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  1. Something both related and not related at all to this video. I think what your goal in life should be is to find peace. To get to a state of mind where you do not care whether or not you're going to die the next day. Not saying you're suicidal but just in a state of peace, feeling that when your time has come, you say to death, "Hello, i'm ready."

  2. I've watched this over and over. It's fascinating to hear him reminisce about his accomplishments in life. 

  3. Brady: I feel quite sad.  I wish Conway could see the monster.  I have something that belongs to him but no way to give it to him.  Even if I met him in person the time required to give him the answer that he is seeking is more time than he would ever give me.  Short of a miracle there is no way for him to see the monster but it doesn't mean that the answer isn't there it just means that it would take a great deal of desperation to receive it.
    "the one thing I would really like to know before I die is why the monster group exists." Since only a miracle could provide Conway with this answer I guess I will have to pray for a miracle.

  4. John sounds like he's the voice actor for the old scollars in Skyrim (Septimus something is one, another one is in the dwemer museum i think)

  5. i know that this is the internet and all but this guy literally predicted my life in one youtube video


  6. Believe in Christ, before death takes a toll. I would like to solve the continuum hypothesis and many other things too, so yea… I guess I will learn from this mathematicians about solving problems.

  7. Does anyone get the feeling that Mister Conway understands so much more about life and existence than the ordinary person?

  8. Truly great insight into the mind of an aging genius, and the way they view their own accomplishments and problems they haven't solved. Really makes you think…

  9. I wiki'd the Monster Groups for a bit. That's baffling. The largest organized co-relative construct of numbers that is virtually fathomable, I feel does it justice. The way he concluded here probably left most people completely uninformed, but his expressed fascination for the matter is totally accurate. There IS something, something very intrinsic and underlying, in the monster set that can probably be related to physical space or natural order, through the suggestion of the Monsters hyper-intricacy

  10. I think if you came back from the dead to ask 1 question, the only thing worth asking would be, "Have we discovered alien life?"

  11. I only have one fear when it comes to death, and that is that whatever kills me might be cured just a year later.

  12. He asserts that there must be a reason why the monster group exists and will not accept it just existing as a coincidence. He doesn't seem religious but I wonder if he feels the same way about life; he must do if he's consistent.

  13. I think this man's outlook needs to be extended to all of mankind – I think we begin, presently, to live in an age when, if you want to work on a project that will truly benefit mankind, you will, as the speaker said, "resign" yourself to work that will never be completed, never come to its final conclusion, within your lifetime. Three quick examples of this besides math might be much, maybe all, of the work being done by NASA, work in global climate arena and work in the field of A.I. There are more. The point is to be brave enough to realize that your entire life's work is perhaps necessarily but a small contribution to a much larger and longer scheme. This is an attitude of extreme humility but also valiance. Yet in a certain way it makes simple common sense.

  14. By now it is decades ago when I read some Conway game theory. Instantly I knew this man is a genius. And I am just a noob, not understanding much. Others will get much more out of it. Even if Conway dies, his contributions will live on.

  15. Mathematicians are a bit guilty themselves of not being known, they do not make the effort to let the wide public be aware of their achievements 🙁 other than that – even without that initial discovery Conway would still be one of the greatest!

  16. "If I make an advancement and am not around to see it, what do I care?"
    I'm really glad that not everyone has that attitude.

  17. Conway mentions he dislikes talking about the inevitable…then Brady proceeds to talk about stuff pertaining to his death. So morbid.

  18. It took me a moment to realize that this was THE John Conway. It's really awesome to be able to hear something like this directly from him.

  19. Speaking as someone who in his math days wrote a college thesis in combinatorial game theory (proving that in chess, the knight and the bishop are in fact the same piece), I'm overjoyed to find an interview with Living Saint John Y.H.W.H. Conway; On Numbers and Games is among the best books I have ever read, and I very highly recommend it to anyone who feels prepared to take on a book of serious mathematics.

  20. Can I ask you this? it is really personal and really important to me, Could you edit out the sound that the pens do when the speaker is writing down something on a yellow paper. I know that it's part of your identity now, that's why I thought you could edit them out and not lose the experience itself. But if you decide to go a bit further and work with different kinds of pens or papers that won't do the same sounds, then I won't mind. Please note that I'm not trying to express any annoyance other than that I couldn't watch much of the tic tac toe videos due to this very thing, I couldn't even stay on the same page to write this comment. Sorry really for this long comment. and thanks in advance.

  21. The real cool part is not whether or not a problem has been solved, but that you discovered the question that lasts for centuries.

  22. "Oh, no–it's not arbitrary.. ooh, ah-ha! No, it's got to be 196,883, yes! 47x59x71." -favorite quote

  23. In my youtube downloaded videos, I only have Conway's talks. During air travels, I just listen to him. A lot of it, I don't understand. But I just love listening to him for some reason unknown to me.

  24. Move over. Let others to worry themselves to death, and solve important problems… this is the total failure of tenure.

  25. What if you would add a life span to the "cells" some of these constructs "life" 4ever, what makes the further experiment incorrect

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