Ketamine Hangover? ★ Morning After Meal

Dear Party Animals and Nibblers… welcome to the only YouTube channel
that fixes your hangover. I’m Juicy J, and it’s time for a new…
-Morning After Meal. Drop a comment below to let me know
which drugs you used this weekend… and I’ll make you a custom-made
morning after meal next Sunday. Jozeff told me in the comments
that he did ketamine at an after party. So especially for Jozeff
and for you guys I’m going to make: The Yummy Yoghurt Lamb Pita. We’re still lit like a light bulb.
Never over 15 minutes to prepare… never over 15 euros,
and never over five ingredients. It’s perfect if you almost ended up
in a K-Hole on the couch, bitch. Buy this: 1 pita sandwich,
1 bush of pak choi, 75 ml yoghurt… one mango, and 100g of minced lamb. Take a screenshot
to remember what you need. If you want to write it down,
write it down, sucker, it’s up to you. Oh, Juicy, what’s in your hand?
-The chopstick. We’re going to chop up the pak choi
with the chopstick. Look at how fast it goes. Normally you want to squeeze a bottom,
but you can toss this one away. Why is pak choi one of
the most healthiest vegetables? Pak choi is filled with vitamin C. One ounce of pak choi contains
149% of the recommended daily intake. If you frequently use a lot of ketamine,
you can get K-Cramps. Pak choi stimulates digestion
and it’s easy on the stomach as well. We’re going to cut the mango,
but first we need to remove the skin. Why are mangos healthy?
Mangos contain a lot of vitamin C. Mangos are nice because they improve
your concentration and memory. It’s always good to remember who was
sitting next to you at the after party. We’re going to toss the mango
into the yoghurt. The yoghurt is as white as the ketamine
you shoved up your nose. We’re going to add some colour
by dipping the mango in the yoghurt. The yoghurt is important
because it’s loaded with proteins. It contains as much protein as meat. It’s filled with calcium,
potassium, and vitamin D. Ketamine raises your blood pressure. The potassium in yoghurt helps you
to lower your blood pressure again. Add a bit of pak choi to the yoghurt.
Mix it in the yoghurt sauce. Everyone is sitting on their divan,
but I’m sticking with my jerry can. Just add it to the pan. This is the minced lamb.
You know how I roll in the kitchen. We’re going to do it nice and crude.
Just knead it a while. The kitchen is the perfect place
to blow off some steam. Just toss this in the pan. When you hear the sizzling,
it’s time for nibbling. It’s time to cook the minced lamb.
Add plenty of spices, guys. Spice up your own life, bitch.
It’s looking good. Keep stirring the minced lamb
so it doesn’t get too crispy. It seems like a lot of pak choi
but remember that it shrinks. Time to add the pak choi.
You can never use all the pak choi. It’s just like ketamine,
you want to snort it all, but you can’t. If you do, you’ll be like this. That’s not
what you want, you want to be on fleek. We’re going to throw the pak choi away.
All of it. There’s no other choice. The pak choi is gone now. We have
some left for on top of the pita bread. Yes, just cook it. Yesterday, you failed with the chica,
but today, you’ll get lucky with the pita. Cut the pita open. Place it on the spatula
and slide it into the pan. Your parents taught you differently, but
these are the Morning After Meal rules. Guys, I’ll be honest with you, on fleek,
I got the game lit, the pita is done. Check out how good the pita looks.
Doesn’t it look delicious? Just look at how beautiful it is. Chuck some pak choi on there.
I would even add some more. We’re going to spread this delicious
yoghurt with mango over the pita bread. That was a bit too hard. Let’s nibble it. My hangover has disappeared. Did this also get your juices running? Then lick the subscribe button
and give us a thumbs up.

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