LAST TO SURVIVE WINS – Build HACKER Proof $10,000 GIANT LEGO Safe House in 24 HOUR Battle Challenge

(dramatic drum sound)
– What’s up Spy Ninjas? We are back in Las Vegas, we are heading to the safe house right now. Justin’s house was
compromised by Project Zorgo. We gotta check the
safety of our safe house. – What are all these boxes doing here? – [Chad] Whoa!
– [Daniel] Whoa! – Look at all these!
– It’s a lot of packages! – Oh, I kinda went a little overboard with buying a bunch of
spy gadgets for everyone. – Vy you have enough of those already! – Not enough! I mean, we need more! Project Zorgo keeps growing, so I feel like I gotta
buy more spy gadgets to protect all of us. Chad, I only ordered like
a couple spy gadgets, not all of this! – [Chad] Oh man, it says, “MADE IN CHINA,” and it says “COBLOCKS.” Maybe that’s the Chinese Roblox! – Gosh how long were we gone? – This is really suspicious! I gotta check the security cameras! – Let’s make sure all
of our stuff is okay. It’s been a while.
– [Chad] Yeah, I’m worried. – We didn’t leave it this messy, did we? – [Chad] No! We left in such a rush for VidCon, I don’t know, did we actually leave the house this messy, guys? Wait a second guys,
(dramatic drum sound) my ninja gadgets are laying out open! This is very unsafe to have
a sword unsheathed like this. And look at this, it looks
like they were trying to break open the $10,000 box right here! There’s more grooves cut out of it. – Oh my gosh you’re right! – Someone must’ve been
here trying to open up this box with my ninja sword. – Okay I gotta check my safe
room for the security footage. – Wait a minute! – There’s a bunch of hand
grease on this handle. I wash my hands frequently. That means someone was in here trying to get into my safe room! (gasping) – Oh my gosh, okay, Regina, you go check the security cam footage in there. We’re gonna split up and
look around the house and see if there’s any other clues of who might’ve been in here. – Let’s go guys, let’s go! Okay guys, let’s take a look around here. Oh! What in the world? Look my scooter charging
bay and look at this too! Well, I definitely didn’t do this. Hey! Vy! Vy! – Daniel! Did you knock my scooter over? Daniel you gotta use the kickstand! – [Daniel] Oh, well. I
always use the kick… Oh. And also look, the scooters
aren’t even plugged in! – Who’s been messing
with our stuff, Daniel? – Vy, I think somebody was
definitely in our safe house. It seems very… (dramatic drum sound) – Daniel, were you
playing around with water inside the house? – No, I wasn’t. – I used this water blaster
here as a prank on Regina because we were testing
it out to use on PZ9. So somebody has really wet
pants right now, Daniel? – Uh, nope, no. – So I feel like someone
went in the refrigerator, took this out and played with it! Where’s Chad and Regina? – [Daniel] Chad! – [Chad] I’m putting my
weapons away, I’m so disturbed that someone messed with them! – Someone’s been playing with this. – A water blasters? Big deal! – Someone set off the trap in the fridge and using this water blaster, Chad. – Wait, your water blaster
prank in the fridge? – [Vy] Yeah! – So someone went in our fridge, tried to eat all of our food. – Yeah, I’m just trying to
figure out if it’s you or not. It’s not Daniel, it’s not me. – No, it wasn’t me! I mean, Regina does go in the fridge a lot and snacks a lot of foods,
so, it could’ve been her. I’m gonna go outside and
look and see if there’s more of my ninja gadgets out there. Look here in the yard, Vy! This is one of my kamas,
this is a ninja tool! – Wait, this is a farming tool originally, Chad, you know that. – Yeah, and it looks like
who was ever using it was doing some weeding with it! So they were using it as a farming tool but was it Daniel and Regina again? – They’re not supposed to use spy gadgets without our supervision! – Let’s go ask ’em. Daniel! Regina! Were you guys doing weeding
outside with my kamas? – Weeding?
– I’ve never done that before. – [Chad] What?
– I don’t do yard work at all. – Oh, someone mowing
the lawn once in a while would be really nice. – But we have fake grass.
– Oh yeah, never mind. I don’t know guys I don’t trust this. We better go check out
these packages right now, and see what’s up with these. Could be good, could be bad. Okay, these boxes, we gotta open these up! There’s 19 boxes here,
how do we get into these? – Hiya!
– [Chad and Daniel] Oh! – Ow! – Oh, you almost got it Regina, good job! – Okay. – Um, yeah I have a spy gadget for that. It’s my spy gadget lipstick, look! – [Chad and Daniel] Ohhh! – Okay great, let’s open up a box! – [Daniel] Open it up! – All right, got it! – What’s in there, what’s in there? – Whoa, there’s a note! “Dear Spy Ninjas, it
has come to my attention that your safe house
has been compromised!” (all gasping) – [Daniel] We’re compromised? – “A hacker has found your safe house.” – What?
– Ah! “I’ve sent you these Lego blocks to help protect the safe house.” – What? Lego blocks?
– [Daniel] Lego blocks? That’s not a Lego block! – No, the Lego blocks are like, this big! – [Daniel] Mm-hmm.
– [Chad] Wait a second, these are giant Lego blocks! – [Daniel] What?
– [Chad] Regina! – Hiya.
– Hiya. – Here you go Daniel.
– [Daniel] Oh, thanks! – We got 19 huge boxes of Lego blocks. Who sent us this? Vy, you’re a signature expert,
whose signature is this? – Oh, lemme see, lemme see. It’s Joseph Banks, Joseph Banks! It’s him! – He’s always trying to help us! – [Daniel] How are Lego
blocks gonna help us? – They’re giant Lego blocks, right? – [Daniel and Chad] Yeah. – Maybe if we build something? – Like a wall?
– Yes! Okay! You two and me and Daniel, let’s have a little competition here, to protect our safe house. Vy and Regina versus Chad and Daniel. Who can build the biggest and best wall to fortify the safe house? And then after we build
it, we’re gonna test it by running into it,
kicking it, punching it. We’re gonna see whose wall is stronger. – [Regina and Vy] Yeah! – Who do you think’s gonna win? Leave a comment down below! Hey get these boxes outta my face! Who do you think’s gonna win? Leave a comment down below. You ready Daniel?
– [Daniel] I’m ready! – Let’s go!
– [Daniel] Let’s go! (quick digital music) – Okay, whew, give me this camera! Let’s see who can build the
strongest and toughest wall. All right, five minutes is on the clock. Starting now, let’s go! (all cheering) – I think we should like model it after like Barbie’s
Playhouse or something. – Oh!
– Did you play with Barbie when you were younger?
– I did, I did! – So maybe we should try
and build it like a castle. – Ooh! Yeah!
– Yeah, White Castle or Barbie’s Castle, what do you think? – Barbie’s Castle. – All right maybe we can eat White Castle while in the Barbie’s castle! – Yes!
– Yes! Let’s do it! – Okay Daniel, we gotta get
these walls to stick together. So, I’m gonna take this yellow one here. Stick the two together– – [Daniel] Oh.
– Just like that, you see how smart that is? – [Daniel] Good thinking,
It’s like holding to– – Oh oops. – All right guys to build
a strong house we need a strong foundation. In any relationship or like
a Spy Ninja relationship we need a strong foundation. – Yes.
– Right? – It looks like we’re making
a McDonald’s fort, Chad. – Aww, that’s kinda cool though. – I guess. – Regina’s gonna love this ’cause she loves chicken McNuggets. I think she’s gonna leave Vy’s fort and wanna come stay in our fort. [Daniel] Oh yeah, Vy will be all alone. – I think these walls need to
be taller than me at least. I think all the hackers
are taller than me. (grunting) – Oh I did it. – These are so heavy Chad. – [Chad] How’d you carry all those? – How’ve you been doing it? – You must’ve been working out. When did you get so strong? – All the punching the hackers and stuff. – [Chad] Oh yeah! – Look, check out those bad boys. – [Chad] Whoo that’s pretty good! – And now I’m swole as heck. – [Chad] Swole? – That’s what us body builder’s
say when we mean “strong.” We got any more red ones? – [Chad] Yeah somewhere. I thought there was more red ones too. Daniel, I think we gotta go steal some red blocks from the girls. – Oh, Okay. – Shh. Don’t let ’em hear us. (grunting)
– [Regina] Here we go! – Oh my gosh, this is kinda heavy. Oh my gosh, am I on? – [Regona] Yeah, Yeah. (screaming) – Ow, hey! (plastic smacking on the ground) – [Chad] Oh! – Get back to your side! – [Chad] We’re just trying to, you know, check out what’s goin on over here. – We’re building a wall! – [Chad] Well, uh, don’t
mind us at all, um… – How are you?
– [Chad] What’s behind you? – What’s, uh, what’s… – [Chad] Quick grab it!
– What’s, uh. – [Chad] Oh, that’ll hold ya.
– [Vy] Oh gosh, oh darn! (screaming) – [Chad] Daniel! Go,
go, go, go, go, go, go! All that work for one block Daniel, – Yeah.
– [Chad] Was it worth it? – Those boys man!
– What a mess! – Yeah, we’re just the
better crew obviously. – I think so.
– Yeah. – We’re gonna win. Oh, it’s lookin’ very nice! – Yeah, nice and sturdy.
– [Regina] Yes. – Oh, can you hand me
another white block, Regina? – [Regina] White block, okay. Uh, there’s no more white blocks, Vy! – What?
– I think the boys took ’em. – We gotta take ’em back!
– Okay. – Daniel, did you hear that?
– [Daniel] Yeah! – I just overheard Vy and Regina say there gonna come get some whites from us! – [Daniel] (gasps) Okay! – Let’s go on the other side of our wall and hide and we’ll scare ’em. – [Daniel] Okay, let’s go! – (whispering) Right there,
there’s the white blocks. – [Regina] That’s a bunch of white blocks! – Yeah, yeah. – [Regina] That’s all of them?
– Yeah. – [Regina] Take the whole thing. – You wanna take the whole thing? – [Regina] Yeah. – Hey!
(screaming) Ho-ho scared ’em! They’re stealing our white wall! – [Daniel] Give us the,
give those back, hey! – Get ’em, get ’em, get ’em. Go, go, go, go, go, go! Hey! – [Regina] Stop it! – Give me my white wall, I’m
gonna steal this pink wall. – [Regina and Vy] No, no, no, no! – All right fine you know what? We don’t need your stinkin’
pink wall or your white walls– – ‘Cause you stink already! – (sniffing) Oh shoot! – Pew.
– [Daniel] Uh, bye. – Ours is looking really nice. – It is, it’s so pretty and nice and cute. – Mm-hmm, let’s take a look at the guys. – Okay. – Remember when the hacker said, “No.” – Pretty ugly right, Vy? – Yeah, it’s like red and yellow. – Ketchup and
– [Regina and Vy] Mustard! – Let’s build a roof! – Let’s raise the roof, raise the roof (female giggling) whoo whoo whoo! You know what a great roof is? Green!
– [Daniel] Why is that? – Just ’cause there’s not
very many other colors left. (laughing) – I don’t even think they
know what they’re doing. – They’re just like
putting blocks together. – We could knock that
down in like one second. – With, like, our pinkies. – [Chad] Really happy with– – [Daniel] That’s pretty nice! – Tall enough for me to fit through. – [Daniel] Oh. – Ah, but my head’s too big. – This castle needs a
crown and here it is! ♪ Ahhh ♪ – [Vy and Regina] Welcome
to our castle crib! (mouth noises of an upbeat tempo) – [Regina] Kinda looks like a Transformer, – [Vy] Oh it does!
– [Regina] Or something. – (singing) Robots in disguise. – We are done, time is up! It is time to test and see whose Lego fort is going to hold up the best. – Obviously ours. – Um, I don’t think so,
I think Daniel and I built a pretty amazing fort. Vote down below right now. Who do you thinks gonna win? If you think the girls are gonna win… – [Vy and Regina] Vote CASTLE CRIB! – [Vy] If you think we’re gonna win, yeah! – Or if you think Daniel
and I are gonna win, vote – [Chad and Daniel] MAN CAVE! – Yeah, because we’re men hu-ahh! – More like boys. – But now you may be wondering how are we gonna destroy each
others castles, caves, all that. I’ve got a CWC hat right
here with some things in it that we’ll be picking randomly. Regina, why don’t we have you go first. – Okay.
– [Chad] What do you got? – Nerf Blaster! – [Chad] Nerf Blaster?
– Oh! – Oh, let’s see if these
Nerf Blasters can knock down Daniel and I’s fort, here ya go Regina. – Ha!
– [Chad] Ha, ha. – Daniel is inside the
fort, are you ready? You’re gonna protect the fort right? – Yeah, I’m gonna try my best
there’s not much I can do. I’m gonna be peeking through the window. – [Chad] Perfect. – Make sure all is well. – [Chad] Protect it well Daniel! – I will. – [Chad] Regina, with the blaster! – [Regina] Yes! – What’s a Nerf blaster
gonna do to this bad boy? – [Regina] Are you ready Daniel? – [Daniel] Mm-hmm. – (screaming) Hiya!
– [Chad] Whoa! Oh my gosh. – It’s so tiny it’s only made for peeking! – Oh!
– [Chad] Oh, you hit me! (screaming) Oh my gosh. – It hit me! We gotta attack! – [Chad] Whoa, oh, you’re
standin’ on my lion. (screaming) – [Chad] Oh my God! – Hey, oh no! Ah! – [Chad] Oh! Oh gosh, oh! – Stop it, go!
– Yeah! – This is the part where
I’m supposed to battle you – Okay. – [Chad] Yeah, yeah you battle now. Um. Vy, it looks like we need to teach him a few more ninja skills. – Yeah, so disappointing. – You guys call that a ninja battle? – We’re, uh, trusted colleagues, we’re not actually gonna hurt each other. – Yeah. – Oh, well Daniel our fort held up, even though you got hit a few times there. Daniel, it’s your turn
to pull from the hat. Daniel’s got the hat,
whatcha think about that? Whatcha think about that? – It’s not that great, oh, right, I mean– – [Chad] Look at this
hat, this hat’s great! – Oh I’m sorry, I thought you
were talking about Daniel! (laughing) – Oh, I see, that’s even worse! – I mean, I mean, I’m
sorry, I meant his skills! Oh my gosh I keep just… – Can we–
– I’m just gonna go. – Let me just pick the
darn piece of paper? – Yeah, this isn’t a roast
Daniel challenge, Vy. What’d ya got there? – It says “Weather.” How am I supposed to
destroy a fort with weather? – You’re not storm. – I can’t control the weather. – Oh well, I’ve got
something just for you here to simulate the weather. You’ve probably been
in a rainstorm before, maybe not with water drops this big, but these are dripping with water. You’re gonna simulate really
hard rain water with these. – Oh, okay! All right, I’m about
to throw these things. I wonder who should go
in there and test it out? Perhaps somebody who
just insulted me a bunch? – Awe I’m sorry, sorry, I
don’t wanna go in there, I’m sorry Daniel! – It’s okay, but go in there. – Aww, okay, I guess I
deserve it I shouldn’t make fun of Daniel so much. – Okay let’s do this thing! – Hold up, Daniel, you didn’t wear any safety goggles in that last one. Vy, you better wear some safety goggles, since it’s rain water and I
know you don’t know how to swim. Here you go Vy! – [Regina] Perfect!
– All right, thanks! I’m protected guys.
– [Regina] Yes. – Here I go, count me down guys. [Chad and Regina] Three, two, one! (screaming) – [Regina] Ooh.
– Aww, okay. – [Chad] You gotta throw harder than that. – I got another one. – [Regina] I thought you
were a baseball player! – Okay, okay here I go, ready? – [Chad] You got this, you got this. – [Regina] Go, Daniel! – [Daniel, Regina, And Chad] Ohh! (epic dramatic music) – [Daniel] Oh, Vy, are you okay? Oh, no.
– [Regina] Where is she? – [Daniel] Vy? (screaming) – [Daniel] Oh no! Vy, I’m sorry! – Daniel, what’d you do to my woman? Vy, Vy, are you okay? – You’re all wet!
– Daniel I can’t swim! – You almost drowned, Vy! – Oh my gosh, Daniel,
I only made fun of you. You can’t be mean back! – I had a lot of confidence
in your fort building abilities, I thought it wasn’t
gonna fall down like that. – You know what? But it didn’t fall down all the way, it was only one block that fell. So I think the girls get
a point for this round. – [Regina] Yay, we do!
– Yes! – [Regina] Thanks for takin the fall. – Yeah. – Good job Vy, I’m sorry.
– Thanks, literally. Okay, we’re even now? – Vy, it’s your turn to draw from the hat! – Okay.
– [Regina] Ooh. – Come on Vy, pick a weak one. – [Regina] What is it, what is it? – It says “Tickle.”
– [Regina] Tickle. – No!
– Tickle? – Oh sorry, sorry guys someone
had really bad handwriting. It must be Chad.
– No. – It says “Tackle.”
(dramatic drum beat) – Yeah, Tackle, tackle and
grapple, tackle and grapple. In order to tackle, we
must protect you Vy. – [Regina] Wow!
(knocking) – [Chad] You don’t have to
run head first into our wall, – Okay.
– But you can if you want. – Who’s gonna be behind it? – Oh, I guess me. – Yeah, I’ll tackle you. – Okay. I’m a little bit worried, Vy’s got that really strong helmet on and I’m not sure about the wall
here if it’s gonna hold up. – [Regina] Yeah, building
skills ain’t too great. – Hey, nobody asked you
Regina, you get back there. – All right, ready Spy Ninjas? I’m gonna tackle Chad. 24! 39! 72 and 1/2! Let’s go! (screaming) (fast paced electronic music) – Oh my god!
– That was amazing! – Oh my gosh.
– [Regina] The whole thing! – [Daniel] Our fort! – [Regina] It’s demolished! – Our fort, our beautiful fort, Daniel! – I’m She Hulk! Oh my gosh! – [Daniel] Are you okay? – I’m okay, I didn’t realize
how strong I am, oh my gosh! – I guess we need to build
a better fort, Daniel. But I still have one chance left to knock over the girl’s
fort, where’s that hat? It is my turn to pick from the CWC hat, let’s see what I got. Here we go. Ninja moves! Whah, whah, whah, perfect for me, phew! Are you ready for my ninja moves, ladies? – Always.
– Sometimes. – Sometimes? Regina, I don’t like that attitude. You get in your fort right now. – Get me out. (laughing) – Oh I’ll get you out no
problem with these nun chucks. – [Vy] Oh! Are you worried yet, Regina? – [Regina] Nah.
– What? – We got a strong fort! – Uh, but I got some
strong ninja skills here. Are you ready, Daniel? – [Daniel] I’m ready! – Watch our Regina, ninja
moves coming through! Oh, oh, ho, oh, oh, hu-oh. – [Daniel] Come on Chad. – Hiya! Whah! Hah! You know what Daniel?
– [Daniel] What? – These are foam nun chucks,
they’re really fun and flashy, but I gotta pull out some
real ninja moves next. – [Daniel] Yes! – Regina, you might wanna get
out of there for this one. (yelling) Ready, Daniel? – [Daniel] Yep! – Here we go, this is called
a jump spin side kick. Woo-ahh! (slow motion techno music) (banging) Oh, ho! Oh! – [Daniel] Oh! Man!
– Yeah! – No!
– No! – That was amazing, but
look it’s still standing! Look at this! – Aww.
– [Daniel] They’re right Chad. – I’m so sorry I let you down, Daniel! – [Daniel] Aww, man! – Ladies won! (cheering) – Girls rule! Boys drool! – Uh, only when I sleep. Now thanks to Joseph Banks
we have a better idea of how to defeat the intruder. Wait intruder?
(dramatic drum sound) – Oh yeah that’s right! – Come on, come on, come on! Whoever set off the water blaster, maybe they changed their
pants in the bathroom! Okay, into the bathroom what
do we have in the bathroom? I don’t see any pants or anything. Nothing in the shower, okay. What’s this? What is this string right here? – I know what this is! – [Chad] What is it? (screaming and gasping) – It’s my spider trap for PZ9. – [Chad] Oh! – Someone definitely set this off! Did you find anything else in there? – [Chad] Come look! There’s like nothing in here! I thought there’d be like
a change of clothing. What’s that? Is this one of your guys’ belts? (sniffing) – Eww!
– Ugh, ah. – That’s not mine, not Chad’s either. – Oh my gosh. – Daniel, who’s belt does it taste like? Just kidding, I know you like
to do weird things Daniel, don’t taste it, smelling
it was weird enough. – Okay, if you guys don’t
wanna know who’s it is. – I know I don’t own any belts like this. – No, it’s like as tall
as me, it’s not mine. Look at this. – Yeah, look how dirty it is! – [Chad] Ew!
– Daniel? – What?
(laughter) So if there was a belt in here and someone had to change their pants, wait a second, the laundry room. – Yes.
– [Chad] Let’s go! To the laundry! Any pants in there Daniel? – [Daniel] Nope, no pants. – [Chad] What’s it smell
like in there, Daniel? – [Daniel] Ooh, it smells
delightful, actually. Nah, there’s nothing in there either. – [Chad] Let me take a look. Daniel, hold this. You guys, you gotta make
sure to check everywhere, including the lint trap. (dramatic drum sound)
– [Daniel] Oh. Have you ever checked
the lint trap Daniel? – [Daniel] No. – No wonder your clothes never get dried. Look at this, look in the lint trap! Who was washing their clothes and they had a floppy
disk in their pocket? It got caught in the lint trap. Regina, maybe you can check to see if there’s any footage on here. – Okay!
– Okay, the floppy disk is in. – [Chad] Okay, great, great, great. – Go look. All right let’s see what’s on this thing! – [Daniel] Yeah, what is it? – Oh my gosh, you’re not
gonna believe this, Daniel! – [Daniel] What? Look, look, look who it is! – [Regina] Oh my gosh! – [Vy] It’s him! – [Daniel] Who? Oh. (sounds of static)

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