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very rich for other people! Well, the kidneys are the key organs for
body metabolism. They are related to the Water Element of
Chinese medicine, are Yin in nature and the fear is the feeling that destabilizes the energy
their. In this contemporary world we distance ourselves
from nature. We start feeding without paying attention
in the offending agents that are present in our food, like pesticides, preservatives
and industrialized and nutrient-poor. Unfortunately, the kidneys suffer a lot from this
distanced feeding of this consciousness of food choice and the emotion of fear
that often haunts us because we act on autopilot without realizing it. To help with kidney detoxification,
I use a simple recipe from a powerful natural tea that binds parsley, corn hair,
horsetail, avocado leaf, blackberry leaf and break stone. Each of these herbs have properties
millennial medicinal Together act on complete kidney cleansing
to give them a fresh start. For example, did you know that parsley shaped
tea prevents the absorption of salt in the fabric? The Corn Hair tea is presented
as a rich source of nutrients, having in potassium, beta-carotene,
calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, glycolic acid, geranium, betaine
and vitamins B and C so it is of fundamental importance to the operating regulation
from the kidneys. The horsetail in turn helps fight
fluid retention. Avocado leaf is rich in minerals.
as: magnesium, manganese, iron, zinc, potassium, calcium and phosphorus. Therefore has great power in fighting ulcers
of various types. Mulberry leaf in its tea version helps
in the control of diabetes. It has a chemical component that decreases
blood sugar levels after high carbohydrate meals. Finally, the stone breaker is one of the most
old ones that we have reports. Present virtually everywhere,
she is known to be born anywhere, anywhere anyway! For tea preparation you will need to put
a mug of water to boil and when completely boiled add a spoon
of dessert of every herb I just talked about. Bring to a boil for 3 minutes and then turn off
the fire and muffle for 10 minutes. Wait to get warm and drink before bed. Do not add sugar and drink for maximum
21 days. Combining kidney cleansing with tea, you
can do once a week a feet scald to balance the flow of energy from the kidneys. The energy balance in the water element
(Kidneys and Bladder) – Kidney Qi is the basis of our life, should always be well taken care of
and reinforced. For this you will need to boil two liters
of water and put in a bucket. Mix amount of cold water to the point.
to be able to put your feet. After placing feet add hot water
again to maintain the temperature. I recommend that the water be close to the knees
and in doing so, make the night before to lay. The duration must be a maximum of 20 minutes. I hope this content is very useful
for you. Visit my website and learn more about my
calls. Contact us for inquiries. Take care of your energy health before you
materialize the disease in your physical body. Your health is the most precious good you
have. Stay with my affection. Gratitude! Love and light.

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  1. Muito bom, Dra. Obrigada por compartilhar conhecimento. Estou com uma infecção urinária inisitente por E Coli, resistente a antibióticos. Esse chá atua para a E. Coli também?

  2. Olá. Bom dia. 🙏.. Gostaria de saber se posso colocar estas ervas no chimarrão? Claro .. obedecendo os dias e quantidade. Bjos e luz🤗

  3. Maria Ana Grolla ,estou muito feliz em te conhecer e te achar você é muito importante para nós todos…🌿🍁🍃🍒🍉🍊🌹💜

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