Kids & Youth Wilderness

Good morning and welcome to the
wilderness of Katmai National Park. My name is Jason I’m a wilderness Ranger
here for the National Park Service we’re talking about the wilds of Katmai and
what makes this place is so valuable. Now what is Wilderness, you may ask. According
to the Wilderness Act of 1964 Wilderness is a place that is untouched by humans, a place where humans are only visitors and do not remain. Here within this National
Park we have over three million acres of wilderness. It’s larger than the kingdom
of Wales. Not those Wales, This Wales! Amongst the many things that make this
wilderness so unique and so special is of course it’s wild and scenic beauty. I
mean look at this place absolutely unbelievable it’s like standing in a
real life painting. A large part of this beauty is of course the wildlife. We have moose
here at Katmai, wolves, and of course most famous of all, the Alaskan brown bear, the largest land
predator in North America. This is one of highest concentration of bears in the world. Now these
wild icons of Katmai National Park can be found in a diverse array of
environments from the tundra to high alpine glaciers to mountain ridges to
the coastal environment where we are here on Pacific Ocean. Now that being
said this is a very difficult wilderness to access it’s a difficult and
challenging place to get to there are no roads no cities no public transportation
no luxuries of the modern world not even constructed foot trails the only way in
or out is by plane or by boat to even step foot in this
wilderness requires a great deal of planning preparation logistics and
travel now the inaccessibility of this wilderness is what makes this place so
pristine and makes your visit even more special now to the best of our knowledge
there are truly wild places here places where nobody has been before
there are mountains that nobody has climbed glaciers nobody has traversed rivers that nobody has paddled there are
so few truly wild places like this left on our highly developed planet which is why
it is so important to protect these special places can you think of a place
near you that you may feel is worth protecting? now for me personally what I think is
the coolest thing about this wilderness as all wilderness areas in this country
is that it’s yours it’s owned by everybody it’s managed for
the public by the public for the enjoyment of everyone so get out there
explore learn and protect your backyard wilderness

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