Jordan Peterson – Female Selection

We certainly choose each other for self-awareness and consciousness and intelligence, and I don’t, you know…if you’re choosing a mate… there’s an arms race in human beings where choosing intelligent mates… that’s especially the case for women in relationship to men, so… so the idea that that’s a choice, well that’s partly why it’s Eve that makes Adam self-conscious in the Garden of Eden. She offers him the apple. She’s the one that makes him self-conscious, and I think that’s actually accurate, because the evidence from the evolutionary biologists is that human female sexual selection was one of the driving factors that differentiated us from chimpanzees. It’s a MAJOR FACTOR. Chimpanzee females are NOT selective maters. They go into estrus, they’ll mate with anything. What happens is the dominant males chase the subordinate males away, and so they end up leaving more offspring, but it’s NOT a consequence of selection on the part of the females. In human beings it’s completely different. Concealed ovulation and intense selection pressure from women on men. You have twice as many female ancestors as you have male ancestors. People have a hard time working that out arithmetically but it’s not that problematic, you just think on average every woman had one child, half of men had none, and the other half had two. And that’s approximately correct if you average across the entire history of human sexuality. So human males in particular are subject to VICIOUS selection pressure on the part of females, and I also think that’s partly why nature is represented symbolically as female among human beings, because after all, “nature” is what selects. There’s no better definition of “Nature” than “that which selects”. [sorts self out]

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  1. This one is shorter and maybe a little more mundane than usual. Let me know in the comments if you want these, too, or if I should leave them out.

  2. From what ive seen, most modern women do not select "intelligent" mates today. Most of them select average men who follow fashion trends and conform to modern society and its ideals.

    Nature not only was harsh on men through competition but on women too, if a woman chose a stupid or average man as she does today, he and his children would be killed by a more intelligent man, Its only in the modern world where women's "choice" goes unchecked by the masculine aspect of nature.

  3. /r/theredpill was right. thanks to feminism and womens liberation movement when women have free choice on their partners the top 20% of men get 80% of women, the rest of the men get scraps and many men get nothing.

    marriage was created to give beta males a chance at reproducing and having a productive society and men who have a stake in it.

    mark my words western society is going to collapse because of this. the reason why guys bust their ass off at work 40+ hours per week is to provide for their family.

    now you have s bunch of incels who arent getting laid and these guys are deciding to work part time easy jobs and spend their money on porn and video games because they have no incentive to work backbreaking stressful jobs that economy depends on. these guys have no stake in society anymore so they dont give a fuck what happens.

    feminism will be the ultimate destruction of the west.

  4. as ive always believed that females are the instrument of natural selection amoung humans… not much more need to be said. since modern society humans are expected to pair.. it slows down the ruthless cull but also slows the evolution of humans to a higher evolutionary plane. ie. even retards are allowed to breed these days.. just look at single mothers and dead beat dads either black or white

  5. From an evolutionary standpoint, has rape not been at least somewhat of a relevant reproduction strategy for males throughout human history? Isn't Peterson then kind of overvaluing the power of female selectivity?

  6. Was it actually a female selection? Do you really think that women are selecting men in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan or Congo? Were female selecting men in 19, 18 or 15 century? in middle ages, antiquity or 50 000 years ago?

    Maybe the competition was among men? If an alpha man has 4 wives than 3 omega men had none. In our brutal and violent past men had overwhelming selecting power and were fighting vehemently to get the women. There was no female selection.

  7. Important and true.
    He extrapolates too far and casually into the past, but accurately summarizes the results.
    Vicious selection pressure. Just so.

  8. I wonder when in history it was that way that 50% of males had 0 offspring and 50% had 2. I heard that nowadays they assume that about 1 in 10 children has a different father than the "official" one.

  9. theres a lot of ugly and dumb dudes out there…maybe even fat…

    but not all men will mate with women either… but if you look half sexy, it will do.. but not as a life partner.

    theres probably 50% of females i wont mate with just cos im not attracted to them. but ask the same to a woman.. that number might be as low as 5% or less. thats now craxy nature is

  10. Women have a natural propensity for being highly selective maters. Now if only they had a natural propensity for intelligent selection.

  11. People wondering why intelligence is not a common attractive trait is because sapiosexuals (the attraction to intelligence) only represents a small minority.

  12. That's wonderful, but there's just one crucial thing he is missing.

    Children are an enslavement to men within The Matrix system and nothing but a huge drain to resources with no practical benefit.

    Instead you could live a Free, Peaceful, Extraordinary Life, abundant of resources and full of creative freedom… hmmm?

  13. A. Pick-Up artists had this figured out over ten years ago.
    B. Mr 'equaity of oucome is bad marxism' is very pro 'equality of outcome' on this issue, 'market forces' must be corrected. (see other videos on this subject).
    C, This hypocrisy is down to understanding what his audience want to hear.
    D, Fraud, Huckster.

  14. This was an elaborate way to say being female, especially while young is playing life on easy mode, and being a male rather sucks.

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