Let’s leave those two here [Matching Survival 1+1/ENG/2019.10.29]

Who likes peaches? – I do. / – Does anyone dislike peaches? – I like them. / – I like them. Good luck. We all like peaches. Do you all like peaches? I’ll give you a piece each. – Here. / – Thank you. Thank you. (What about me?) Wait. – Wait. / – I only had one. I can’t do this show with that jerk. He’s being too straightforward. No, I was going to cut a piece for each. You can be straightforward anytime you want. Let me peel this first. If you’re all straightforward, there’s no room for me to budge in. No, you should find an opening. (You find the door to a person’s heart first) (Okay) He said, “you should find an opening.” So I thought I could make it work. I was like, “Let’s do this.” I’m going to find a way to his heart. I made it. Who’s going to eat it? (I’ll cheer up and find the opening) How was it today? The time went… – Did it pass too fast? / – Too fast. – I wanted to talk to you. / – Yes. You’ve never expressed anything. We didn’t even have time to talk. So I just… (What does she want to talk about?) I think this is my last chance. (This is my last chance) (She tells him how she feels all of a sudden) (Glances) I was watching what they were doing. – You’re being straightforward. / – Yes, I am. I was straightforward from the beginning. (She keeps on telling him how she feels about him) I already told him how I feel, so I don’t regret anything. (They’re finding love everywhere) (This person is cooking silently) (Doctor Kim Yeongkwon is concentrated in cooking) I’m going to use the mayonnaise here. Then I’m going to use tomatoes or… Who are you talking to? – I’m using tomatoes. / – Are you streaming? – Who is he talking to? / – With tomatoes… The water will be drained at the bottom. So if you lay a slice of cheese… – It’ll help. / – You’re cooking. Yes. Do you like salmon? I think… (What am I watching?) What is this? (He elegantly puts on the cabbage) – Are you copying Choi Hyunseok? / – Yes. You need some height to spread it evenly around. I think he also doesn’t know what he’s doing. These men don’t know how to cook. I’m good at cooking, though. Look, it’s a salmon sandwich. – Doesn’t it look okay? / – It looks great. It’s a salmon sandwich. You don’t have to finish it. Just see what it tastes like. (She takes a big bite) (He hopes it’s delicious) Isn’t it good? It’s good. – How about this one? / – It’s a bit spicy. (There’s another person who’s only making food) – It’s better. / – Right. I think she’s actually bringing it to him. I’d love a glass of beer. (Who will Soyou give her food to first?) Would you like to choose? (She chooses Doctor Kim Yeongkwon) – You can choose what you like. / – What I like? – I’ll choose this one. / – Okay. – Did you put butter? / – Would you like one? (Then she chooses Lawyer Kang Seongshin) Will you feed me? Which one? The one with the tomato and cheese in it. This one? (Look at him) (Now it’s my turn) I wanted to feed you first. Try it. Do you like it? (How is my sandwich?) (Active physical contact) (You’re the first to wipe my mouth after my mom) – It’s good. / – It’s good, isn’t it? It is. It’s very delicious. (Is that an indirect kiss?) I brought some fruit. – It’s good. / – You can sit here. – Shall we switch seats? / – Yes. Come to this side. It’s really good. It’s good. Are you going to get rid of me? – No, I’m not. / – I’m not going anywhere. Try this one. Why do you only give me fruit? (Laughing) It’s like watching a video on YouTube. Hello! – Like and subscribe. / – She’s like the show host. – She is. / – She’s acting. Thank you for joining our party. We’ll live happily together. (He burst into laughter for real) (Laughing) Look at his face. He just let it go. – Use this plate. / – Yes. I think I might fall for her. (Did I find an opening to your heart?) (Don’t ask me. I don’t know) (But she can’t laugh like other people) I mean it. He said he likes women who react well. That made me think, “He’s falling for her.” I feel really burdened here. Can I come over to that side? Yes, you can. – It’s too hot here. / – Problem solved! (He feels complicated) Be honest. Who put alcohol in here? – I didn’t. / – This is wine, isn’t it? I’m drunk. I don’t know. What’s the age limit for this show? Is this R-rated? (It’s time for just the two of us from now on) (I have found an opening, didn’t I?) Why don’t we leave them quietly? – It’s for both of them. / – Yes. Let’s leave the room. (They leave the two alone) I like your first impression. Why am I standing up? Why am I standing up? Honey, let’s go. (He’s amazed) I feel like I’m actually married. How is my mental state? You seem very unstable. She was being active. If someone I don’t like did that to me, I would have hated the situation. But I didn’t hate it. She was cute.

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  1. This is so cute and they do really seem like they hit it off, but I feel sorry for Soyou . . . I was shipping them. I feel like if he calls Soyou at the end, she may not accept :/

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