Lifespan Online Week 1

Hi everybody! It’s Melissa – your instructor. This will be a VERY short video. I just want to quickly make sure that you’re
doing what you need to do for our new class. If you haven’t already watched the 2 videos
I sent out, please please do! These 2 videos plus the one called About Our
Class are the ones I want all of you to watch, so that you get all of the same information
I would have told you in person if this were a traditional course. I sent you an email with the links to these
AND you can also find the links on our Announcements page in our Blackboard course AND they’re
also at the top of the Start Here page in our course. I want you to read the syllabus for our course
and print out a copy of the calendar (OR, you can just program in all of the due dates
so that reminders keep you on track with your assignments). Why is it so important for you to keep track
of due dates in my class? If you’ve read the syllabus, you should know. Please email me the answer and I’ll give you
a bonus point. Have you gotten or at least ordered your book
yet? If not, you’re out of time. Please order it or go buy it now! Your first assignment will be due THIS coming
Friday, on November 1, by 11:59 p.m. It’ll be much easier to do if you have your
book. That 1st assignment is for Discussion Board
#1, which you can find by clicking on that menu item in our course and then scrolling
down until you see Discussion Board #1. Click it to begin. If you haven’t done a Discussion Board before
or you just need a review, check out the video I made on these assignments, on the Start
Here page in our course. Your initial post is what’s due on Friday,
and then you have until Sunday night to reply to two of your classmates, two different people. Be sure to reply to their initial posts, not
to one of their replies to somebody else’s initial posts. If you don’t get this assignment turned in,
you’ll be automatically dropped from our course next week. So don’t miss it! Since we’re just getting started, please ask
me if you’re completely lost, especially if you’ve already tried to look around in our
course in Blackboard and watched my videos. I hope you have a good first week of Fall

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