Life is Strange 2 Official Reveal Trailer

What are we going to do now? There’s nothing we can’t do.I have no idea where we are.Feels like we’re walking nowhere.I don’t think Daniel
understands what’s going on.I can’t tell him the truth now.I just can’t.How am I supposed
to take care of us out here?On the ground! Don’t move! What are we going to do now? There’s nothing we can’t do… as long as we’re together.

64 thoughts on “Life is Strange 2 Official Reveal Trailer

  1. It won't have the same effect on me, that is maybe true. But I am still not ready to get emotionaly destroyed xD. I am so excited!!! SO NOT but also READY for the moshpit shakabra ❤❤❤

  2. This just makes me hella sad for Captain Spirit though 🙁 This lowkey means that he'll be taken away from his abusive dad and won't really have any family left.

  3. Newspaper clip- A police officer was found dead next to the body of Esteban Diar(?), 45, who was apparently shot by said officer. The only witness, a teenager, was knocked out during the incident, and remains in the hospital. The details of the case are not clear while Diar's two sons, Sean, 17, and Daniel, 9, are now wanted for questioning. Police believe that

  4. Ne lesbian relation ship = no me miss mi with that straight shit show me pussy or ı am gone .

    Meh ı guess i will buy it if i have money left from doom and dying light .

  5. The hype is real!! 😍To anyone who may feel disappointed by the trailer, be sure to read the Tumblr blog it contains important extra info and the trailer will make even more sense. Gonna miss Max and Chloe so much but still, words can’t describe how hyped I am🤘

  6. I am so sad that Max and Chloes story is done. And yeah, 2015 will always be the best year of my life. But I am so happy and grateful for LiS 1 that I really want to play this game. So, 2015 I was 14 – I was influenced by a young 18 year old woman and so much around it. The communities and People a got to know over the years, hell even BtS. I can't be thankful enough for what Dontnod (and a german Youtuber named Gronkh + Pandorya) did for me.

  7. İs there any chanse that these universes are the same and afther 2 more lis game all of the chracters will be togeter to defeat the strongest enemy ? İ want to see max usimg the shacka bro move on that villan while chloe throw cigar at him .

    İnsipired from infinity war .

  8. Wait lis got awards ? Man lis might be my favoruite game but that game is full of plot holes and chloe fucking up everything and being an idiot . And more plot holes . Buutttt still my favourite game .

  9. из газеты :
    Офицер полиции был найден мёртвым около тела Эстебана Дэза (Esteban Diars) 45 лет, по-видимому был застрелен, как сказал офицер полиции.
    Один подозреваемый, подросток, был побит во время инцидента, все ещё в больнице (?)
    Детали дела ещё не раскрыты, пока сыны Diars Sean (Шон) 17 лет и Daniel (Даниил) 9 лет подозреваемые и нужны для допроса.
    Полиция верит что….

  10. I don't think it will be as hit as its predecessor after watching the trailer, I got no feeling for it & no hype unlike LIS

  11. ♥ Life is a Mystery with Strange things which happen ;). I'm ready for your game and i wish you the Best for your Works dear Dontnod Team ♥

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