills

(fire crackling) (metal squeaking) (hammer tapping) (sap drips) (sap drips) (hammer pounding) (sap dripping) (hammer pounding) (sap drips) (sap dripping) (fire crackling) (fire crackling) (snow crunches) (door squeaks) (gunshot fires) (gunshot fires) (snow crunching) (metal clangs) (snow crunches) (metal clangs) (snow crunches) (branches cracking) (flint scraping) (flint scraping) (fire crackles) (wood thuds) (metal scrapes) (sled scraping) (snow crunches) (water pouring) (metal clangs) (metal clangs) (sled dragging) (snow crunches) (snow crunches) (water pouring) (metal clangs) (metal clangs) (water pours) (water pours) (water pours) (log thuds) (water pouring) (jars clanking (jars clanking) (water pouring) (bag crackles) (coffee beans rustling) (gears grinding) (glass grating) (coffee dripping) (knife rasping) (knife rasping) (snow crunching) (fire crackling) (stones scraping) (footsteps thudding) (footsteps thudding) (stones clank) (stones clanking) (metal clangs) (fire crackles) (metal clangs) (glassware clanks) (glassware clanks) (glassware clanks) (glassware clanks) (water pouring) (water splashes) (water pouring) (metal clangs) (metal clangs) (water pouring) (metal clangs) (metal clangs) (water pouring) (water pouring) (water pouring) (water trickling) (fire crackling) (water pouring) (water pouring) (steam hissing) (snow crunching) (branches creaking) (fire crackling) (sled dragging) (water pouring) (water pouring) – Go, Captain Fresno. (water trickling) (water pouring) (pot clanks) (meat sizzles) (meat sizzles) (acoustic guitar music) (dishes clanking) (acoustic guitar music) (silverware clinking) (acoustic guitar music) Hold on. Wait for me. (knife scraping) Okay, good girl. Go ahead. (birds chirping) (metal clanks) (syrup trickling) (syrup pouring) (syrup pouring) (syrup pouring) (syrup pouring) (dishes clink) (fat sizzles) (food sizzling) Yeah, warm maple syrup. (snow crunches) (loon cries)

100 thoughts on “Log Cabin Wilderness Homestead, Maple Syrup, Wild Edibles, Primitive Skills

  1. How do you like your pancakes? Thick and fluffy or thin and crispy? (Pancake ingredients are listed in the description above)

  2. I can a lot. But you know, i have never understood the point of sterilizing the glassware before filling. You are going to bring it all up to temp and pressure again anyway nd besides, as soon as you take the glasses and lids out and set them in ambient air, the bacteria immediately recontaminate them. So could you explain that to me?

  3. Great job boiling the sap for maple syrup. That was a great pancake breakfast with the fresh made syrup. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Another thing that I don't understand, you leave the wood under the snow and away from home, because you pile the wood away from the house, usually the wood is put and cut near the house, and a shed is built that repairs the wood from the elements , to make a good fire the wood must be dry and dry, it can burn even wet but it does much less heat at home and creates more pollution by burning badly. These are things that a nature lover like you should take into account.

  5. Many many thanks for all what you are doing for us too!
    It is simply wonderful, thank you!
    God bless you and your family.
    Whith best greatings.

  6. Sean what a great show I have to tell you I am a young 77 aged woman and I love your show I stay up to late at night because can't shut TV off. Have to watch the next show. You are a huge hit I see by all your people watching, who would have known. I don't watch movies it anything, except for Documentaries. I love e the area up there lived in Upstate NY but too cold in winter an hot in summer but I am a mountain girl lol 😁 raised in mountains. Love Callie I am sure now want a Golden Retriever, that's what she is right?
    Anyway you have an old fan!! Oh I had a similar experience in the mountains in New Mexico in the 80's and 90's went back it looks like area where I was, and now back in New Mexico. God Bless you hope you start a trend 🙏 that people get out of the cities 😁

  7. I enjoy spending my free time watching your channel because its educational. I wish you would explain briefly what you built and how you built it and why. I also think some viewers would like to see you grow your own food and hunt instead of relying on Safeway for your supplies.

  8. You're living the life. I'm going to do that too, someday. Your videos are very inspiring. I've always loved camping and sleeping outdoors.

  9. You got some great skills my friend my wife loves the dog.
    You should think about marketing those skills in camps for city folk

  10. A lámpát gyufával gyújtja meg , kint viszont már tűzkövet használ,egyszer rókafarku fűrészt , utánna meg husqvarna láncfűrészt, parasztvakítás az egész, pedig jónak ígérkezett az elején. 🙁

  11. Who in the heck does all your camera work? Someone is filming this right? Seems like it would take a ton of time to do this yourself

  12. Where did you / do you, get the money to finance this this whole endeavor? Also, did you buy that land or??

  13. Hello Sir, You are doing fine, but if You would do speaking at the same time, you could doupple the visitors of your page. Ps. Your dog is a amaizing.

  14. Living like people did in the 1800's is amazing. I think millions of people are super jealous, including myself. I'm living vicariously thru you brother. Keep it up.

  15. The cabin must have smelled so wonderful after boiling off the maple, then fixing a nice steak! Cali is such a sweet dog. You did a great job training her.

  16. Wait! Who is the shy mystery woman? JK! I like how you film something on the floor and then, plop, orange duck dummy photo bombs.

  17. Umm…
    Is there a Sasquatch "walking around" at 4:35 and 4:47?

    You can totally hear loud bipedal footstep's. Lol!

    Kidding. 😉

  18. I love the sled idea! I can't believe we never did that growing up. Although the hill was really steep that our maples were on. Looking back on it I think our parents were just trying to get rid of us and carrying a bucket or two at a time took longer

  19. Ffs even the sap flows on in threes. I think the universe flows in threes. I don’t know I’m drunk I love these. Your my hero.

  20. All bullshit aside though I wish I could live your life I need to change my priorities from the meaningless to what I need. Your life is so simple but so pure. I need this, I can’t stand city life. I daydream daily of living like this but I have a hard time believing I can afford it. Even though I have a good job (I just started a couple years ago) it just seems so unattainable because of restrictions and laws. Fuck it (sorry for language) but I need this. If you have any advice for an Albertan I’d love to hear it! I need this, I want this and I’m going to do this!

  21. This is so wonderful to watch the real thing….not those stupid movies Hollywood wants us to take in…I am so in love with these videos…the man and his dog, how better can it be….Thank you for letting us be part of it………..

  22. Привет, хотелось спросить ты же ведь не проста так ушёл в лес и пьёшь отвары от деревьев, болеешь что ли. Ты считаешь что траву которую тебе привозят в магазин и ты делаешь салат полезен увы не уверен в этом.

  23. i bet you real $ that in 20 yrs you'll look back at this whole series and rename it "The Cali Chronicles"…..Dogs are a gift right from Gods hands my friend.

  24. Boiling the. Marplr. Syrup Mr James wonder how it taste? Wow nice cook for dinner ??? Enjoy yr dinner ??🙋🙋🙋🙋

  25. These pancakes had me drooling Shawn. I usually just use good raspberry jam, rather than shop-bought maple syrup but I've not had them for years. I know what's for pudding tonight now.😊
    When the sap is boiling down outdoors, is there much of a smell?


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