Life Is Difficult

A recent thought I’ve had um Life is difficult A recent thought I’ve had I say that, it’s really just a continuous thought I have throughout my entire life. It’s not really news. It’s not, it’s not really news, it’s not really a fresh take in the world. It’s pretty much something we all know and understand b-but I have thoughts. I get messages from people, um, a lot of times and I don’t really know what to say… to them. Usually it’s a very hopeless message Um, I don’t want to get specific about stuff because it’s just not something I feel comfortable talking about. Basic gist involves someone who is just distraught by how hard things are and I feel you. I get you. Stuff is hard But here’s another thing about that and this is something that fuels me in my endeavours. I don’t want stuff to be easy. To be honest, I re- I really don’t I don’t want it to be easy Every time something in my life has come easy to me um, I have not enjoyed it or it just hasn’t felt like something that’s important or significant to me and maybe that’s because I like to suffer and/or need to suffer to feel significant in the world and maybe a lot of therapists would have a lot to say to that or maybe I’m on to something. The stuff that I appreciate the most in my life is the stuff that I’ve had to work for, is the stuff that I’ve had to earn, is sometimes the stuff that I’ve had to do in spite of all the other stuff telling me I can’t do this thing. For those of you who may watch my videos you might think ‘Oh he’s definitely a Hufflepuff’ No dog, no. I’m a Slytherin with Hufflepuff tendencies but definitely a Slytherin. I’m not even a huge Harry Potter fan but I think the Hogwarts houses as personality types is really cool, and a nice tool to use but tha-that’s a tangent. It’s not very comforting, um, to, ah… to think that everything that’s worthwhile is difficult um, if anything it’s scary, it’s big and it’s scary and I get scared a lot. But life is scary and I think it’s ok to be scared cause scared, I don’t know if you’ve read the word, but it has the word ‘care’ right in there If you’re scared it means you care that’s what that means. It means that you are fearful of losing something It means that there is something that you believe is worthwhile that you don’t want to lose or don’t want to… to fail at that’s a good thing. There’s a big part of the population, lookin at you teens, who kinda put on a pedestal this idea of not caring of being effortless and on some level I do understand that when stuff, you know, takes a lot of effort it kind of gives of this vibe that you’re not as good as you maybe would like people to think that you are. But as I ventured into my twenties I just really loved the idea of caring deeply about stuff about just doing things because you really care because it matters to you I really love that idea. When you care about stuff, it can have a negative side effect in that there’s fear involved and I- I think it’s, um It’s actually like, more badass to take that on and to like, to go through stuff that emotional and that vulnerable and that jacked up and that just like, you’re hearts in it and that’s so cool to me. So yeah life, um, life is pretty difficult I don’t think it’s going to get easy any time soon. um, like I said I don’t really want it to get easy Because I want to earn every single thing that I get out of my life I want the stuff that I do to be the product of hard work and determination and surrounding myself with good people and doing it the right way, MY way I want that to be how my life pans out. Obviously I would like a little luck here and there um, but that’s like secondary in regards to desires because no success, to me at least, is worth it if it’s not something that, ah, that I earned that I like, blood, sweat, and tears for that I, ah, didn’t really like actually do the things that I wanted to do for. So I don’t know to anyone who might be overwhelmed by life you’re going to be okay. Simplify it, you know, every once and a while you just gotta boil it down to ‘one step at a time’ and maybe even ‘one hour at a time’ and just figuring out ‘what can I do right now?’ and building, you know the big stuff is just a collection of all the little stuff built up over years and years and years and it’s difficult to remember that and that’s why I’m making this video. That’s about it for me, if you guys have any thoughts I would love to hear them in the comments down below love reading those I’m gonna hop off of here now I love you guys a lot and I will see you on Friday {left video} In America, this week it’s Thanksgiving which is a holiday in which we kinda check in with our friends and family and say ‘hey, I care about you, I care about stuff’ So Imma do that right now Hey, I care about you. I care about your stuff and if you’re If you’re not doing so great, you’ll get the next one I believe that, I trust you I trust myself, I trust all of us think we’re going to be ok think we’re going to be ok, LATER

73 thoughts on “Life Is Difficult

  1. This is a really nice perspective on things. It's really comforting, and I've basically needed to be comforted constantly for the past two weeks.
    But I think that it is really important for all of us to keep fighting.

  2. Hi Connor (: Its always a joy to see your videos, thanks for keeping it up. Love hearing your thoughts and perspective. Enjoy your holiday!

  3. Connor I'm so glad you're a Slytherin because now I feel better about being Slytherin.

    This is one of my favorite videos of late. Your videos seem more uplifting and insightful. Have a happy thanksgiving!

  4. Yayyy this is such a good point! I myself am a Gryffindor, and the best things I've done in my life have been because I pushed past the fear. For me fear is this little voice that says I'm not good enough and I shouldn't bother with anything because I suck, so it's an amazing feeling when you can tell that voice to fuck off and do the thing regardless ^.^

  5. I see your point, and I agree but, what if you cared so much about something you get tired of it? like I had an experience where something was so precious to me, I deeply cared about it, I always tried to do my best but one day I couldn't handle all the stress and challenges it meant, and like instantly I gave up, but it made me thought, did I cared about it in the first place? if not, why would I spend that amount of energy and passion if I didn't cared about it?

    (the comment got really big lol) If someone actually reads this, Hope you have a nice happy day. (Β°^Β°)/

  6. Also a Slytherin, checking in. Though, I've become a lazy Slytherin. I think in part because it's a little toxic for me to care so much about so much so much of the time. Since this state comes naturally to me, I have to withdraw from it or I'm going to exhaust myself. I frequently exhaust myself. My tolerance level is pretty low so I have to do a lot of self-care but I mean that is really selfish, but at the same time if I don't I don't know how I'd survive.

  7. i completely understand the mindset of needing to feel like you've properly earned what you've got, and that you should be working hard and overcoming challenges to earn those things. that is a mindset that i often find myself dealing with. however, i also believe that if you're constantly feeling stressed and overworked and challenged beyond measure that something isn't right. as with everything, there needs to be a balance. while some things in your life are difficult, other things should be relaxing and bring you joy for the sake of simple joy – these things can exchange places and fluctuate in there levels of challenge and simply easy joy over time. and we (those who feel the need to struggle for everything and those who wish for it all to come easily/with luck) have to be willing to try and accept that; it can be hard, but the balance is what i believe is probably healthiest.

  8. I may be different from you in this way, but I value stuff that comes easily to me, and I try to build on that stuff so that the fulfillment of my goals has the highest potential. A lot of stuff is still hard for me, though – stuff that's really important, too, so I still struggle. But when something comes easily to me, I'm thankful for that. I cherish that thing, and the small amount of efficient success that it brings me.

  9. After reading some of the comments I feel like it actually is a Slytherin thing. Because even though I complain a lot about nothing coming to me easily, I know that I've earned every accomplishment and opportunity in my life. And I don't want it any other way. Definitely a Slytherin thing.

  10. Watching your videos have become some sort of routine for me these past few weeks – last night was tough, and the first thing I did after fixing myself a cup of coffee this morning was sit and watch this. Your videos give me that little extra-something to get through the day – stay awesome

  11. Wow Slytherin? There's not a witch or wizard that went bad who wasn't in Slytherin you know. Also Huffelpuff is kinda like the "special" class of Hogwarts so… there's that.

  12. I find your videos very good and important because you are sharing your progress and what you learned and I don't see many YouTubers do that. As I am growing up (a few years older than you I believe), I learn so much more about myself and the world that make me relax and not care as much and I feel I should share that with others but I am not as eloquent as you are.

    Keep doing what you're doing. You are helping.

  13. And once again your video came at just the right time for me. Spooky how you do that but I'm as grateful as ever πŸ™‚

  14. I deeefinitely agree with you on earning what you get in life, and working hard. And mostly because thats not how Ive been doing things in the past year or so.
    Basically I started uni last year and I lost my best friend after months of constant fighting so its been lonely af and emotionally draining for me personally. Which lead to me being kinda depressed and unmotivated to study, but tbh I dont feel like droping out, just like I cant deal with all this at the moment so do I end up studying only parts of my material a week or so before the exams. And somehow for some inexplicable reason thats mostly enough?? And I passed all but one of the eight classes i took???
    Anyway dont get me wrong im glad that I dont have to retake all those eight classes but mostly I feel so so undeserving and empty because at the end of the day I dont know shit and I had classmates who i know knew a lot more than me but didnt pass?? It doesnt make any sense. I dont even know where Im going with this, Im sorry it got so long but yeah, your view on this is great. Good luck doesnt mean anything if you dont give your best for the things you want. Thank you for talking about this.

  15. Look man…. you're probably not going to see this message or you might just blow it off. But you are wrong in the mindset you carry. You shouldn't be scared, you shouldn't want life to be difficult. You need to stop feeding all of these people with your negative views on life. Seriously man, stop being a little bitch. You need to dig in deep and heal all those built up emotions I know you know you have. Most of your videos are kinda depressing. Reconsider what you post.

  16. i agree, but i think there's a line between making an effort and working hard to achieve something you want, and life being a constant struggle. i guess my point is that while it's important to not give up at the slightest inconvenience, it's also important to know when to give yourself a break

  17. Slyther/puff is so totally you and what I would have pegged you as! It's actually the most common house combination from what I have seen. Which I imagine is because both houses are very individual orientated rather than the other two which focus more on the big ideas. And even your whole talk about wanting things out of hard work is staple Hufflepuff, "hard-working" being one of their main traits and staples. Like, a true Slytherin would care more about the end goal than the journey. But your obvious ambition and self preservation (and like you clearly know yourself very well) is totally Slytherin-esque and I imagine that's also why you place yourself there. Tbh I think you lean more on being a Slytherin overall, as that's the vibe I get from you, especially when you talk about what you want from your future and how you got to LA, etc.

    I'm actually the opposite from you as I'm a total Gryff/claw and always go back and forth which which I feel I "truly" am. I've settled with me being a Gryffindor that's like Hermione in that while I /love/ learning and knowledge and creativity etc, that comes from my inner passion, boldness and need to do good rather than anything else. But I think I could easily fit into both houses as I own merch from both. I feel a bit more drawn to Gryffindor in the last few years, and I think that's because so much of what house you belong to lies in what motivates you and that's changed as I've grown up more and gone through mental health journeys. I also found a very different sense of self. I used to root a lot of self worth in intelligence which is why i figured I was a ravenclaw, but nah, I'm a gut instinct person.

    Sorry haha, I love house sorting so I just had to talk about it a bit lol.

  18. I'm Slytherin with Ravenclaw tendencies. I mean well but I come across as not giving a fuck. I tell myself I don't if I feel it's important but this is in regards to hurting people's feelings. If hurting them in the short term means lessons for the long run, or greater good, have at 'er. I also chase knowledge and investigate to the same extent. I probably do this because of the fear of the unknown. Don't really know what I'm mentioning this, probably because of the Harry Potter reference.

    Anytime I don't give a shit about an outcome, truth is I do, a lot, but if I feel I can't control it, or confident in what I do know, I just try to accept it if in that moment I can't make it better / feel like I can't, and accept I can't always live up to standards.

  19. that feeling of wanting your success to be a product of what you've worked hard for and what you've struggled for- I definitely feel that too and I wonder if that's a natural human thing or like a cultural american dream type thing. idk. life is difficult and confusing

  20. So i finally did the Pottermore quiz and apparently i'm a Ravenclaw?…but i'm not smart at all so idk…i don't get it. idk if Ravenclaw is a good one XD

  21. really enjoyed this video not just because of the topic you brought, but more importantly you look fantastic. with that fringe, you look like my ex :p

  22. Hearing you say that you think I'm going to be okay, even though you don't know me, somehow actually made me feel better. Hugs!! πŸ™‚

  23. good to be scared for sure and to believe that some good comes out of all experiences πŸ™‚ gotta jump that hurdle! Slytherins are super ambitious, it's fantastic!

  24. I think this is all neatly summed up in my favourite quote from my favourite film Nicholas Nickleby (2003):
    "In every life, no matter how full or empty one's purse, there is tragedy. It is the one promise life always fulfills. Thus, happiness is a gift, and the trick is not to expect it but to delight in it when it comes, and to add to other people's store of it."
    peace x

  25. You're deffo one of the loveliest people I've ever had the privilege to watch. Cheers Connor πŸ’œ

  26. I don't know if you've ever seen George watsky's 'a letter to my sixteen year old self' but I always get those vibes from that when you're talking. It keeps me grounded, so thank you

  27. the whole metaphor about how the big things are just a ton of little things built up really put me at ease about some troubling issues in my life right now, thanks dude

  28. life is not even real. im so done with living connor, i really am. im so tired of living in this world all i see is pain and nothing of interest. i want to be rescuing damsels in distress, swimming with mermaid, flying with hippogryffs, adventure-that doesnt exist here. and i dont know what to do anymore. i dont know how to feel happy in this world, i dont know that im allowed to be.

  29. Just want you to know I have a personal playlist called important … and your videos get in there lots … kay cool that's all.

  30. I just love the way you think. Been subbed to you for a few years now. You're one of the only youtubers I kept up with. πŸ™‚ keep doing what you're doing

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