Kikou Ryouhei Mellowlink – Armor Hunter Mellowlink – Stage 01 – Wilderness

Opening song: “Soldier Blue” Armor Hunter Mellowlink Sabitsuku knife de kizande kurenaika Use the rotten knife and make your mark kaeranu yatsura wo mune ni on the chest of men who cannot return Uekara hagurete korogari tsuzuketa Isolated from the top, it keeps rolling down kanashii otoko no yume wo the dream of the sad men Kikasetekure me wo tojitatoki Let go of me, when my eyes close Dare no koto omae sakendaka Who did you scream for? Setsunaize doshaburi no namida no ame sa Sad and painful, this falling rain of tears Furitsumore kokorokara hanarenai kanashimi wo This sad feeling keeps falling from the heart Astraglus – September, 7213 Tell Captain Dogman… I’ve come to see him from hell. Stage 01 – Wilderness What’s happened? My name is Keick Carradyne, an intelligence officer in the Melkean Armed Forces. I’ve been following the Planpandoll Scandal that happened right before the armistice on planet Miyoite. This man, Captain Dogman, must be connected to those events. Well then, I guess I’ll start with one thousand. Being an uninvited guest, I’ll also start with one thousand. I don’t have quite the purse that the Captain has. Lieutenant, you’re way off base. Three thousand. I see you’re used to bold moves, being the former commander of the Planpando Armored Corps. Your sarcasm is lost on me. And I’ve gotten used to these stupid rumors. I can’t help it. The fact is, a huge amount of jijirium disappeared during the retreat, and you, Captain, were a key player during those times. Lieutenant, watch what you say when we’re trying to clean our house, especially in front of this woman. Oh? That rumor is common knowledge at any base. So you see, for your honor’s sake, as well as for nipping the scandal in the bud, could you please tell me about the jijirium? I’ve been telling you that I know nothing. Two thousand, I’m on a roll. Oh no, looks like I’ll have to withdraw. That’s right. Knowing when to cut your losses is part of strategy. I was talking about my cards. Either way. Five thousand. You’re very liberal with your money, Mr. Captain. I’m only getting back what I lost. Ten thousand. Ten thousand? Don’t fold! If you do I’ll blow your head off. I’ll see your ten thousand. That’s the spirit. Thirty thousand. Thirty thousand. Sixty thousand. Sixty thousand. Hundred thousand. What’s the matter? If you back out now, your high-stakes reputation will be shot. If you don’t have enough chips, you can bet that body of yours. What is it? Excuse me, sir. Commander the supply unit has been attacked. What!? We have a cease-fire with Balarant. How many attackers? Sir. Corporal. Sir. This, sir. Captain, What is it? Uh, it’s nothing. Dismissed. I’m going to take care of some business. We’ll continue this later. Don’t look at my cards. Commander. This is Commander Dogman. These are emergency orders. Our supply unit has been attacked by Balarant forces, even though we have signed an armistice. An attack against the base cannot be ruled out. All units are on yellow alert. Guard units are to deploy and destroy any enemy forces found. That’s all. Commander, we don’t have conformation that it was Balarant forces. I’m telling you they were Balarant. May I ask you a question, Mr. Intelligence Officer? What is it? Those dog tags, don’t they have something to do with those rumors? Why do you say that? Everyone was sick of the war and we finally have a truce. Balarant wouldn’t attack us now. Or am I wrong? You’re pretty sharp. Oh, yes? I see. You’re going to stay in your safe hole while you let your men do all the dirty work. Then I’ll just have to smoke you out. Commander, APC #4 is returning. Number 4, whats wrong? Your mission isn’t completed. We have engine trouble. We’ll return as soon as we get it checked out. Alright, stay sharp. We don’t know where the enemy might be observing us from. You’re so right, Dogman. What? What was that? What’s happened? It’s the garage. Someone has bombed it. What? Oh no, it’s that APC. Red alert, we’re under attack. He has to be inside. Search the place and get him. Commander, over there. Captain Dogman, it’s been a while. It’s him. I’ve searched for you. You framed us, the Schweppes’ Platoon, for hijacking military supplies. A decoy mission to cover up the evacuation? Don’t make me laugh. You took away our AT’s. How were we supposed to fight with only these anti-AT rifles, huh Dogman? You’re nothing but a low down, dirty rat. Go, shoot him. He’s in the control room. There he is. Over there. Don’t shoot. The captain’s my only target. What are you waiting for, shoot him. You’re not getting away. Captain. C-Commander. You slowpokes. Look, he’s getting away. Come with me and guard me. Don’t move. Boy, you’re not going to say, “hide me in your skirt” carrying that big, thing, are you? Quickly. Close the door, quickly. If you’re going to hide, this is the only place. Excuse us. We’re looking for an infiltrator. Have you seen anyone suspicious? Look around. By the way, can you please tell the Captain to hurry up so we can continue our game? Excuse us. Can’t you even say “thanks”? I promise I’ll pay you back for this favor. I think that vent might be better. Boy. What’s your name? Mellowlink. There he is. Get him! Stop him. Give me that. You! Follow him. Quit wasting time. Commander. What are you looking at? You’re not taking his words seriously. Commander, I believe you transfered from the Planpandoll Armored Corps. So what if I came from the Planpandoll Armored Corps? Everything is for the mission. Sometimes soldiers need to be sacrificed. What’s wrong with that? Speak up! Damn! You scum. Captain, it appears you must follow him yourself. You have to finish it personally to prevent future troubles. Or, does the captain only take on enemies that he knows he can win against. Out of my way. You bastards will face a court martial when I get back. Mellowlink, as you wish, I’m your playmate. I’ve been waiting for this, Captain. You’ve finally come out of your hole. Where are you, you son of a bitch? What can one armor hunter do out in the open? Shit. Squirm, squirm! I’ll send you to your pals. You shithead. You punk, you’re… Eat this! I won anyway, right? No, you lost. Next time you see the boy you should thank him. Wow. Nikushimi shika tayoreru mono nashi de I can only depend on hatred… Juunannen ikitayo mo …through the many years I have lived Yogoreta ai shika nai Only the dirty love Kireina yume nadonai There is no beautiful dream… Omaeni agararenai …that i can give to you itoshii hito yo My beloved one Vanity, vanity, toki no nominotta naka Vanity, vanity, the time of dominoes (?) Ore wa haikyo ni hibiku orugooru kiita ori Hear the sound of organs… Vanity, vanity, from the mashed pieces of glass Vanity, vanity, garasu no bara sa Ai de fureta yubi wo kitte wareru orugoruu Touched by a finger full of love, the organ will be broken As expected, the revenge has started. Fox, you’re next. You’re a star. You’re too easily recognized in the city of Tabbing to escape death.

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  1. Damn shame you can't find the original stuff anymore, I heard the original productions were eventually lost/destroyed..this is a really good side story for Votoms since you don't need to see the Votoms series to know what's going on. This is just a good old revenge series. The fact that he's taking on mech suits with nothing more than and AT-Rifle, a freaking Pile Bunker, and his smarts makes this dude a badass. I never got the chance to see Votoms growing up since anime hadn't much hit my area past Voltron but this makes me more interested every time I see it.

  2. Thanks for this upload. When I was in college I made a Japanese friend, and I was a huge anime fan before it was in the USA at all. All of the shows I had were only in Japanese. He said he would watch one show and translate for me- I picked this one.

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