Life is Strange 2 – The Complete Season Trailer [PEGI]

I wish things were different. But we can’t go back. It started in Seattle after… …everything happened. I wish I could explain. I’m so sorry. It was all my fault. Step back! Dad came out to help… Oh no… On the ground! Somebody called the cops… NOW! AAAAAAAAHH!! Daniel, go! Sean, are you okay? Daniel! Oh my god! Am I… a monster? You’re… different. We have a home… in Puerto Lobos. We’ll be fine. What… what if… This is a bad idea, Sean? I wish things were different. But we can’t go back. Come on! You have to move forward. Be honest… Do you think we’ll make it to Mexico? I wish you could stay here with us. Be careful, Sean… Daniel, no!!! The more you try and control him… Stop, Daniel! …the less you have. I love you… No matter what happens…

23 thoughts on “Life is Strange 2 – The Complete Season Trailer [PEGI]

  1. I would like to say that Life Is Strange gives off such a raw vibe to me, it doesn't feel like a strange inhuman world or fantasy it feels real, especially with the consequences you face for your actions. I see these characters and each time the games make me happy, but sad and I can't explain to you why.. They give me nostalgia of a life I felt I lived and experienced but never existed in, I can't tell you completely what it is but I can say: No game has ever given me such feelings of reliving memories of a life I never existed in, and I believe that's why they're unique and special to me and also why this is one of my favourites. Keep them coming.. I need those moments, they're peaceful and make me carefree.

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