Kalani Sitake Post Game Interview vs Utah State 11.02.19

Spencer is with the head coach. Spencer. Spencer: Coach Kalani stake with me. Coach, man there is so much to digest in this game. How about your general thoughts on this overall team performance tonight?>>There are still a lot of things to fix. We left some points out there. I thought for the most part our guys played fundamentally well, aggressive. We called a lot of drop eight and the guys executed well and handled the run as much as we could. Spencer: What is the biggest difference in the last two games compared to being flat in Toledo and Tampa?>>I don’t know if it was flat. The guys had the energy. It was the job of the coaches to get them ready. We have had to deal with some new guys on the field. We expect those guys to make plays like they did tonight. We knew we would have to test our depth with the schedule we face. I think the depth is starting to show up. Obviously would have liked them to play better earlier. I’m really happy for the hard work and preparation. The coaches did a great job getting them ready for the game plan. Spencer: Let’s attack that quarterback depth. Baylor Romney comes in, his resting heart rate is like 12. Very composed.>>He did great. Jaren did great, too. The plan was to play both of them and we did. Things are good for us right now. We are looking to get — when Zach is able to go soon and we’ll see how it works. All that matters is our guys work hard. A team effort. We took a team with special teams good punt return and kickoff and we handled it well. There are still a lot of things we can improve on. Spencer: What can you tell us about Jaren hall?>>I was disappointed he wasn’t able to keep going. His health and well being and livelihood is all that matters to me now. We will never sacrifice his health for a football game. Sometimes we have to save these kids from themselves. They don’t realize they will be older like my age and have gray hair and children that gives you more gray hairs. I would like to see these young men be husbands and fathers. Spencer: Do back-to-back wins alleviate gray hairs?>>I should be thankful I have a little bit going on up there. Spencer: What was the best thing you saw from your team tonight?>>The guys believed in each other. They never questioned each other, their abilities and the faith these guys — the culture is starting to really thrive right now. It is always a good thing when the young guys are part of it and leading the way as well. We can’t wait to get our guys back. In the meantime we’ll keep plugging away.>>Hi to the fans.

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